Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creative Crop @ Big Picture

First, this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but the bug that has invaded our home and taken down four of the six of us, found me yesterday.  I started slowing down shortly after pick-up after school and then it was a screaming race downhill after that.  Bug = 5  Family = 1.

Can you tell I have the itch to scrapbook?  I'm playing along with Week In the Life over at Ali Edwards' blog. I'm participating in Ella Publishing's Take Twelve monthly event.  Coming up May 5th is Big Picture's Creative Crop, which is FREE!  Just signing up could net you a $500 prize, plus more prizes during the 12 hour crop.  Go HERE to play.

I'm so happy I remembered to take photos, only they all have a disturbing theme.  I seem to live in my car . . .

I'm pretty sure if I had been feeling well enough to remember to take photos yesterday, they would have looked pretty similar.  Lots of shots in and around the car.  Cooking dinner early, like at 3:30-4:00, so those with practice and other evening activities can eat before they leave and a toddler who, when the car is waiting in whatever wait-line, thinks the car is a gymnasium; doors opened, buttons pushed, levers slid, climbing, jumping, bouncing. . .all the while talking, talking talking.  We'll see what today brings in terms of photos. . .I see a car and soccer bags. . .LOL

Happy Wednesday.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Week in the Life

It's that time if not Spring, though as I compose this (on my phone) at my 11 y.o.'s soccer practice, it's more like Summer with temps in the mid-80's at 4:45 pm.  At least there's a breeze coming in through the car window.  No, it's Week in the Life over on Ali Edwards' blog; a bi-yearly event in documenting one week of your life. I've taken part in a few now.  Though I haven't scrapbooked them, I have shared most of them on the blog, and God and life willing I will again this week.  I've already taken several photos for today. 

It was a fairly good weekend with wins for both boys on Saturday, and a productive Sunday getting a few things on my to-do list done.  That lovely feeling of getting things done carried into today, and will hopefully keep me going the rest of the week.

I invite you to join me in documenting your life this week.  I'd love to see a snippets of your world.

Happy Monday.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

True Scrap This Weekend. . .Are You Ready?

It's upon us!  The time has come.  Are you signed up? 

You won't want to miss this LIVE event filled with fantabulous instructors (15 of them to be exact, plus a key-note from Becky Higgins), amazing inspiration, virtual make-n-takes and digital goodies!  You'll be in class with people from around the world who share the same passion you have for this great hobby.  Don't worry about missing a class, you'll have forever-access to them after the event.

Don't wait, sign-up today.  At just under $10 a class, it's an opportunity not to be missed - and you don't even have to get out of your pajamas!

Come join. . .well. . .everyone for TrueScrap3.

Apron Strings is a proud sponsor of True Scrap 3.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meet Sous Chef Kristin Perez

You've seen their work, now get to know them.  Meet the talented women behind the designs that inspire you.  Today, meet Kristin Perez - our "Altering Queen" :)

I am Kristin Perez and live on the gulf coast of Texas. Mother to Priscilla and Amory, wife to Victor, daughter of Phil and Susan, sister to Bubba (aka Brian), and best friend to Kami, Sarah and Christian. I am a lover of thrift stores, resale shops and flea markets. I am obsessed with saving money and won’t buy it unless it is on sale, clearance or I have a coupon. I love to read a good book - historical Christian romances are my favorite with anything my daughter asks me to read coming in at a close second.
Scrapping is memory keeping, gift giving and home décor rolled in to one big stress relief. I treasure my Mama Dot’s pictures and neat handwriting telling us the who, when and where and want to leave my own who, when and where behind in scrapbooks for generations to come. I love that I can make a gift with a recycled container, scrap paper and other bits and bobs and the gift is appreciated and still on a shelf the next year and the next. I am thrilled I can make things for my home that people ask where they can get one for themselves. I smile and say, "It is an original - would you like me to make you one?"
I cannot scrap without my brown ink pad to scuff up the edges of everything, I cannot scrap fast - it is impossible, and I prefer quiet with no snacks or drinks on my table. I am so clumsy I am sure that drink or snack would be the next embellishment on the page! My life is loud - I work in a classroom of two year olds and my family is crazy, so I appreciate the quiet! My favorite part of a page is the title and I will often think of them as soon as I snap the photo. I keep a notepad handy to jot down titles by the bed, in the camera bag, and in my purse.

In keeping with her current title, Kristin has altered the most adorable water-bottle, using her scraps from Lily Bee's Buttercup line, found in the April Bigger than a Breadbox kit (on sale now.)  You can find this, along with instructions and her other work on her blog HERE.

Happy Tuesday,

Friday, April 6, 2012

Springtime in the Rockies

I thought the cold snap and snow we had earlier in the week would spoil some of the things I love about Spring here.  I knew the daffodils and crocus would survive, but the flowering trees - the crap apple, cherry and Linden - I thought those would be toast.  I was just starting to enjoy the sweet vanilla smell in the air from the Lindens that line our street.  But after reaching 70+ again yesterday, I stepped out of the car to the sweet, sweet smell of the trees.  I can't help but breathe it all in - it's the best aromatherapy! 

Hopefully those little blooms will cling on today through the expected high winds. . .again!

Among the Spring-y colors and graphics in this month's kits, is this delicious pack, found in the Bigger than a Breadbox kit - Bazzill's Vintage Marketplace.    I love the soft pastels - it just feels like Spring - a garden in bloom, hidden Easter eggs, and puffy Easter dresses and bonnets.  However, don't let the pink scare you off, the double sided papers give you plenty of non-pink options!

Just like Sous Chef Maria Swiatkowski did with her layout here.   A great compilation layout about a trip. . . I just read about Frankenmuth a couple months ago in my Midwest Living magazine and noted it to DH for our next trip to Michigan. :)

It's a back-to-soccer weekend here and hopefully the wind won't be the 12th player on the fields!  I hope your weekend is a touch of Spring filled with the joy of Easter.

Happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


How can it be April?  It was just January and I was looking for snow to cozy up in the house with.  Well, I'm still looking for the snow. Or was.  Had a nice, freaky snow storm yesterday, but nothing cozy about it.  Up at 5:30, out in it by 7:00.  Ice layer on the roads, followed by slushy snow is never a good combination.  Watching cars around you slid over, slid around and slid off - well, that's not fun.  But slipping and sliding we did, the 30 miles down to the kids' ortho appointments.  Luckily it was a little better by the time the appointments were over for the haul back up to the various schools, but not by much. 

I'd much rather have been home playing with the April kit.  This line by Lily Bee, I just love the color combo, it' just so cheery.  So Spring-like.  Yellow and Blue. . .one of my favorites. . .and I like the touch of grey.  Sous Chefs used it for layouts about dress shopping and a monthly compilation - definitely shows its versatility.  I see Spring, Easter, Summer, even early fall with these papers.

Inspiration from this kit, using her scraps, is Kristin Perez.  She is like queen of the altered items.  She does some great stuff.  I just love this "Rainy Day" jar.  I mean we all have empty jars of some kind we could alter.  A cute way to save those extra coins in your purse, or jot down some ideas of things to do when the weather keeps you inside, or maybe the place to store some candles and matches for those "power out" moments.  It's just too cute!

Apron Strings is sponsoring a challenge over at Let's Scrap, starting on April 4th.  This great community offers plenty of ideas to get you scrapping and lots of inspiration from other scrappers.  Things are always hopping over there!

Also starting this week, on April 5th, we're sponsoring over at Scrap it With a Song, a blog with a unique twist in getting you cropping.  Challenges are based on songs and I don't know about you, but songs resonate with me. . .they are a life tie.  Certain songs just take me back to moments and places.  What a fun way to tie songs and storytelling together.

Lots on my plate.  Lots to do. 

Happy Wednesday.