Thursday, February 28, 2013

Change of Plans and Love Your Stash - Last Day :(

We found out last night that the upcoming tournament has been partially cancelled; cancelled for sure for us and my 14 y.o.'s team.  I figured as much, given that last year we barely had 2" of snow, pittance compared to the 12+" we got over the weekend, and they called the tourney.  Sounds like some divisions will be playing on some fields somewhere down there.  I'd like to say I'm upset because, even with the chaos it creates, I do love watching my kids play their sport-of-choice.  However, the thought of watching them play without the benefit of even one practice . . . yeah, I wasn't looking forward to that.  Now I have the last weekend before the start of the regular soccer season stretching out before me. . .what to do?

My list continues to be long as I add new projects to it, but I'm also scratching off projects, which feels great!.  I, alas, have done nothing for One Little Word for February   Well, not nothing exactly.  I did read the assignment and I pulled some pieces of the assignment together, but haven't completed it.  I doesn't help that I really don't get it.  I, however, didn't read the extended reading she provided for the month. . .maybe then it'll be clearer to me.

I'm also, how many weeks behind in Project Life?  Four?  Six?  Including this current week?  I continue to take photos.  I have photos printed for two weeks.  I have photos on my phone for two or three.  Editing them in Instagram and then printing them takes really very little time, it's a matter of getting it done and hoping my ink holds out.  I'm not stressing about this, though. . .I know I'll get them done.  I could use a creative break this weekend anyway.

I also have my next knitting class starting on Saturday.  I had hoped to work on my one lonely little sock last night, or at least do the cuff of sock number two. . .but exhaustion caught up with me and my knitting stayed in the bag.  It's truly a sad little sock with just the foot needing to be finished on the one and, well, everything on sock number two.  I need to get back to going to "free knit" on one night during the week.  It was Thursday before the holidays and whether it stays that night or not doesn't matter, it just needs to get on the calendar.

Today we're saying goodbye to February and to the Love Your Stash challenges. For your finally challenge, dig into your stash, go as far back as you can, and pull out your oldest kit and combine it with something new.   If you don't have a kit, simply pull out your oldest papers and a handful of coordinating embellishments.  Mix up the old and new, say like drawing inspiration from Wendi Robinson's cute card from the February All Year Cheer Card kit.  Like perhaps you add a new technique - misting, distressed edges, sewing or cutting/punching the hottest shapes like chevrons or the hexagons below.  Freshen up the colors of the papers with a neutral background cardstock like Kraft.  

Upload a link to your project in the comments section by Sunday evening to be eligible for the American Crafts pack . . . which dangit!  I can't remember the name of again!  SIGH.

Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 18

Sun is shinning.  Snow has moved out. . .for now.  It's still cold.  I could finally see the mountains this morning.  They were crisp and clear and slathered in white.  At least the higher peaks of the back ranges - they looked iced, with a generous hand.  Along the drive this morning I could see the animal tracks in the snow.  As I'm waiting for a light to change I follow the trails, but they never end with a herd of deer or a wandering coyote.  It always makes me wonder where they've tucked themselves into during the day.  Are they just behind the rolling hill out of sight of the road?

Today's Love Your Stash challenge starts with Nancy Longo's layout,using the February Smaller than a Breadbox kit.  Have you noticed the last few examples have a similar layout?  This would be Apron Strings' exclusive sketch from Becky Fleck over at PageMaps.  A new sketch every month is found in every kit.  We've been lucky to have Becky designing sketches for several years now, she makes using the kits so easy!

So what challenge is there for today?  I'm thinking metal - I don't have a lot of metal in my stash, excluding brads and eyelets - I have a lot, A. LOT. of those - but like bottle caps, photo corners, tags, plaques, frames, even pins. I think I tend to use the metal I get, since I don't have an overabundance of it.  I use it equally on layouts and cards.  Metal is that unusual piece that catches the eye to help the eye move around your work.  Dig into your metal and get some on your next layout, card or paper project.

Upload your link to the comments by Sunday evening.  Shoot, I forgot to get the name of the American Crafts line up for dibs this week.  I'll get that...

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Snow and Love Your Stash - Day 17

It's snowing again.  Supposedly it's only going to amount to a couple more inches.  But then the snow wasn't supposed to show up until mid-afternoon.  I guess I'll ask the dog, because she probably has a better, more accurate prediction than the weather-guessers.  Maybe she'll know if it'll melt off by Friday, the start of the 14 y.o.'s soccer tourney.  This one is in town, sort of, it doesn't require a three hour drive anyway.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy the color and fun "look back" style of Maria Swiatkowski's layout using the February Smaller than a Breadbox kit - the Carta Bella Alphabet Junction line.  How great are the colors for layouts or cards for the wee-ones in our lives!

Love Your Stash - the countdown to the end.  I think I've helped you dig down and into your stash.  Finding, pulling and using a, hopefully, good sampling of some of your hidden treasures.  Today, I'm going to take a hint from Maria's layout.  Dig out three coordinating patterned papers to use on your card, layout or other paper project.  I like the small scale of her prints, makes for a sweet background for the single-subject photos she's using.

Upload your project to the comments section by Sunday evening to be eligible for this week's good - an American Crafts set of papers and embellishments - I'll recheck the name of the line, as, naturally, it escapes me at the moment.

Happy Tuesday,

Monday, February 25, 2013

Why is Organizing So Disorganized and Love Your Stash Day 16

Well, we finally got that snow - all 10+ inches of it.  I think out here, though, we saw closer to 12.  And wouldn't you know it'd come when we had that tournament in Pueblo for the 12 y.o.  Hubby played chauffeur both days - Saturday was great and they won both games.  Sunday, they again left at 6:30 in the morning but this time fought the weather and cussed out the lack of plows during most of their three hour drive.  The game on Sunday ended with a tie at 0-0, which moved the team into the champion round - but the snow caught up with them.  The coach pulled the team from the medal game because of the worsening conditions both on the field and on the roads.  Shortly after the coach pulled the team,  common sense finally prevailed with the tournament officials and they cancelled the remainder of the games, which were the medal games.  As all teams got their requisite three games in before the tournament was cancelled, the winners were determined by points.  Our 12 y.o.'s team took first!    I'll spare you my rant about the economics and stupidity of this tournament.  My relief lies in that my two boys arrived home after a four hour drive safe and sound.

While they were tackling the games and the drive, I gave myself PERMISSION to take the weekend off and dig into several organizing projects.  First. . .why is organizing so chaotic?  Isn't that counter productive?  I feel like I move one pile to a new room, only to break it into smaller piles and move it to new rooms.  Anyway,  I need to organize my pantry - actually, it goes farther than that, I need some room in my cupboards.  But I need room in my pantry to get things out of the cupboards.  So, naturally I start with cupboards above the desk in the kitchen - logical right?  I cleared out the cupboard above the desk, as well as two of the drawers of the desk.  Feels good to open them and have space and new homes for a few things from the pantry.  I decided to wait on the pantry while I look for new homes for some other things now in the pantry.  Instead I moved down to the hall closet.  I pulled out snow boots that no longer fit any of the kids, a couple snow bibs, a half dozen fishing hats  and three bowling balls.  Now there's room on the shelf and room on the floor.  It, too, is sooo nice to look into.  

Movin' on to the basement where hubby surprised me with two IKEA shelves.  There were just too many boxes, bins and stacked things that held all things kids that I've pondered for a long time on how to deal with it all:  Lego's, play dishes, Lego's, Duplos, Lego's, Little People, Lego's, Matchbox cars.  Did I mention we have Lego's. I went from Lego's stored in one three drawer unit, one 64 quart container AND one 100+ quart container to three bins in the IKEA unit.  Crazy!  Most of the things I planned and expected would go in the IKEA shelves are there.  I'm so happy!!  I'm left with the mess on my half of the room and just one-too-many dressers.  What to do?  After working through different scenarios, I now have a plan that I can hopefully execute over the course of the week to complete the space.  Or at least complete the organizing and move on to getting some decor in place.

There are just a few more days of Love Your Stash.  As much as I have a collection of flowers, I also have an abundance of floral papers - it's that too many boys in this household syndrome.  Today take a cue from Jennifer Halleck, using the Bigger than a Breadbox February kit and round up some of whatever papers you collect too much of  and use them.

Upload your project for today in the comments and become eligible for this week's drawing.

Happy Monday.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 15 and a Recipe

Friday!  WooHoo.  It's been one of those dazed-kinda weeks.  You know the ones where you look around and can see that stuff got done, you've been to and from places and there's plenty of evidence that you fed and clothed your family, but the week is a blur.  It's these kinds of weeks that leave me with this nervous energy, this un-restful feeling.  Not sure where it comes from, or why, but I'm hoping to tackle some projects this weekend to put it to rest.  No pun intended. . .my daughter would be so proud.

We have a soccer tourney this weekend down in Pueblo for the 12 y.o.  Should be interesting given that we've got snow, they've got snow (at least a couple inches) and it's not supposed to warm up enough to melt much.  And looking at the forecast down there, it's supposed to be windy too - which it always is down there, but makes for some fun conditions for playing in.

Love Your Stash.  I have to tell you, I'm stymied.  So I asked designer Jennifer Halleck and she's got a recipe for you to pull together. Awesome!  Gather up the following goodies from your stash to create your layout, card or other project:
  • 4 Sheets of patterned paper
  • 5 Flowers
  • 5 Brads
  • Strip-style journaling
  • LARGE title 

Your Sunday evening deadline will get you in the drawing for some papers from the October Afternoon Ducks in a Row line.  Just link up your work in the comment sections for your chance.

And just so you have enough time to spend crafting tonight, or this weekend, from the Apron Strings I Can Cook That Pinterest board, is this Tilapia Tostada recipe.  And it is yummy; even my kids liked it - enough for seconds!  My only recommendation is that the toppings tend to slide off the tostada shells, so we'll be doing regular taco shells, or going for soft corn tortillas the next time.

Happy Friday,

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winner Week #1 & #2

Okay, so I told you the more you play the better your odds.  Here's proof.  For fun, and you'll see why in a sec, I thought I'll just re-draw and see who wins.  Side-note:  I use for the drawings.  Anyway, the numbers came up with the same winner.  Crazy.  Guess that means it was meant to be.

Deanna!  You've got the win for both weeks!  How crazy is that?

Do you know the best way to give Deanna a run for her money scrapbook supplies?  Add your projects to the comments.  I loved last week seeing work from folks who hadn't ever submitted their stuff and from week one where I saw work from a reader that I hadn't seen in a while.  

I know there are more of you out there.  Come on.  Complete a project.  Share it.  Win!

Love Your Stash - Day 14

Hurray for the snow.  Except the having to drive in it part.  But still. . .hurray.  It's always interesting to me to watch a storm roll in here.  This snow was rolling up from the south and then in along the eastern plains. I could see the bank of clouds to the south and east getting darker grey and boiling up as the storm inched closer.  As I picked up the kids there were reports on the radio that the snow was starting to drift down.  By the time I had all four in the car the "drifting" part wasn't so much drifting as it was driving.  The clouds and snow obscured the view of the foothills to the south, you couldn't see downtown Denver anymore and even just a few hundred yards down the road disappeared into the white.  By the time I was returning home, after taking my daughter to see a boy, the roads were icing and cars were dragging along bumper-to-bumper at barely 2 mph.  If I hadn't missed my on-ramp and headed east for two and a half miles (aka 20 minute drive to turn back around and another 30 minutes to get back to my starting palace) I'd have probably arrived home 30 minutes earlier.  But home we arrived, you know, just as there's a break in the snow bands.   

Today's inspiration comes from Maria Swiatkowski (who it looks like needs some well deserved Kudos for having a layout picked up by Scrapbook Update!  Go Maria!) using her February Smaller than a Breadbox kit - the Fancy Pants line.  I love how she cut the calendar paper to create the fun border on the left side of her page.   This would never have occurred to me!

Looking at Maria's layout had me thinking about color - the colors in this Fancy Pants line are yummy - I love the ice teal.  But it also made me think about colors I struggle to use.  Purple is one.  Yellow is another.  I can use this golden shade of yellow.  But Purple?  Not so much.  Because of that I tend to have Purple papers in my stash, unless I've made the connection to the stack of purple and my inability to use it and put them in the giveaway box.  

Today's Love Your Stash challenge is to take a good look at your papers and find those whose colors you struggle with. Dig them out and give them a try on your layout, card or other project.  If you fall madly in love with them, move the to the top of the stack.  If, eh, you've used them and can't see using them again. . .move 'em on out!

Links in the comments are due Sunday evening.

Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 13

We'll lead off with some inspiration from Nancy Longo, using her February Smaller than a Breadbox kit - the Carta Bella Alphabet Junction line.  I love her bunnies, they look so soft and squishy.  I miss that about my bassets - their squishability factory.

I'm sure I'm not alone, at least I hope I'm not.  Those piles of embellishments we tend to collect.  Whether it's just a favorite so we hoard save them.  Or maybe we don't know what to do with them.  For me I tend to collect flowers.  Lots of flowers.  I know how to use them, but having three boys doesn't provide a lot of opportunity for their use - at least not since they turned one.  Maybe if I was in the photos. . .but I'm rarely in photos.  Soccer, rockets, Boy Scouts, trains. . .yeah, not so much a flowery kinda topic.  Today's Love Your Stash challenge is to use that embellishment or embellishments you tend to collect too much of.  If it's an object you're not sure what to do with, ask away here I'm happy to offer suggestions (as I'm sure others would, too), or do a quick search on YouTube or Pinterest for ideas.

Upload your link to the comment section for a shot at winning the as-of-yet-undetermined prize.  Sunday evening is your deadline.

Happy Wednesday,

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 12

Are you one of those crafters?  The ones who are ready to use their latest kit?  The one with her current photos ready to go when the kit arrives?  Or are you ready to use your kit with last year's (or older) photos?  I'm one of those scrapbookers, but only with Project Life, which we won't mention is three weeks behind.  And I'm only that scrapbooker with PL because I print those photos at home.  Otherwise I'm in the older-photos-boat.  Whether your that scrapbooker, or like most of the rest of us - using your older photos - doesn't matter.  This layout from Kristin Perez using her February '13 Bigger than a Breadbox kit - the Basic Grey True Love line - will inspire you to dig out whatever photos you have and sit down and create.

Today's Love Your Stash challenge follows Kristin's inspiration in that you need to find photos that, for whatever reason, you keep bypassing and mix them up with one of your more recent kits.  If you don't have kits, then use something from a recent purchase.  Mixing old with new is a good way to get excited about creating with something that didn't previously excite you.  Got it?

Upload your link to your layout, card or other project by Sunday evening to be eligible for this week's prize.

Happy Tuesday,

Monday, February 18, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 11

It was a weekend.  It flew by and I'm not sure I could tell you what we did.  Oh . . . I went to my knitting class, which was the last, and I have three quarters of a sock - I'm missing from the heel forward; finished the heal at the last class.  I'm hoping I can figure out the instructions, LOL, who am I kidding!!  I'll have to find a time to get down there to have them help me finish out the toe.  The test will be if I remember what I did enough to finish sock #2!  I have a week off before I start a new class.

It may be President's Day holiday, but it's just a Monday for me, and that just means I'm cleaning around kids.  Hopefully, you'll carve out some time to do today's Love Your Stash challenge.  Using Jennifer Halleck's Bigger than a Breadbox (Echo Park - Everyday Eclectic line) layout as inspiration, dig out some of those lengths of ribbon and use them on your layout, card or paper project.  Mix up several coordinating trims.  Layer them to make corners or frames.  Use several to make borders or backgrounds.  Knot them on tags.  Thread them through buttons.  

Whatever you choose to do, upload your work by Sunday evening to be eligible for. . .I don' t know yet, but it'll be good. :D  Remember, it's not doing every challenge that gets you in the drawing - one is enough, but the more you do, the better your odds and the more stash you clear out on to cards, layouts or other paper projects.

Happy Monday,

Friday, February 15, 2013

Soup on Friday and Love Your Stash - Day 10

I couldn't seem to pull together my game menu plan this week.  Which, as it's turning out is just fine given that I've fixed a total of one meal all week. . .and it was leftovers.  My hubby and oldest son have been crisscrossing the city this week attending the eighth grade boys' basketball playoff games, all of which take place during the dinner hour.  Bonus, I think I'm finally scrapping the bottom of the 'fridge when it comes to leftovers.

It's Friday, and for us it's Lent and that means no meat.  I've found, actually, since I've been menu planning I have at least one meatless meal a week anyway.  I think I may have finally convinced certain members of my family that, yes, soup can be a meal - there have been debates about the validity of this idea in the past.  This particular soup, Sherried Tomato Soup from The Pioneer Woman (love her!!) is fast, delicious and perfect for a warm end to a cold day meal.  Pair it up with grilled cheese, garlic toast, even veggie egg rolls and you've got a meal that will keep warm on the stove while you tuck yourself away to crop.  

Today's Love Your Stash Challenge is inspired by Wendi Robinson's card, using the February All Year Cheer Card Kit.  This card, with a couple exceptions, is all paper.  Your challenge is to create a layout, card or other creation using almost all paper.  

Layers make projects appear there is more embellishing going on than there really is.  What can you do with paper?  Let's see:

  • Cut or punch shapes - like the circle pennant is two circles, stacked and, in this case sewn together,  but you could staple, glue, tape or put a brad through the center to create a similar effect and then "string" on a length of Baker's Twine
  • Cut or punch flowers and layer, or tuck a small button, brad or gem in the middle
  • Cut thin strips and pleat to create a border or frame
  • Layer different lengths and shapes - like the strip of yellow polka dots over the block of pink, with a tag layered over the top
  • Distress edges to create texture
  • Ink edges to provide depth
  • Cut or punch circles to create your own buttons
  • Cut or punch rectangles and squares to make tags
  • Crumple and smooth papers to provide texture
  • Cut out simple shapes or designs from patterned papers and pop-up on a pop/glue dot.
  • Add glitter to make simple shapes pop - like the Aqua Flower above.
  • Groups smaller items to give them more weight on your project.
Remember for simple shapes, you don't need punches, just trace and cut.  All layouts, cards and paper projects are due to be linked up by Sunday evening for your chance at winning the Authentique "Uncommon" line.  All you need is one project linked up to be eligible - more just improves your odds and depletes your stash a touch more.

As I haven't worked a stitch on my sock, I see me joining the "one sock and done" club at tomorrow's class. :(  If life throws me a bone this weekend, I hope to tackle some of my to-do's (my tabbed to-do's - I just settled for sticky notes cut down to tabs) and move ahead with catching up on One Little Word and Project Life.

Happy Friday,

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines and Love Your Stash - Day 9

Happiest of Valentine's Days.  Enjoy a piece of chocolate, recall lovely memories and snuggle up with a loved one.

The skies are quickly turning from Colorado Blue to snow's-coming-in Grey.  Winds are picking up and temps are dropping - not that they were high to begin with.  I dropped off a boy dressed in black with a fuchsia pink tie, ready for the dance.  A boy dressed in jeans ready to bowl.  A boy toting his first box of, self-signed, Valentine's card without a clue as to what Valentine's day is.  And a girl, whose day I hope improves . . . a lot (she's had a rough week.)

Today's Love Your Stash challenge is to use your naked chipboard.  Naked chipboard tends to stock up for a  number of reasons.  Crafters don't know what to do with it, don't have something to color it, the design is too intricate to cover with paper, paper takes to long, or any other number of excuses.  The genius of naked chipboard is that it is naked.  Stick it on the page as it is.  But if it really bugs you, here are some ways to dress it:
  • Crayons work just fine for coloring chipboard - the darker the color the better
  • Markers 
  • Stamp Ink
  • Paint it
  • Add Diamond Glaze 
  • Trace onto paper and cut out - use an emery board along the edges to "trim" closer to the piece
  • Use double-sided tape all over the piece and roll in micro beads or glitter
  • Stamp Ink and embossing powder
  • Punch a hole in the top and make it a tag
  • Simple shapes can hold small photos
  • Put the first letter of your title over the shape to highlight the title
  • Punch a couple holes and make it a button - then tie Baker's Twine through it.
Link up your piece by Sunday evening to be eligible for the Authentique "Uncommon" goodie.  Do you need to enter every day?  NO!  But the more you do, the more you use, and the better your odds become.  

Happy Heart-day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lists and Love Your Stash - Day 8

Okay, so seriously, what is it when you're a paper crafter that you can't just write a list?  That you can't just jot a note?  I found a little notebook, complete with pen, and I'm thinking, "This is perfect to keep a running list of to-dos.  The immediate and the someday kind of things."  But then I start thinking it needs some tabs so the lists aren't all jumbled on top of each other - 'cause then what's the point of the list if you can't find anything on it?  My first thought, just use a sticky note cut down so I can move it as I move through pages.  Then I start wondering about what kinds of papers I have instead, since sticky notes are so . . . one color.  Seriously, what's up?  Or is it just me?  It's just me, isn't it?  Shoot, it's me.  

Let's move on to fun stuff.  Like today is shipping day.  If you're an autoship member your kits are waiting for pick up.  And for a little preview of what's tucked inside and what you'll soon be making, here's Maria Swiatkowski's take on the Authentique "Lovely" line found in the Smaller than a Breadbox.  Look at that sweet little face!  Maria used a KI Memories lace paper as a mask to create the misted background.  We know how Maria loves her mists. ;D  

If you aren't an autoship member, you can head right over to the website to purchase this kit or the Bigger kit.  Unfortunately, the card kit is sold out for February.  If you want to be sure there's a kit with your name, I invite you to join the no-commitment autoship.  Autoship is easy - unlimited skips, you can flip your kit and you can make substitutions - like this month, say you love, love everything but the Fancy Pants but only because you already have that line.  Well, then instead of missing it all, as an autoship member you have the option to substitute that line with another available line from a previous Smaller kit and still get your February kit.  Hurray for happy mail!  

Love Your Stash challenge today is to dig out your oldest "lovey-themed" papers and use them.  We want to make room for the new. :)  Now remember, hearts, pink and red, don't always have to mean Valentine's Day.  With most papers these days being double sided you can flip over the offensive hearts and document a snow day; the color palette is a good one for snow. You can do like Maria did and showcase the love of chubby cheeked babies.  Just a little off-the-page thinking and you'll be surprised what you come up with.

Oh, look I found some orange sticky notes for tabs...

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 7

Life here would seem to be crazy - given the amount of things NOT getting done, but really I think it's an over-stuffed mind that is to blame.  I haven't had time to catch up my Project Life - my photos are at least printed for the last two weeks - though my printer is telling me my ink is low, so I'm teetering on an edge here.  I went to my knitting class over the weekend and wasn't able to finish to the point I need to be for this week's class and so now I have to figure out a time to go down to get help with my "heel turn."  The house feels cluttered, though when I really look it doesn't look cluttered.  I haven't even read the One Little Word prompt for February, and it's what, the 12th!  Plus there are the 100's of things prancing around in my head.  I need more than a to-do list - I need a to-do book!

Today's Love Your Stash challenge is about clearing out the odds-and-ends.  Dig out some of your random sheets of paper and pair them up with other random sheets to create your layout, card or other paper project.  So that small print dot, and, oh yeah, this stripe and maybe that swirl background - they're getting cleared out today.  Keep two things in mind when mixing patterns from various manufacturers:  1)  find common colors - they don't need to be matchy-matchy, but a similar shade or two will help unify them.  2) use various scales of designs - it's best if your polka dot isn't as big as your large graphic, then the designs aren't competing on the background with the photos on your layout or other elements on your card.

Remember to add your link in the comment sections by Sunday evening to be eligible for this week's prize - Authentique's "Uncommon" line.

Happy Tuesday,

Monday, February 11, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 6

Today, as I got dressed the sun was shining and it was snowing.  Soft, tiny snowflakes that, because of the sun, glittered like diamonds as they floated past my window.  Some caught the heat off the house and floated up and seemed to beg to come inside.  It was beautiful. 

In honor of those millions of twinkling, sparkling, glittering little snowflakes, today's Love Your Stash challenge is to pull out those bits and baubles we call bling:  glitter brads, rhinestone swirls, sparkling words, self-adhesive twinkling strips.  Include them on your layout, card or other crafty item (maybe something for Valentine's Day ;D) and get them linked in the comment section by Sunday evening for a shot at this week's goodie.  "Uncommon" from Authentique - this is the complete line of papers and diecuts (and I think there's stickers in it too.)

Happy Monday,

Friday, February 8, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 5

So far today I have done nothing, save getting dressed and making my bed.  This is becoming a disturbing trend in my Fridays.  I need to get moving on something before I get to 2:30 (kid-gathering time) and realize I won't have down time until well after dinner.  We host my in-laws twice a week for dinner, and so I don't get my usual downtime those nights until generally 8:00 or later. 

It's not like I have come to Friday and completed all that needs doing for the week.  Hardly.  Case-in-point:  I have one sock that needs about five more inches knitted to it before tomorrow's 10 am class.  I have a party for our 16 y.o. tomorrow night and have nothing planned to feed the masses.  I have dinner to fix for tonight  (at least I'm still doing my weekly menus) and need something for dessert since we'll have family game night after dinner.  So, yeah, there's plenty that needs doing.

In case you are suffering similar can't-get-going-itis, today's Love Your Stash challenge is to gather up an Apron Strings kit and use it 'til there's nothing left.  If that means two layouts, or cards galore, or a mix of layout and cards, so be it.  Use it 'til the last drop button!  If you don't have an Apron Strings kit, gather a supply of three patterned papers, two sheets of cardstock and a handful of embellishments; whatever you pull together you need to use up.  By all means, in either case, if you need extra cardstock or a few other embellishments to complete the projects, dig them out and use them.

I did find a super cute set of papers, Princess, from AdornIt (Carolee's Creations).  Folks who've linked up their work for the week under the various posts will have a shot at winning this.  You have until Sunday evening to get your work linked up.  Do you need to play everyday to be eligible?  NO!  Just the more you link, the better your odds!

In case you see some crafting in your future this weekend because you not only want to dig into your stash, but you want a shot a prizes (and who doesn't), you'll need a quick, yet yummy dinner to serve to your family.  This Zesty Calzone (found on Apron Strings I Can Cook That board) is just the thing to get you in and out of the kitchen and back to your scrappy spaces.  I've made this, and it was a family hit.  Switch up the inside meats to meet your family's tastes.  I served it with fruit salad, but it would be a great side for a soup, as well.

Off to get rolling on . . . well. . .anything.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 4

If you've followed along here for a while you know this is the time of year my favorite non-chocolate candy is out - Brach's Jujube Cherry Hearts.  Forget the roses.  Besides being insane in cost, they don't last long here.  No - get me bags of these candies.  This year it took browsing through four stores before I found it...or rather my husband found it.  I think the four bags he brought home are the perfect way to celebrate hitting my 10 pound weight loss milestone.  Right?  Totally!

I've been working on digging out things I'm not using.  Like this.  Glitter.  I have several tiny bottles of Doodlebug Glitter.  It sits up and behind my work table, so it's out and visible, but I think I'm in too much of hurry, usually, to think about using it.  So, I've pulled it down to remember it.  It doesn't take a lot of glitter to make an impact on a card or layout.

Today's Love Your Stash challenge, find a product that's more technique - I think of glittering as a technique -  and use it.  For you it might be Diamond Glaze, or maybe ink pads to distress edges.  

Share you card, layout or other paper project by Sunday evening to win a goodie.  Leave your link in the comments.

Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 3

Today, 16 years ago, we welcomed our first child and only daughter.  She's become a beautiful young woman inside and out and all within the space of the blink of an eye.  She's bright, funny and a serious hockey fanatic. We're proud to call her our daughter.  We love you so much, baby girl, Happy Sweet Sixteen! 

Today's Love Your Stash challenge is to select and use and older tool on your layout, card or other paper project. 

I don't have a lot of tools left - they've been purged over the years.  I have my Cricut and some punches - nothing like the stash above - mine fit in a small basket, but really that's about it.  Uh, I just remembered a grommet setter I have that has never been cracked out of its box.  I'm sure you have similar things in your own stash.  Today's the day to use it/them.  And hey, if you determine after you've used it, it was not a, "wow, why I have waited so long to use this again" moment, maybe it's time to put it in your give-away pile.

Upload your project by Sunday evening - or rather provide your link in the comment section and be sure to tell us what the tool was.  I'll try to find the prize package tonight so you know what you're playing for.

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love Your Stash - Day 2

First things first - that applesauce I was making from the Apron Strings I Can Cook That Pinterest board - awesome!  It was easy, relatively quick what with the peeling and chopping eight apples, and good.  It cooked down enough I didn't really need to blend it - I left it chunky and whatever my rubber spatula could smoosh that's all I did.  I would be an easy baby or toddler food to whip nice and smooth.  Cook down some berries with the apples to mix up the flavors.  If we hadn't eaten most of it for dinner, I would expect that the batch would have produced two quarts.  The recipe says you can process them, which I'd do if I was making several batches, but stored in the 'fridge for a week or so should work, too.  I don't know how it would fair being frozen.  This seems like a good reason to head out to the farm we frequent this coming fall for some serious apple picking!

Mixing old and new is a great way to breathe life into supplies that you've lost interest in.  Today's Love Your Stash challenge is to combine your oldest embellishments with your newest papers.  For me it would be these. . .remember these?  These tiny, sold by the 100's, ear-splitting, table pounding fun.  Eyelets.  I've got enough to last me through a nuclear winter, but they sit, sorted and stored - languishing, waiting for the light of day.  So I'm thinking. . .cards.  I can use them on the cards I'm making.  I just need to pull the box out so I see it. . .that whole Closed and Visible thing for me. ;D  See - it pays to understand your process!

What's it gonna be for you?  Chipboard?  Items from your swap days?  Photo corners?  Vellum tags?  Photo turns?  Go get them and use them.  Layout, card or other paper project is due this Sunday evening.  Please link up your item in the comments.  I'm hoping to find time to research the changes at the linky site I was using or find an alternative source this week.

Happy Tuesday!