Sunday, February 28, 2010

Can It Be True?

Why, yes, yes it can be -- and it is! I went to a crop last night and, wait for it . . . scrapbooked! No, the world isn't coming to an end . . . not this year anyway. I joined Designer Jennifer H. last night at a local Archivers for some scrappin' time. Even though I arrived late and had an incident in the car with my drink, I managed to complete two 2-pagers and almost completed another 2-pager. This morning, after putting Matthew back down to nap, I finished up the 2-pager from last night and got three more pages done. So, to recap - I scrapbooked, completed nine pages, used photos from 2003 (I think that's the last of those) and five old kits.
Also, I was reminded that I didn't post the name of the Treasure Hunt winner the other day when I posted winners. I had it all tracked and even input the names into, but just overlooked the table when I put up the post. So congrats to: Natalie who will be getting the Birthday Limited Edition kit. Photobucket

Friday, February 26, 2010

Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #20

Day off from school and other than getting dressed and giving Matthew a bath - and only that because he spilled protein drink on both of us -- haven't gotten anything done. I have plenty to do and naps only last so long. This is our last day of the Don't Stash It Challenges. 20 days!! And I know some of you have cranked out 19 layouts. Did you end up using much of your stash? I know there were some old kits that were used - that's fantastic! So what should we do for our last challenge? Hmmm . . . ah, I know! Digging deep into those stashes find some "themed" papers and use them in a non-traditional way. Christmas papers equals non-Christmas layout. Easter papers equals non-Easter photos. Today's sketch is from Page Maps.

Bonus: Use up some of those scraps from this month to create a card, or two. Given the number of layouts some of you have cranked out, you should be able to create a dozen cards from the scraps. :) The sketch is from Page Maps.

This week's layouts are due by Sunday evening to be eligible for the Treats. The "completed them all" Treat is from Bella Blvd. You have until the evening of March 3rd to fill in any blanks you have for the chance to win the grand prize. Weekend plans? Here, it'll be a quiet one. Fish Fry tonight. One, ONE, basketball game tomorrow and then doing something with my parents for my Dad's birthday. Otherwise, quiet, quiet, quiet. (ahhhh.) Photobucket

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #19

I don't think I've spent this much time at school, since I was a student. Today was a day of back-to-back activities. Started early with taking the kids to school; something DH has been doing since Matthew's arrival. While I'm still up when everyone else is, I don't have to do the driving. But we got there and I sent the kids off to classes and took up my position on the Hospitality Committee for an Information Meeting for Prospective Parents; fancy talk for I get to stand by the coffee (which isn't nasty school coffee, we go big. We get the Starbucks box 'o coffee!) and home-baked goodies (some of which were still warm.) It's tough to stand there, look awake at 8 in the morning and not stuff your face full because you missed getting something for yourself before you left home. The end of the meeting and clean-up ended just in time for me to move on over to the cafegymatorium to help serve hot lunch. Kiddos got to see me, and I got to see them - all was good. I had enough time to run home and visit with my mom, who watched Matthew. I would have had about an hour before needing to run to get the kids, but Matthew decided he'd been left behind enough today and indicated that he would like to go - had his shoes on, brought me my coat, knocked on the garage door and repeatedly went to the coat-tree where his coat is, naturally whining the whole time. McDonald's it is - he got to sort of wander around and Mom and I chatted some more. After leaving home at quarter to 8, I finally got home just after 4, but will be returning around 6:30 for the 5th Grade Concert. When I get home again, I'll be done with activity and done with noise. Tomorrow the kids have a day off - to say I'm looking forward to that is a slight understatement. On the off chance you also have tomorrow off, you may need something to do - so today's challenge is to play with chipboard; use at least 2 pieces, along with your older papers. Since it's arrival on the scrapbooking scene its come in many shapes and sizes, but only a few colors - black, white and kraft (or naked). If you've never played with it, now's the time. If you're a fallen-away chip-hoarder, it's time you revisit the joy of this simple embellishment. Its ability to be customized to any layout is incredible, from simply covering with paper (use an emery board to clean up the edges), to acrylic paint, to stamp inks, to the even easier mists (check out Apron Strings for some choices) chipboard is a great embellishment. You can even add rub-ons, scraps of ribbons and bits of bling to dress it. Today's sketch comes from 52 Sketches. . .52 Weeks - a site, while no longer updating, contains plenty of inspiration.

If you didn't get the chance to check out today's Blue Plate Special - 10-sheet Grab Bags of Patterned Paper for $5! Reward all your hard work this month with a little treat! Photobucket

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winner, Winner and Winner

I was going to say "Winner, winner, turkey dinner," but only those who follow Diners, Drive-ins and Dives would know what I'm talking about. LOL So, it's just winners! Last week there were plenty of layouts to enjoy - thank you for the great inspiration! If you haven't had the chance to browse the links, do. On to the winners:
  • Maggie, the winner for the "completed 'em all" will enjoy this Scenic Route kit

  • The second winner from those who completed layouts is Molly -Molly a treat will be in with your kit.
  • Finally, Charlene, is another lucky follower to win. Charlene, send me your shipping address (

Congrats ladies!!


Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #18

I'm sitting here eating breakfast, watching the snow melt, trying to ignore the stacks of paper that need to be dealt with. Superman had Kryptonite, Batman had The Joker, and I have The Paperwork. Ick. Really. Ick. We are down to just three days of challenges - sad :( I think we've hit all the major items, but I do still have a couple on my list like -- ALPHABETS! (dah,dah,daahhhnnnnn - in good mystery solving background music). We have them in all shapes, sizes, fonts and colors - or is that just me again? So combine some more of your favorite, but older papers, along with at least 2 of your older alphabets to create your layout (extra points if you manage to incorporate those nasty never-used-letters; the ones that are still on the sheet, that you can't throw away, but can't figure out what to use Q and Z on.) Alphabets can be stickers or rub-ons, whichever it is that you have more of in your stash. Today's sketch is from Nuts About Sketches, dang, I love sketches. I just wish was actually using them, instead of dreaming with them.
Now remember you have until Sunday to get this week's challenges done and be eligible for prizes - I think this week's goodie will be a treat from Bella Blvd - they donated the entire line of Plastino - totally cute and totally want to keep it for myself! If there are some challenges you missed you have until March 3rd to "fill in the blanks" to be eligible for the Grand Treat.
Just looked down the table - nope the stacks are still there. Where's the bookkeeping fairy when you need her? Photobucket

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #17

I know this product from your stash probably isn't really old like some of the items you've been using, but it could be plentiful in your stash. Or maybe that's just my treasure trove of supplies. In any case, today's challenge is to use diecut paper. Now, if you don't happen to have any type of pre-cut diecut paper (cardstock or patterned paper) you can make your own by tracing a shape and then cutting it out, or trimming down a full-sized sheet and using border punches or edged scissors to get the same look. Either way, you're using old stuff. Today's sketch is from Sketchy Thursdays - sorry I looked for double-pager, but hers are single.

Hope you're enjoying a happy Tuesday! Photobucket

Monday, February 22, 2010

Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #16

An orthodontist appointment with my son this morning had me up and out early and then by the time I got home I'm all discombobulated and don't know where to start on all the things calling my name; so I usually just end up wandering around. Thanks to those of you who played along in the Treasure Hunt - it was fun to see your take on the Hunted items and catching a little glimpse into your lives. It's kind of like putting names to faces. I'll try to get to that winner, as well as last week's Challenge winners later tonight. This week is looking a mite full. Volleyball tryouts for my daughter tonight and tomorrow, Bible Study tomorrow morning, basketball practice Wednesday night, prospective parent meeting and tour at the school Thursday morning, followed by serving lunch at the kids' school and Thursday night a 5th grade spring concert. Thank goodness Friday they don't have school - I'll be crawling on my knees by then, dragging my coffee via IV. Well, there is a very happy City Champion living in my house! Nail-bitter throughout the game with a final score of 31-28; just the way a championship game should be. Heaven's, I'd like to have gone nuts having to sit in the stands though. This is where being a soccer mom comes in handy - you can pace the sidelines when the scores are close. You can see the Champs below - in the "posed" photo my son is third from the left in the front row.

Alright, so this post is long enough - today's challenge is: use at least four photo corners; big or small, paper or metal, doesn't matter. Oh, and use at least two in a non-traditional way. Several of you had positive comments for the 2-page sketch; I'll try to find a couple more for this week. Also, to Holly B. - I couldn't view your layout over on WT, kept telling me I wasn't logged in, but I was. I tried to go into the gallery, but didn't know what your ID is over there and I couldn't tell from the "most recent uploads" which one might be yours. I'd love to see it though :)

Today's sketch (not a 2-pager, but multi photo) is from Becky over at Page Maps.

Okay, I've got coffee in me, a baby down napping and time to try to get something accomplished. Have a great Monday ya'll.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Don't Stash It Challenge - Treasure Hunt #8 - LAST ONE

What Adds a Little Happiness to Your Day (Last One) Sorry, no family or pet photos; those are gimme's. You'll need to find something else around the house that brings a touch of joy to your day. For me, it's enjoying my daily cup of coffee. This nice big mug, which I only fill half way, represents a quiet moment. I don't usually pour myself a cup until Matthew is down for his morning nap. Add to that, I just brought out my Spring dishes in anticipation of the changing seasons - so far anticipation is all I've got, as is evidenced by my backyard photo. Ah, a mug-ful of happy, happy.

Show us your happy place, or item. Now, this is the last Treasure Hunt item. You have an hour to get your photos up and linked to their respective posts, be eligible for the Limited Edition Birthday kit. Photobucket

Don't Stash It Challenge - Treasure Hunt #7

Shoes You Are Currently Wearing They can be the shoes your are actually wearing right now, or if you're a barefoot-around-the-house kind of person, the shoes you'd slip on to go out. These are mine - some very comfy Keens I got for Christmas. I wasn't sure about them, but they are great and warmer than I expected. They're the perfect mom's-in-a-rush slip-on kind of shoe.

Whatcha walking in? Photobucket

Don't Stash It Challenge - Treasure Hunt #6

What's For Dinner? So, what's for dinner? Food thawing, slow cooker cooking away, recipe book open, or maybe it's a shot of your car keys because you're going out. Mine? An empty stove top, because I have no clue!

Hmmm. . .yep . . . nothing's coming to mind. It would help if I was actually hungry. Photobucket

Don't Stash It Challenge - Treasure Hunt #5

Candid Shot of Someone in the House Can be of anyone in the house - child, husband, dog, whatever. This is my youngest, of whom I speak of often and the one who controls what I do and don't get done most days. He is hugging his pajama-encased leg because it has dogs on it. It's too bad you can't hear the kissing noises and the occasional bark. This interesting ritual started with a pair of pajamas that have puppies on the feet, like a slipper.

Who's near you?


Don't Stash It Challenge - Treasure Hunt #4

Scene Out Your Back Door or Back Window Whether you have a door, a window or both, take a shot out into your backyard today. Mine is snow covered - and yes, we are really that close to neighbors; I'm standing in the frame of the back door to take this picture. In the summer there's a feeling of seclusion because the neighbors back there have tons of bushes and trees. Every now and then I miss the big back yard we used to have, but just down the street, you can almost see it, is a nice big park.

What's happening in your backyard? Photobucket

Don't Stash It Challenge - Treasure Hunt #3

YOUR SCRAP SPACE (again, no cleaning) No cleaning this spot either. We want to see it is it sits. If it's a disaster that just means it's well used right? Right? I'd show you my actual space, but really it's more than embarassing. No. Serously. Plus, because of its current condition I don't scrap there right now. So you're getting a shot of where my current space is. Here, under my desk sit the supplies I've taken out on rare occassions lately. The place they're used is on the kitchen table right behind me. It's not much, but then again, neither is what I'm producing at the moment.

Oh, and there's that 4" stack of ugly I told you about.


Don't Stash It Challenge - Treasure Hunt #2

Your Bed No you can't make it first, or straighten the covers. If it's made when you read this post, great, if not, snap a photo and move on. :) It's alright, nobody's judging. If you're not a bed maker, so be it. Just take that pictures or you'll miss out on the Treat (hear the sing-song voice again.) Here's mine. No, I didn't make my bed just for the photo - beds get made every morning; house rule. My bedding changes with the season; from Thanksgiving until Jan 1st, there's a little snowflake pillow instead of the heart. (Why does it look like the room is on a slope? Can't I stand straight?) Shrug.

Come on, let's see those beds! :) Photobucket

Don't Stash It Challenge - Treasure Hunt #1

We played this game during our first blog crop and it was a fun and very easy. If you have a digital camera and a place to upload photos, you're golden. If you don't currently use online photo sharing or have a blog, or (any place like that) will work; they're easy to set up and free. So come join in - you could win a Limited Edition Birthday Kit. Can you hear the lilt in my voice, tempting you to play? (hear the sing-songy) Come on. :)
Here's how it works. I'll post a "treasure" for you to find. You snap a picture of said treasure and then upload the photo and link it to the appropriate post. That's it. Posts will pop up about an hour apart; there will be eight total. You'll have ONE HOUR AFTER THE FINAL POST to get all your photos up and linked to be eligible. I'll try to have my own photos to go along with each post as well.
So, here we go:
I use the term "treasure" loosely for this one. The first time we played some of the photos we got were too funny. So it had to be used again.
Now, technically this isn't ugly to the casual observer, mess yes, but nothing like the very scary monkey lamp with the leopard print shade (that belonged to another member, not me!!) that was the Ugly Image from the first time. To me, this is hideous. This is the paper work that needs doing so that we can file our taxes. There's an additional pile, 4" high, that goes along with it on the floor under my desk.

Let's see the ugly!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #15

Ah the snow they were calling for all week has finally arrived. Had the kids hoping for a snow day, but there's just not enough, so off they went. It's Pizza Day anyway, so how bad can it be? I've got my coffee, a nice view of the snow-covered backyard and a semi-clean house. Not bad for a Friday. Have you hit bottom in your stash? Have you uncovered a forgotten treasure trove? Have you gotten rid of anything? Hopefully, yes to at least two of those. It's always good to have gone through your stash, reacquaint yourself with what you have. It can often be inspiring in getting some pages done. And getting rid of things that are taking up space is always good; someone else is bound to love them as much as you once did. Today, let's use up some rub-ons. You either have full packs or you have plenty of scraps - it's time to put them to use. Use at least three different rub-ons on today's layout. Since they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors, using up three shouldn't be too tough. Continue to combine your oldest papers, and the sketch below. Today's sketch is from Shawn over at Nuts About Sketches. If you're in need of a little jumping off spot, click the link and scroll down just a bit to find this sketch and the design team's examples.

Today is the last challenge for the week - everything is due by Sunday evening. Ya'll are working for a Scenic Route kit, as the "completed all" goodie. Tomorrow, we'll have a little break in the work by playing a little. One of the designer's posted this game during a Blog Hop and it was fun, and easy to participate, so we'll do it again tomorrow. Yes, if you participate, you could win a prize. ;) Weekend plans? We have the much anticipated City Championship game tomorrow. Go Rockets!! I'll let you know how they did. Otherwise, fairly quiet. Looks like the snow will, once again, cancel soccer on Sunday. Fish Fry tonight and that's it. Maybe I'll be able to have a little down time to do something for myself. We'll see. Enjoy! Photobucket

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Don't Stash It Week 2 Winners And One Lucky Follower

A couple less players, we aren't loosing you yet are we?? Come on, you can do it. Crop, Snip and Glue. Crop, Snip and Glue! :)

Here are last week's winners:

  • The winner from the "completed all" catagory is: Natalie! Your goodie will be included with your next kit shipment.
  • The winner from the "completed at least one" category is: Maria! Maria, if you are "our" Maria, drop me a line to let me know. If not, LOL, still drop me a line with your shipping information.
  • Our lucky "follower" winner is: irishea - and I know who that is - Kelly! Drop me a quick line to verify you shipping information.

Congrats to the ladies. You could be this week's winner - all you have to do is create. :)


Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #14

Lookin' at a quiet day today - well, you know, relatively speaking; there's kits to sort, some packages to get shipped, some orders to place for April kits (note, no house chores, LOL). I was going through new lines last night and I have more new stuff picked than kits to make. And I don't even have all the catalogs yet. I hate when that happens! Let's see, my brain is slow to go this morning as I try to come up with a challenge for today, even with a list of them to pick from. I feel like Winnie the Pooh, sittin' on a log, tapping my head, "Think, think, think." (Yes, there's a one year old who lives here and watches Pooh, why?) Okay, I got one, I got one. . .use one over sized element on your layout (diecut paper doesn't count.) There was a time when Big, was huge - flowers, rub-ons, chipboard, cardstock elements, even brads. Find at least one, combine it with some of your oldest papers and today's sketch and you're good to go! Today's sketch comes from PageMaps.

Remember you're playing for a Scenic Route kit, a really cute one - so get this challenge, and all the rest of this week's challenges linked up by Sunday evening to be eligible for the kit. Get at least one done from this week, and you'll still win a great prize - right ladies, Treats don't disappoint. :)

Here's hoping your day is starting off slow.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #13

I seem to be having happy fingers, because this post keeps posting when I don't want it to! Let's see if I can get it right this time. Geesh! Remember back in the day when punches and diecuts ruled the scrapbook page? There were also stickers -- Mrs. Grossman was king at the time, or rather queen. Those sticker pages were something, weren't they? No rhyme or reason to where the stickers went; no logic. The more the merrier was the call. And there were certainly more. I'm laughing now as I recall those lovely sticker-sneezed on pages. Stickers are still a total kick to use, but hopefully, they're more thoughtfully selected and placed, rather than just matching for matching's sake. Those of you who did the sticker thing, know what I'm talking about. :) So today, it's time to use those old sticker sheets, though perhaps with a little more planning than when we first added them to our stashes. Today's sketch comes from 52 Sketches 52 Weeks.

Remember to continue to use your older kits/papers and that layouts from this week are due Sunday evening. You're playing for a Scenic Route kit. Have a great evening! Photobucket

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #12

Ah, back to the grindstone. At least it's only for four days. I hope if you were lucky enough to have yesterday off that you enjoyed your time, whether you got things done around the house, played in the snow, or just relished the time not having to do anything or be anywhere. I either had a really slow day yesterday, I'm totally exhausted or I'm brain dead, because I'm sitting here without a thing to say. Hmmmm. . . .yep. . . .nothing. Lucky you all! :D Today's challenge isn't so much a "stash" item as it is an old tool - but use your "old" stash with it. Punches. Remember back in the "olden days" when punches were what you used to decorate your pages. Back before there were corner rounders and borders you had just basic shapes (but holy cow the things you could create - it was like McGyver for scrapbookers.) I remember when punches started to get more intricate - I bought them because they were different, not because I planned to actually use them. By the end of the punch phase, I had a ton of them, too. I've since wheedled down my collection, and they still sit in my scrap area, though now they're more a dust collection. So, on today's layout use at least three different punches - along with your older products. Today's sketch comes from Sketchy Thursdays.

Remember, it's about getting that stash up, out and used. Have your layouts linked up by Sunday evening to be eligible. This week's prize for the "I did them all this week" winner is a really cute pack of product from Scenic Route (which is going out of business :(.

Enjoy the rest of the day.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #11

Good Morning! How was your weekend? There were quite a few of you who completed last week's challenges; awesome work! We woke to a little snow yesterday, which was mostly melted off the pavement by mid-afternoon, even though the temperatures were low enough to keep me inside. We celebrated my daughter's birthday with family yesterday afternoon. Saturday we watched our 11 y.o. son's team advance to the city championships; very exciting! All-in-all it was a very nice weekend. Let's see, what to start with this week? Hmmm. . .Frames can be any form; chipboard, acrylic, metal, felt, cardstock or transparency. They're a super-easy, go-to embellishment that packs a punch, yet they seem to sit. Not today - today they get used, or at least two of them do. Use at least two frames, and one CAN'T be around a photo, on today's layout, combined with more of you older papers and the sketch below. Today's sketch comes from Nuts About Sketches.
If you're lucky enough to be enjoying a three-day weekend, make the most of your day off. If you're one of those rare who get four days, well, we're not speaking to you. :D Photobucket

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week One Winners, and a Treat for a Follower

Late night Sunday, party is cleaned-up from, outside the window it's a cold night with what's left of the new snow we got last night and upstairs there are cozy flannel sheets awaiting my tired body. Yesterday I managed to sort through all the challenges from the first week and got winners figured out - or did:
  • Winner from those who completed any challenge from the week is: Deanna! Congrats, Deanna - send me your shipping address. I'll be sending out goodies at the close of the month, in case you're a multiple winner. :)
  • Winner from those who completed all the challenges from the week and there were more than just a couple of you, good job, is: Cheryl! Cheryl, if you're "CP" and I think you are, I still have your address, but I'll need you to email me which TV Dinner you'd like. I will also be holding your goodies until the end of the month, until the challenges are completed.
  • It was also time to reward a random "follower" and selected #7, which coincided with "Debi." So, Debi, I need you to email me your shipping address so I can get your Treat out to you.

A new week starts tomorrow and it looks like there's another great set of layouts completed during the past week. Since we don't have school, I have high hopes of being able to sort through the links to get winners.

There are awesome layouts being posted, take a moment to browse through them. The stash being used up is fantastic and a great trip back in time, LOL. ;)


Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #10

We are 10 days, 10, into this month-long challenge. How are you holding up? How's your stash holding up? That pile of completed pages getting bigger and the stash pile smaller - at least a little smaller? Purging anything? I know that after the eyelet challenge there were some eyelets that didn't make the "repeat" pile; they are outta there. Yesterday was a crazy day. An early morning call asking if I could help serve the Valentine's lunch (heart-shaped chicken nuggets) had Matthew (the 1 y.o.) and I outta here by 10:30. I don't take him with me to help serve lunch, but I couldn't get a sitter on short notice and the "lunch lady" was desperate. My three older kids were shocked and thrilled to see Matthew with me and did a good job of keeping him occupied while I worked. Because each child comes through at a different time, they each had some quality time with Matthew and were the center of attention at their tables. They loved that! After leaving lunch, I picked up DH and headed to pick up our other car that was having a windshield replaced, which led us to get Matthew a forward facing car seat; Babies R Us was having a trade-in event - 25% off a new seat! Can't pass up that deal. By the time we were out of the store and figured out the installation of the new seat (in the parking lot) it was time for me to get the kids - two of them anyway. My daughter needed to go to Target, so we traipsed through there wasting time until we needed to pick up the third child from basketball practice, back at the school. Finally, headed home. Five o'clock is the witching hour, dinner needs cooking, homework needs overseeing and Matthew needed to be run-out, too cooped up for too long. I took a shortcut and asked DH to get pizza. Herded everyone around the table - I must be feeling a bit better since I managed to stuff three slices down. By now it's seven and time to get the little one in the tub and in bed. Unfortunately, the kitchen fairies didn't show up again, and I clean the kitchen and help one son finish his Valentine's Day cards - made from scratch :). By nine I do the get-to-bed-shuffle of three more kids and finally have a moment to myself. And that's about all it was, LOL, a moment. The time it takes to come back down the stairs. I settle in to attempt to accomplish what I had planned to get done all day in the space of three hours. I made a fair dent, but am still playing catch-up today. WHEW! Anyway, with Valentine's Day on Sunday and this being the last challenge for this week, it only seems fitting that the challenge should be along "love" lines. Today, dig into your stash to find pattern papers with hearts, and if that isn't available, papers with pinks and reds, to create your next layout. Today's sketch is from PageMaps. Remember, combine the challenge with the sketch and have this, and all this week's challenges (or those that you completed) linked up by Sunday evening to be eligible for the drawings.

We will be starting the weekend cheering for my 11 y.o. son's basketball team in the semi-finals tonight. Tomorrow brings another basketball league and another game. Sunday looks like we'll be postponing soccer conditioning if the predicted snow comes. But we're also celebrating our 13 y.o.'s birthday with the family. Nothing like cake on a cold day to warm you up from the inside out. :) Enjoy your weekend. Photobucket

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #9

Short, sweet and to the point after a day that started in with an emergency fill-in for hot lunch at the kids' school at 10:30 this morning, I finally dragged myself home at 5:00. Then a nice, speedy downhill slide into dinner, homework, Valentine Day School Party prep, bath and bed for the baby, dinner clean-up and a quick rotation of laundry has me where I am now; a list of things to do a mile long and pretty wiped out. But it's no break for you :). For today's challenge: unearth your oldest holiday kit (or papers if you don't have kits) and create your page using the following sketch from 52 Sketches...52 Weeks.

I'm off to see what can be done between now and midnight when I will turn into a pumpkin.