Friday, March 29, 2013

Food, Wishes and Final Day of March Madness

Friday - one of two days my kids have for Spring Break that overlap (the other is Monday).  My daughter is in a public high school and their break was this week.  My boys are in a private K-8 and their break begins today and runs through next week.  Makes it hard to do much as a family, especially since their overlapping days are over the Easter weekend, which is usually packed with its own things to do.  (shrug)  Whatcha gonna do?

Weather this weekend should be rainy in spots, but warmer temps.  Which simply means that when we're standing in the rain, on the sidelines of the soccer game, we won't be totally freezing.  As I look out the back window I see our Green Ash is starting to bud, the grass while a matted mess is beginning to green.  I noticed daffodils poking up along the front walk.  If I looked out on the east-side terraces, I'm sure I'd spy a tulip leaf or two as well.  Spring's coming.

Given the Easter holiday this weekend my thoughts turned to what to eat on Sunday morning.  Then my mom invited us to breakfast and I didn't worry about what to fix for the family that had stuffed themselves on chocolate eggs and peeps.  But, if you're doing the cooking you can give this Baked Strawberry Oatmeal a shot.  It's a nice change from the traditional egg dishes (or in addition to them), the strawberries add a nice Spring pop and it can be made ahead and reheated in the morning.  I've got a batch sitting in my 'fridge that I'll eat over the next couple of days (it keeps a week in the 'fridge.)

And because it's our meatless Friday meal - the last mandatory one - I'm making fish tacos.  It's a good serves-a-lot-of-people meal, since I'm hosting in the in-laws tonight and frankly, they're just good!  The only change I've made to the recipe is that I don't serve them on tostada shells - I do soft corn taco shells and I'll break up the fish a bit more.  I may actually cut the fish, prior to breading it, into smaller, bite-sized pieces.  I'll probably mix up some rice for the side and call it a meal.

Now, as I mentioned it's the last March Madness challenge.  I see them everywhere - layered flowers.  They're gorgeous, but they're a little pricey.  Today's challenge is for you to make some for your card, layout or Spring-themed decor.  There are tutorials all over Pinterest.  You can go with a fairly simple design like these.

Or try something a little more elaborate like these.

You'll have until Sunday at midnight to link up any work in the various comments to gain your eligibility for the drawing.

Finally, I hope you enjoy a beautifully peace-filled Easter weekend.

Happy (Good) Friday,

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Peeks, Sales and March Madness - Day #19

Chirp tweet chirp. . . April 1st . . .Chirp tweet tweet tweet!

Have you signed up for autoship yet?  No?  I see. . . and why not?  Oh, I know, maybe it's because you haven't seen the April kits.  Well, then let's just take care of that right now.  Lots of color, beautiful graphics, fun themes and the inspiration that will come from the designers.  Now. . .we've cleared that up you can head on over to Apron Strings and sign-up so that one of these yummy kits is sure to hit your front porch in April. 

Today's March Madness comes with some inspiration from Maria Swiatkowski, using the March Bigger than a Breadbox kit - I love that you can't tell this line has a sort of Easter/Spring theme.  Ahhh. . .double-sided papers.  There are still a couple Bigger kits left, so you can pick one up today while you're selecting your TV Dinners that are on wicked-sale.  $3.50 for Dinner from the Smaller kits and $7.50 for Dinner from the Bigger kits.  TODAY ONLY, so don't wait!

Use the following recipe to create your next layout, card or other project:
  • One sheet of cardstock - if you're making a 2-pager, two sheets is fine
  • Three sheets of patterned paper
  • A selection of non-round buttons
  • An alphabet
  • Two journaling cards
Add your link to the comments section to be eligible for this month's goody pack.

Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shhh. . .a Head's Up for You

Now, if you follow me on Twitter, you'll already have a little jump start on this news, but no worries, you still have more than a 12 hour jump on everyone else.  And that means there's plenty for you to choose from.
I've been doing some cleaning - unfortunately not my home, but that wouldn't benefit you.  Nope, I've been deep cleaning the Apron Strings store room.  It's scary funny, the things you'll find during a good cleaning. 
Like the tons  . . . seriously, TONS!. . .of TV Dinners!  I've priced them at $3.50 (Dinners from the Smaller kits) and $7.50 (Dinners from the Bigger kits) and that's like more than 50% off!  
Collect them from kits you missed.  Collect them from kits you want to try.  Scoop up several and make your own kits.  Or be honest with yourself and just collect them because you want to!
Now, take that giddy a-sales-a-startin' feeling and shop away!  

March Madness - Day #18

Yesterday was registration for the 2013-14 school year at the kids' school.  Shoot, it's not even the school for all of them anymore - two will be at the high school in the fall.  Holy crap!

So it was registration for my former-youngest and the current (and last) youngest; a future 7th grader and a kindergartner.  Oh my.  That's a pause-able moment.  No tears.  Where have the years gone?

Ever have those moments?  Where you're doing something totally inane and you look around and wonder how you got here?  From somewhere in your early 20's doing pretty much nothin' to picking up dirty socks, with four kids, a 4-bedroom mortgage and you find yourself in your 40's - and not on the just-past-30 side of 40?

(Shaking myself out of the reverie) It must be the winter-has-got-to-be-almost-over-Spring-should-be-coming-soon depression.  I need something . . . a good strong drink?  LOL, or maybe something a little less bracing like today's March Madness inspiration.  Something colorful and fun.  Like these adorable eggs covered in Washi Tape; the current craze sweeping paper crafting.  I have a couple rolls of it myself.  A roll or two have appeared in the kits.  Super versatile and colorful and a wide variety of designs.  Now, I'm not saying you need to wrap eggs, but how cute are they?  And the wreath?  (Both found on Pinterest - where else?)  Plastic, paper mache, the real-deal.  In a bowl, a basket or hanging from a few branches or one of those multi-seasonal trees.  A fun and quick craft.  But how will they inspire you?  Maybe you need to break out those rolls you have.  Maybe it's the colors.  Maybe it's crafting your Easter cards.  Maybe it's pulling out those photos from two years ago that still need documenting.  Shoot, you can even mimic the look of Washi Tape by cutting up strips of different patterned paper and using them on cards, layouts or mini books.  You decide.

Get your project linked in the comments before the end of the month to be eligible for goodies.

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Madness - Day #17

Tweet tweet tweet. . .chirp chirp.  TWEET!  Chirp tweet chirp chirp tweet.  Chirp tweet tweet tweet, chirp.

Kinda makes you wish you spoke little birdie, eh?  :)  Stay tuned.

The snow is still hanging around from what arrived over the weekend.  And with temps barely clearing 32 degrees, it looks like it'll hang around a bit longer.  Since any signs of spring are buried currently, today's March Madness provides a nice little pop of color - all clean and fresh, you can almost smell them - picked up from Apron Strings Pinterest board Color Theory.  Include the following color pallet on your next layout, card or perhaps Easter craft.

Link-up your work to the comments section to become eligible for this month's good pack.

Happy Tuesday,

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Birdie Told Me and March Madness - Day #16

A little birdie told me changes are coming. . .some fun thing are in store.  Shhh . . let your friends know and then stay tuned.

Today's March Madness is sketch inspired from PageMaps.  While I'm not a big one-photo-one-page kinda gal, I do like seeing ways of use those cool diecut papers.  I love this one and how all the elements are inside the perimeter of the diecut.  Divide the photo into smaller ones, incorporate one where the title might be or include a couple smaller ones where the journaling block is if you're also not much of a one-photo-one-page kinda gal.  If you're stuck for an idea, go no further than HERE.

And for my more card-centric crafters, you're sketch du jour.  Also from PageMaps, and if you're in need of a kick start you can check out examples HERE

Life is nuts, anxiety is high and it's getting late in the evening.

Happy Monday,

Friday, March 22, 2013

10 Reason to Join Apron Strings TODAY

You may already know Apron Strings is a kit club - an awesome one at that. You may already know that Apron Strings fills each new monthly kit with the latest, yummiest goodies around. You may already know that kits make creating pages and cards (and other paper projects) SOOOO much easier - which begs the question: If you know these things why aren't you a member?

Here are 10 more reasons to join Apron Strings autoship:
  1. It's free - membership costs you nothing more than the price of the kit each month - which is a $3 savings over the regular cost of the kits.
  2. There's no time commitment to meet. There's no 3, 6 or 12 month time commitment. No cancellation fees. Never has been in the eight years Apron Strings has been around. Never will be.
  3. No limits on skipping a monthly kit. No limits, no penalties. You can skip as often as you need.
  4. Substitutions. Before you click that "Skip" button, check out this: you can substitute one pack out of your upcoming kit, that you can't use, for a pack from an available, same-sized, past kit that you can use. Limited to one pack per kit and substitutions can only be made from past kits that are the same as your autoship: i.e. Bigger than a Breadbox packs for past Bigger than a Breadbox packs.
  5. Flipping. Maybe you're just more interested in the Smaller kit this month, than the Bigger kit to which your are subscribed. As long as there's a kit available, you can flip your subscription for that given month.
  6. No added shipping when an add-on order ships with your monthly kit. (psst. . .we have great sales for stocking up, this feature comes in handy. Wink)
  7. Awesome Designers, as you've seen here, who produce wonderful examples with each kit. Everything from traditional layouts, to pocket-page layouts (i.e. Project Life albums) to mini books and cards. Apron Strings designers put the kits to work and leave you with very little, if any, leftovers.
  8. Support. You're not going to be left with your papers hanging out. We want you to use your kits, so we do all we can to get you ideas, inspiration and motivation to use them anyway we can. For starters there's an exclusive sketch, every month in the Bigger and Smaller kits, from Becky Fleck over at PageMaps. Card Kits have full-color instructions. PLUS: the blog - duh, since you're reading this here.  Facebook has more examples. And on Pinterest, well, another, duh, I mention it here all the time with more examples and boards with ideas for scraps and what to cook your family while you're cropping away.
  9. Kits will save you money. No more heading to the store and coming back with more than you planned. (Hello, the I'm heading to get milk and $50 later you come home syndrome?) A simple $19 (or $28.50 for the Bigger kit) monthly budget will get you the newest product in amounts you can use without busting the bank.
  10. Frankly, it's just fun mail. How often can you say that when you open your mailbox or front door? It's fun to anticipate the upcoming kit. It's fun to plan what you'll work on. It's fun to have something to crack into that's yours. . .all yours!
So, what are you waiting for? An invitation? Consider yourself invited to join Apron Strings and reap the benefits of autoship . . . not the least of which is completed pages, cards and projects!

Food on Friday and March Madness - Day #15

The sun is out, the rain never really showed up yesterday and now they're saying snow is blowing in.  Well, since Colorado weather changes in five minutes, I'll just have to wait-and-see.

It's a no soccer weekend as the clubs have by-weekend when the public schools go on Spring Break - sounds like they'd be cancelled anyway by tomorrow's snow.  My daughter will be on break, but my older boys won't until the following week.  I'm also hoping for a better weekend than last.  And I have a knitting class for my sweater - which I am at least a class behind on since I missed it last week.  Permission to try and not let it bother me...

It's Friday, which for us means no meat, but I can't help but share a meat-a-licious recipe I cooked up on Monday.  Leave out the meat in the sauce and maybe up the cheese in the layers, or add roasted zucchini or squash in meat's place if you're celebrating a meatless-day as well.  I've said it before, I love The Pioneer Woman (her show, her blog, her cookbooks - have them both, her "romance novel" - have it, read it and her children's books - have one).  I've made her Lasagna recipe before; it's totally yummy.  The recipe on her blog is a little different that in her cookbook - nothing huge though.  On the blog she uses mozzarella slices, in the cookbook - shredded.  On the blog she uses dried parsley and basil, in the book - fresh.  See no biggie.  The only changes I made was that I used a pound and a half of Italian sausage instead of a pound of breakfast and a pound of ground beef instead of a pound and a half.  Again, see no biggie.  As with most Lasagna recipes it's a little time consuming to cook up and assemble, so you could totally do this in the morning and bake it later.  It would freeze great, too.

As I said I made this up on Monday, for the mini-celebration for my father-in-law's birthday.  So, I also made this totally cheesy, roasted garlic-y bread to go with it.  I had baked up a loaf of French Bread earlier and was just gonna do garlic toast, but being an 81st birthday thing, I thought let's fancy it up a bit.  It. Was. Awesome.  Found on the Apron Strings I Cooked That board.

Like I said, not your typical I'm-going-cropping quick meal for the family, but planned ahead, it could be done, or it's just a nice Sunday Dinner kinda-thing.

So if your plan is to create at some point this weekend, or maybe catch up your March Madness stuff for the week, then you'll need today's challenge.  I'm a pretty clean-and-simple scrapper and because of that I think of things like, "I could have inked those edges" after I've laid down whatever and realized a little ink would have set the item off a little better.  I do the same thing with torn edges - after the fact I realize it would have been a nice touch of texture.  Today, add some kind of distressing to your layout, card or other paper project.

Remember to get your projects linked up by the end of the month under the various posts.

Happy Friday,

Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Madness - Day #14

I'm watching the clouds darken and billow.  Some are bubbling lower toward the horizon.  I'm not sure the predicted snow is gonna hold off until later this afternoon.  I did get my car washed (thanks hubby ;D) so that seals the deal for sure - snow will arrive before it is supposed to and in quantities over the expected.

Today's March Madness is inspired by Maria Swiatkowski's layout using the March Bigger than a Breadbox kit - the My Mind's Eye Boy Crazy line.  Use your current Apron Strings kit for the following ingredient list OR dig out the following ingredients from your stash:

  • Up to three sheets of Cardstock
  • Four different patterned papers
  • Chipboard or Diecut shapes that you don't typically gravitate toward:  stars, gears, birds, crowns. . .whatever is "off the page" for you
  • Alphabet
  • Round embellishments

Much to do and time continues to tick away.

Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blue Plate Special

It's Spring Break time . . . well depending on where you are as the times vary across the country - I have one next week, and one the following week - but it means a break in routine and running around.  A nice breather.  If you're enjoying the stay-cation variety and you plan to enjoy a little personal time (or maybe you'll eventually find yourself in "time out" because the kids are driving you crazy) you'll need something to do.  

Today's Blue Plate Special will provide you with that something to do.  All Year Cheer Card kits are on sale (save up to 50%) and because they come with full-color instructions, you can crank through a variety of cards for any occasion in no time at all!

So whether you've never tried a card kit and want to (and then come sign-up to continue getting one every month) or maybe you missed one, it's time to head over today to snatch one.

Blue Plate Special pricing is good today only, Wednesday March 20th

Jar Freak and March Madness - Day #13

This could be one of those posts where I tell you something you don't know - something people close to me probably don't know.  But I'm not that secure in my quirks, so I'll just share one.

I love. . .L.O.V.E. . .Ball (or Mason, I'm not picky) Jars.  Vintage ones.  Colored ones.  Vintage and colored.  Modern day.  Big ones.  Little ones.  Filled ones.  Empty ones.  Jars as vases.  Jars as glasses.  Jars as baking vessels.  Jars as candle holders.  I don't care.  I love them!  I've thought of creating a Pinterest Board strictly for jar ideas.  My fear is that I wouldn't be able to stop.  You thought I had a recipe obession problem.  That would pale in comparison.  It's pathetic really, but it's me...

The appeal, you may ask?  The versatility.  The symbol of a simpler time.  The image of small towns.  The idea of being more self reliant.  It's all wrapped up in one simple little jar.

So imagine my pure excitement when I saw this link on a blog.  I couldn't get over there fast enough and create an account.  Before I knew it there was a receipt in my inbox for a box of these little lovelies.   Ball is doing a whole celebration - yes, signed up for the newsletter so I'm in the know - and this is one of their limited editions.  Yes.  It seems there will be others.  Yes.  I will be on board with every one.  These special jars may appear on my Mother's Day list, or maybe my birthday list.  Anniversary.  Even Christmas for someone who may want to think ahead. ;D

Today's March Madness inspiration comes initially through Pinterest to Fox Hollow Cottage's blog.  Draw your inspiration from image.  I love the soft colors - yellow, grey, white, spring green.  That large graphic bunny is awesome!  The little Freesia sprinkled on the mantle.  The dimensional butterflies on various pieces.  The row of birdhouses.  If you click through you can see her whole fireplace - wow - and closer views of the detail.

Continue to share your creations this month via links to the comments.

Happy First Day of Spring!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Madness - Day #12

If you haven't followed any of the links in the comments during March Madness - you need to!  Just pick a day, and click the links in the comment sections.  There are totally awesome (sorry, my 80's is showing) layouts and cards created from the challenges/inspiration.  Then it's your turn to go create and share your marvelous work with us!

I need some Spring today.  I noticed that some of the daffodils are starting to pop up along the front steps of my house.  And after noting last week that the trees were still quietly asleep, I noticed this morning that our big backyard Green Ash is starting to look fuzzy.  

Today's March Madness inspiration is off of Apron Strings' Color Theory board and seemed the perfect thing for today.  I love purple, but it's not a color I use much.  It's usually not the main color in papers these days, not since Chatterbox was around anyway.  But I really like the colors in this grouping.  I love using purple for winter layouts, but babies, showers (both the rain kind and the bridal and baby kind), boys, and water-side photos are good go-to's as well.  Then there's all those bunny, eggs, baskets and floral themes for Easter and Spring cards.

My calendar this weeks is crazy full, chaotic more so than usual.  Last night we celebrated my Father-in-Law's 81st birthday with a small party during our usual Monday night dinner with them.  By the time I had cleaned up, I was done for the night.  I'm hoping after an equally busy day today, I'll be able to hit the storeroom for a photo of this month's prize.  That shouldn't stop you from playing along and linking up your projects.  You've seen previous goodies - you know it's good!! :)

Happy Tuesday,

Monday, March 18, 2013

March Madness - Day #11

I need a re-do button for the past weekend.  Wouldn't that be great if there were such a thing??  I'd have hit that sucker like a snooze button - over and over and slept the remainder away.

We'll just start the week fresh with today's March Madness challenge - a couple of sketches from PageMaps.  I love the pocket with a photo, journaling card, tab and paperclip - such  a good place to tuck memorabilia or extra photos.  If you need an example you can find one HERE

How crazy is it that Kristin Perez's layout using the Smaller than a Breadbox March kit (the American Crafts Soho line) could have come from the above sketch?  It didn't, but it's an awesome example to take away.  Oh, and if you want to create something similar - the March kits are on sale now. :)

And if you'd rather create a card, I've got a sketch for you, too.  I like the clean look of it and how you could change out the circle to a flower, bunny, egg, basket, tree, ornament, house. . .or whatever to match the event you need a card for.  If you're stuck, you can find an example HERE.

And, yeah, I didn't pull the prize together, as I'd hoped.  We'll see how life treats us this week.  Still, get your work linked up to the comments by the end of the month for your shot.

Happy Monday,

Friday, March 15, 2013

Recipe for Spring and March Madness - Day 10

Another glorious morning. The sky is Deep Blue.  The grass in the backyard is speckled with green shoots.  The front yard is still covered in snow - dirty snow now thanks to windy days - the result of having our front door face due North; backyard no trace of winter, front yard looks to be in the depths of it.  Trees don't seem to be waking up and the tulips are still tucked under the ground.  Expected temp for today . . . 74!  What the heck?  I'm pretty sure we were just under 8" of snow last Saturday, with three more on Monday morning.  Two words - Colorado Spring.

I have nothing pressing today so I'm hoping to make continued in-roads on my "have-to-do" list.  Tomorrow will be totally shot AND I'll be missing my knitting class.  Sunday may hold some redemption in getting things done, only because we're expecting more snow.  Two words - Colorado Spring.

I've been moving Recipe Pins over on my Pinterest Boards.  I have a hard time finding the ones I've done for repeat performances (I wish there was a way to move the Pins like you can Boards).  So I decided to move the ones I've tried and loved to a new board, "I Cooked That."   I'm not finished going through and moving things, but I am surprised how many things I've tried; now to just do that with the crafty projects I've got Pinned.  I need a month where all I do is plan my menu from Pinterest then move the loved ones and unpin the not so loved ones.

Anyway, I found this Lemon Blueberry Bread, that I've made several times, and if, like me you're looking for more than just melted snow and blue skies as a sign that Spring is coming, then you have to try this.  It's bright and lemony.  Moist and delish.  It's like Spring in your mouth.  It's the perfect thing to bake when you're planning a night-long crafting session and don't plan to be up early the next day.  Just leave this yummy loaf on the counter for the family to munch away on.

So you've got a treat for the family, now you just need your March Madness challenge to work on.  For today's layout, card or other project dig out, dust off and use punches or your die-cut system.  Heaven's knows I have both.  I have recently used punches when making cards and my kids are using the Cricut for school projects so they don't go unused, but they do still gather dust from time-to-time.

My list of to-do's includes pulling together the prize for this month, so go create and upload your link to this post to be eligible. 

I think among other things, I need to decorate the mantle for Spring/Easter.  I know I Pinned some ideas so I have a starting point.  :)  

Happy Friday,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

March Madness - Day #9

It is stinkin' gorgeous outside this morning!  It's got to be in the 50', already, at 9:00.  The air is fresh, the sky is pale blue and you can hear birds chirping all over.  Funny how you don't realize how quiet, or nonexistent, they are during the winter until you hear them sing.

Today's March Madness challenge is to gather the following ingredients to create your card, layout or other paper project:

  • One sheet of cardstock - neutral color
  • One sheet of striped paper
  • One sheet with a larger graphic
  • One sheet smaller graphic
  • Chipboard embellishments
  • Length of lace or twine
  • Brads, buttons or eyelets
A little inspiration from the March Bigger than a Breadbox kit and Nancy Longo, using the Authentique "Hope" line.  This line is so soft and peaceful and has quite a few uses beyond its Spring/Easter theme.  The color and graphics (and double-sided paper) also lend itself to weddings and their showers, arrivals of baby boys and their showers, and that Tiffany Blue could help you show off some bling. ;)  I think the color scheme also works for wintery and snowy scenes, complete with hot chocolate and cozy throws.

Remember to upload your link by the end of the month for a chance to win this month's prize.  Now that shipping is out of my hair, I should be able to get you a photo of the goods.  :)

Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Madness - Day #8

If you've followed the blog for a while, you may recall I'm a huge fan of the magazine Midwest Living.  It has the same feel to it that I loved in Hallmark's, now gone, magazine.  It's filled with great places for travel, yummy recipes and fun home ideas and traditions.  

Today's March Madness inspiration comes from its pages.  This adorable centerpiece is so cute I need to hit the Dollar Spot at Target and see if I can find some little ones - or shoot the kids section will work!  I'm ready for spring-like colors in my home.  

This photo is also your inspiration for your next page, card or other paper project.  What do you see?  The color scheme of pink, white and green?  The tulips?  The embossed boots?  The boots themselves (rain or snow)? The large graphic place mat the boots are on?  The round, stacked, glossy plates?

Whatever speaks to you, incorporate it into your project today, upload your link in the comment section and become eligible for the prize drawing at the end of the month.

If you're a current member, your kit is awaiting pick-up  :).  If you're not a member, but would like one of the March kits, they are on sale now.

Happy Wednesday,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Madness - Day #7

This color pallet comes from Apron Strings' Color Theory board on Pinterest.  I'm pretty sure the reason it appeals to me is more about the photo of the tulips - love tulips - than the actual colors.  But I do find the colors to be bright, fresh and . . .I don't know. . .innocent?  Clean?  They make me happy.

This March Madness challenge is to use this color pallet in your next layout, card or other paper project.

Link up your work through the comment section by the end of the month to be eligible for the drawing.

Happy Tuesday,

March Madness - Day #6

Sorry to miss yesterday's post, I'll get another March Madness challenge up later today.  

Imagine my surprise to wake up today to another 3" of snow.  Unexpected?  Yep.  I even watched the news last night and they didn't say squat.  Slippery and slushy when out driving around?  Yep.  I'm not sure when "passing cold front" turned into the water-logged snow, but it's here.  Maybe the is the remainder of the 12+" we were supposed to get Saturday, because that storm fell a bit short of the prediction.  Pretty though.  

Today's March Madness challenge is simple - Sketches from PageMaps.  If you need inspiration on the use of the sketch, follow the link to see an example in action. I like the strips which could be tags, tickets, flowers or and collection of various embellishments.  Need more photos?  Put two smaller photos in any of, or all of, the larger photo spaces.  Need less?  Color block photo spaces with patterned paper, memorabilia or simply create half of the two-page layout.

If you're a card maker, or this would be cute for a 6x6 or 8x8 layout I have a Card Map for you.  I love the circle! And it's such a simple design to put together, but effective!

Remember you have all month to complete any or all the challenges.  Upload your links in the comment sections to be eligible for the goodie drawing.

Happy Tuesday,

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Scrappy Baked Treats and March Madness - Day 5

I know, it's Saturday, but I'm home-bound with another foot of snow predicted for today and to add to that madness March Madness, I've been baking up a storm (all recipes from the Apron Strings I Can Cook That board.  Must be the weather . . . or maybe it's being stuck on what to tackle next in the organizing department.  More than likely, though, it's just straight up procrastination in doing what really needs to be done.

We started with homemade Poptarts - I've made these before - super easy and a big hit.  Today, my part consisted of pulling out the dough (someday I'll attempt homemade pie pastry) and recommending the Blackberry jam and Nutella fillings.  My daughter crafted them and they are already half gone.  I guess shoveling works up the appetite.

Up next Lofthouse-style cookies.  We just plowed through a tray of the store-bought variety and when more were requested I knew it was time to try the Pinterest version.  They were a little work intensive, at least for me.  The dough was super heavy and required an overnight rest in the 'fridge.  They rolled out wonderfully, however, and baked up nice and light and I can pronounce all the ingredients!  They're currently resting and we'll hork them down later tonight.  My calorie count for today is gonna be bad.
I also whipped up a batch of doughnuts, dough for individual meat-free pizzas for dinner last night and coffee creamer.  I'm outta recipes for the moment so I may have no choice but to deal with the things I don't want to deal with.

Before I go check the state of my laundry room - dumping ground for all outer gear  from the shovelers - I'll leave you with today's March Madness challenge:  Masking.  Masking is simply using any shape - positive or negative - and applying some form of color over it and then moving on.  You can use mists (if you have them in your stash and haven't ever tried, today's your day), paint, ink pads, even crayons or colored pencils.  Masks can be anything - doilies, diecuts (purchased or cut on your own system),  chipboard, stickers, lace trim, even a post-it note cute to shape.

Remember to share your link in the comment section by the end of the month to be eligible for goodies.

Happy Saturday,