Wednesday, July 5, 2017

We Are

It's time to get back at it.  It's been too long.  In the interim, we've graduated another child.  We've made a few day trips up into the mountains.  We planted some garden goodies.  We had a garage sale where I finally let go all the baby clothes the kids ever had - newborn to around 24 months.  It wasn't as hard as I thought, though it's been 20 years since some of it was last worn, 8 at the least.  

The "what to do about PhotoBucket" and their recent policy change which has wiped any links from them to this blog, remains a "what to do."  They are my repository for a ton of images.  I also continue to upload product to the re-worked website.  It is taking far longer than I expected because, while I have my images, it's tracking them down that's the trick.  I may remember the line and maker of papers, but remember the year and month they were in a kit is just asking to my of my brain, LOL.

The three older kids are working - my daughter is at an assisted living facility as a caregiver.  She has her good days and her bad days, but she's enjoying her residents and, frankly, I think she has a gift for it. 

Son #1 is working at a sock shop down in Olde Town.  Yep, socks.  All those crazy graphic socks so in vogue at the moment - he has a drawer full, and has since long before the job.  It's his thing.

Son #2 is still working at the concession stand of the local rec center, picking up more hours.

Son #3 is working on his math facts skills and reading.  He seems to be enjoying his job the least, as in hates it.

  • "Janitors have lots of keys, like me"
  • SOC Contingent to Steubenville of the Rockies 2017
  • Red Rocks to see The Fray with a friend for the friend's birthday
  • When you're at the Junior High Lock-In Over-Nighter, things get a little punchy around hour six
  • First voyage out for the summer - unfortunately this is the only photo from the trip and there were nine people there!
  • Getting out of bed on the weekends be like. . .
  • I went looking for some 4th of July items and rounded a corner to find this.  This plus fall items.  They only get a "pass" because it's a craft store, otherwise I'd have dropped my 4th items and run screaming from the store.
  • On your feet most of the day, and it's hot, nighttime cool downs are a must.
  • 4th of July dip in the pool - it was all boys in there.  Whoever said girls were loud, clearly didn't have a group of boys to compare it to.
  • Scenes from the 4th.  Even though my crew split up after dinner, we somehow managed to all be at the same fireworks show.
Happy Wednesday,

Monday, July 3, 2017

Two Months. . .

So it was just over two months ago - TWO MONTHS - that my website imploded and halted my clearing out all Apron Strings inventory.  

Two months of trying to find help.  Trying different ways to recover what we could see, but couldn't reach.  Trying (and failing) to resuscitate the site.  Testing theories.  Researching alternative websites that didn't cost an arm and a leg, since its only purpose would be to clearance out everything.  I looked into Etsy (where Apron Strings still has an account.)  I tested eBay. 

Two months of no contact from me, for which I apologize, but when there's nothing to report and no idea of an ETA, it seemed counter-productive.

But. . .finally, there is a website and all signs point to it staying put, and working.  It just needs to be reloaded of all product, and there's a lot of that, which is why I was so reluctant to ditch it all.  I also need to link up shipping and payment things.  And the kicker, we still have no idea what happened.

So, this is just a head's up that I am adding product to the website this week and will send out an email when it's ready to shop.  Hang tight, and be ready to shop!

Oh, and to add insult to injury, I found out that all my photos that I linked through PhotoBucket have broken links.  Thanks to some ridiculous new policy they (PhotoBucket) removed all my links back to MY OWN photos.  They want $400 a year to be able to do "3rd Party Links" as they call it, I call it ransom.  I have yet to decide how to remedy this situation, but they aren't getting $400!  That's insane.