Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ahhh. . .Rain

You know you miss it, but you don't realize how much until you actually get some. Rain that is. 
It rained, with some nice thunder and lightening last night.  It was awesome.  This morning we woke up to blue skies but clouds are building over the mountains for more rain later today.  In some breaks in the clouds you could see the back ranges and there's snow on them 'thar peaks!  Snow line is high, but there was that distinctive white reflecting bright in the early morning sun!
I told you about the glorious drive yesterday with the rich colors along the rolling hills; the kids call it the "roller coaster road."  The colors just weren't the same, but spying the snow in the distance was, frankly, just as good.
Funny how the colors in the early morning drive to take my daughter to school are very much like the colors found in this card created by Tomi Ann Hill using the September All Year Cheer Card Kit.  Dang, I love fall.  And this card is too cute - it's a great use of just a few pieces that add great depth and make it look like a more difficult card than it really is.  Full-color instructions come with all the Card Kits.  You can be sure to get the October kit by joining autoship.
Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wheat-Colored Fields on Wednesday

Just about 10 minutes north of my house the suburbs fade away and you find you're (briefly) out in the open expanses of rolling hills with views of the mountains to the west and of the Denver skyline to the east.  Today that view caused me to breathe deep, relax and appreciate.

We got the rain called for, so the skies were still overcast with pale grey, fluffy clouds.  They covered the higher mountain peaks of the back ranges so all you could see were the dark steel blue of the first range of mountains and foothills.  From the higher hills you could see fog hugging the ground to the south, creeping into the valley between North and South Table Mountain and the clinging to the farmlands to the distant north.  The rain had saturated the colors so the rolling hills, instead of looking sad and dusty, were covered in rich wheat and camel colored grasses.  Colorado is an arid desert landscape - trees, before they were planted, generally hugged water sources.  Out here you get a brief idea of what it looked like not too long ago because there are few trees. . .very few. . .and the ones that are out here only added to the golden hills with their water-logged chocolate-brown trunks and gold leaves and maybe a few pops of summer green still left.  Sometimes, if you're looking and you're quick, you can see deer wandering around.  Outside of a drive in the mountains this time of year, this is one of my favorite quick-to-get-to spots.

So take this super relaxed, feelin'-good-attitude and mix it with the call for more rain and Kristin Perez's adorable layout using the September Smaller than a Breadbox kit (the My Mind's Eye Dilly Dally line) and life is good.  I love how she mixed flowers from the Simple Stories pack and pleated the ribbon to give it a softer feel that works perfectly for her daughter's layout.

Happy Wednesday,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Rain?

Rain.  That's what they said.  'Course they said it was supposed to be 80 yesterday.  But with a day overcast until 3:00-ish, that mark can be hard to hit.

Rain.  That's what they say.  Naturally, it's been stinkin' dry ALL season.  Until the day my 4 y.o. is set to head out on a field trip to a farm.  A farm 45 minutes away.  Farms - where things are grown.  In dirt.  Dirt that becomes mud when water is added to it.  Show me a 4 y.o. (whose shoes are white - I looked for his old ones!) who can avoid a water puddle, let alone a mud puddle.  I'm just hoping that the weather-geniuses are once again off - just a little.  I'll take the rain.  I love it, in fact.  We need it.  Just not when my white-shoe-wearing, 4 y.o. boy is heading to a possible mud-palooza.  It can rain all it wants once those little feet hit the bus steps.

So yesterday on Facebook I posted a layout by Nancy Longo using the Authentique line from the September Bigger than a Breadbox kit.  Here, she's used it again and I love that she's used a line that has some "sea" graphics for something that (despite their clothing) has a more winter feel. Actually, I love this color combo for winter layouts!  See. . .double-sided papers and thinking in terms of colors and anything is possible.

Did I accomplish my list yesterday. . .only sort of.  Why is it while focusing in one area and feeling pretty good about crossing things off your list, you realize you totally spaced out something else?

Happy Tuesday,

Monday, September 24, 2012

Gahhh. . .Monday

I woke to a gloriously overcast day.  Even a smidgen of rain misted down as I drove my daughter to school this morning. 

After an unplanned re-arranged schedule on Saturday that caused me to miss my (now) 12 y.o.'s first win of the season, we settled into the birthday-palooza party on Sunday celebrating the three birthdays in the family that fall in September; within six days in September.  Now the sound of new electronic toys echos in the house and I am loaded for Starbucks until the end of the year...hurray!  I also spent part of Saturday uploading tons of pictures (I really need a system) so that I could take care of several online processing offers.  One down, two to go.

Homecoming for my daughter was fun and it sounds like they had a great time.  She apparently thought it was a much better dance than her own school's last year.  So much so that she's not sure she even wants to go to her own homecoming.  She's looking forward to Spirit Week, this week, and has plans to go to the game on Friday, but the dance?  Not so much.  Frankly, it's fine by me, she has need for some down time and, as I found out late on Friday, a bit of catching-up in school to take care of. 

She looks way too grown up for her momma.  And her relief of the night was that her date didn't show up in an orange tux (as he led her to believe) and that the hunk of hair he inadvertently cut out, didn't show.  Hey, it makes for a funny memory for her and great journaling on the layout for me!

If the speedy passage of time has you wanting to capture some memories to layouts, here's some Monday morning inspiration to get you going.  Created by Maria Swiatkowski using the September Smaller than a Breadbox kit (the My Mind's Eye Dilly Dally line).
I want to take advantage of this great overcast day, with rain in the forecast.  These days always have me wanting to nest.  But I have some laundry calling my name and a little (now) 4 y.o. to get dressed and some serious fatigue to try to get rid of first!
Happy Monday.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Pink Sunrises

My daughter and I were up and out of the house before the sunrise. . .just barely.  The sun was just starting to crest when we pulled out of the neighborhood.  I saw it in my side mirror and wanted a photo.  But given that I was driving and the traffic to the high school is always. . .ah. . .frantic, I decided I'd best keep my eye on the road.  Though it was so spectacular that I couldn't resist frequent looks to the east to watch it rise; bathed in an amazingly pink glow, which overlaid the almost florescent orange (the only good thing about all the smoke in the air), you could see the ball of the sun - another affect of the haze in the air - filtering out the flare.  My daughter snapped a few shots on her phone and then a few with my ever-present point and shoot.  If they turned out, I'll update the post with a photo.  If you have to be up that early, then you might as well start the day with something that spectacular!

Today, Jennifer Halleck brings us an amazing layout, using the Bigger than a Breadbox September kit - the Echo Park So Happy line.  Lots of cut-work highlights the fun hexagon trend.  It's a fun layout with lots of energy - perfect for a girl's sleepover!
I've got plans today - a little apple pie baking, a little dinner to cook, a little studio time and tackling another portion of someones closet.  Let's see what actually ends up happening.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Baby Has a Date

My oldest hasn't been a baby for some time (in her opinion since she was 3.)  After all, she's 15, with 16 creepin' up soon.  She's a sophomore this year, has her driving permit, a job, a cell phone, make-up and all kinds of other big-girl things.  Now, add to the list she has a date.  She's going to Homecoming (not her own at this point) with a date.  She went last year with a group of friends.  This year she's going with a group, but she's paired up.  With a boy.  A teenage boy.  I know how her father feels about this, but as her mom it's mixed.  I'm excited for the young woman that she is, and is becoming.  But dating can be both exhilarating and scary (at least for the parent of a dating-age girl.)

We went shopping for her dress and found one quickly (surprise) and with little argument (bigger surprise) as to what I think is appropriate and what should be covered and what she thinks is appropriate.    It's a cute little black dress (that I might have picked out for her as an option. . .and if you're a mom of a girl, you know that you picking out something is usually the first reason they get a disgusted look on their face) and she looks so . . . so grown up.  You know, there might be something to be said for the Victorian-age style of dress!

Now we just need to figure out the logistics of it all. . .we have a soccer conflict (shah) at the time she's supposed to be picked up and people who need to be at church.  I can't miss her first send-off.  With a boy.  Hello, the pictures!  And I might actually be able to use pink again!

Today, Nancy Longo brings us an adorable Disney layout - Minnie Mouse in particular - using her Bigger than a Breadbox September kit, the Authentique Fresh line.  It's not a secret that I love Disney layouts that don't use specifically themed Disney products - I have two visits to scrapbook and am collecting ideas for both Disney-themed and nonDisney-themed.  Just another great example of thinking outside the box with paper - it's about the color schemes, not the themes. ;D

Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Is it Wednesday?

So I had to dash out of the house this morning before my 4 y.o. was up (yep, had his birthday over the weekend!)  Normally, no biggie.  His brothers and dad can get him up and moving and off to school. 

However, this is picture day.  So, while making sure everyone saw the envelope with the order form, tapping it several times for effect - as in it's here!  Don't forget it! - I had to list off no-no's for pictures. . .things the 4 y.o. would actually pick for himself.  No t-shirts.  No shirts with monsters.  No shirts with holes.  No shirts with Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Please, find a collared shirt.  What pants or shorts he wears, I don't care; I'm only gonna see him from the waist up in the picture.  I didn't worry about his hair either since it's such a close shave to his head, even if he had bed-head I doubt anyone would notice.  In a few weeks we'll see what a 4 y.o. looks like for pictures when left up to the devices of his father and two brothers.  If nothing else, makes for a good story as to why he looks that way.

Today's inspiration comes from Kristin Perez.  She's using the Smaller than a Breadbox kit (the Lily Bee Double Dutch line).  I really like this layout, though it's one of those I can't figure out what it is about it. . .the subject, the layout, the colors.  I don't know, but I liked it.  She also mixed up her embellishments from the Simple Stories line - the flowers are from that kit.  A reminder:  Don't be afraid to pull elements from another kit if it works for you.  There are no rules in scrapbooking! ;)

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mini Album Tutorial

Speaking of mini albums. . .This month Kristin Perez also created a mini album, using her Smaller than a Breadbox September kit (the Simple Stories line).  Today she brings you the "how-to's" to creating one for yourself. 
Hello Apron Strings lovers!
I wanted to share with you a mini album tutorial.  I learned how to make this fun, fast and fabulous little album at the My Sketch World crop that I went to over the summer. Nicole Wise led the how to and I wanted to pass on the instructions to you!

I made an album of the pictures I took of KIDFISH, a fishing tournament, my daughters and husband participate in every year. I used the Simple Stories paper, cardstock and embellishments in the September Smaller Than a Breadbox kit.

Here are two pictures of the album -

And now the tutorial!

2 Pieces of 12X12 Cardstock
1 Piece of 12X12 Pattern Paper
Score board (or ruler and something to score with) I use my paper trimmer and a bone folder!
1 - 6X12” (base - cardstock)
3 - 5 ¾ X 12” (base - cardstock)
2 - 5 ½” Squares (accent - pattern paper)
1 - 5” by 12” (accent - pattern paper)

All three 5 3/4” X 12” pieces at 3” and 9”. These pieces will be (A).
The 6” x 12” piece at 2 ¾” and 3” then 9” and 9 ¼”. This piece will be (B).
The 5” x 12” piece at 5” and 8 1/2”. This piece will be ( C).
Fold the score lines.

Assemble and Adhere:
Two of the A pieces together at the small flaps.
Then the third A piece together to the others.
(close all flaps and fold book closed)
Now add adhesive to the middle section of the (B) piece and adhere the (A) pieces.
 Add a 5 1/2" square to one of the front flaps. ONLY GLUE ON 1/3rd!!!!
Add the other square to the other flap so that the two squares line up together.
Open the book and put piece (C) into the middle so it folds out.
Fold it back up and you have your very own fun, fast and fabulous mini album.
Thank you for looking!
No Kristin, thank you!!  Awesome.
Happy Tuesday,

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Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm Back. . .

Sometimes you either need a bit of a break or you simply have nothing to say (or rather can't think of anything to say).  I experienced both.  Call it blocked, call it overwhelmed. . .I'm not sure - it was what it was.
So today we start small.  With simple inspiration using the September kits (of which both the Smaller kit and the Card Kit are sold out).  Created by Maria Swiatkowski, using the Smaller September kit and the scraps (yep, her scraps) from the My Mind's Eye Dilly Dally line, to create this fun and quick to put together reminder of a destination on their vacation.  Mackinaw City - one of my personal favorites. . .ahhhh.  I love the simplicity of this little album - break it down and there isn't much to assemble.  Plus it's a great way to use those smart-phone photos that may not be stellar, but hold just as many memories.  The perfect way to get photos out to enjoy while the memories are still warm; just like those sandy beaches.
Need to get rolling.
Happy Monday.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sneak September

Ah.  Holidays.  Love them, but they put me behind; it takes me a week just to catch up.  I loose track of days - add the rough past weeks and then a crazed weekend and well. . .
September sneaks are up.  The end of summer shades and the beginning of my favorite time of year. . .rich fall colors makes this kit just yummy!  Paper lines include Echo Park, Authentique, Simple Stories, Lily Bee and My Mind's Eye.
If you aren't a member of autoship, come join to be sure this kit is on your doorstep in a couple weeks.  Not ready to join up?  No worries, the kit will go on sale to everyone on the 10th of the month!
Happy Tuesday.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

I hope you have plans to enjoy your long weekend with good food and a relaxing day.  We have lunch plans, but after that we're open.  There was much going on this past weekend:  a major garage clean out - hubby is trying to take his workshop back, with the help of his sons.  I started sorting through the boys' closet.  Pulled down a box from the 3 y.o.'s room that has been collecting out-grown clothes for the better part of a year or more.  I finessed the tomato sauce recipe and I think I have a winner.  Baked up a storm in Hell's kitchen, and probably did more slacking than I should have.  Have a broken hand to deal with this week as we look to have it set - swelling kept it from being done sooner.  Soccer will be off the map for my 13 y.o. - hopefully he'll be able to participate in practices after a few weeks, but games will be out for sometime because of the nature of both the bone and the break.  I'm spinning this morning with the amount of things I want and would like to do versus what I should be doing.  We'll see where I end up. . .probably doing the need-to-do stuff.
If you've got a choice in the matter and get the chance to scrapbook this holiday, I'll try hard here to share inspiration from the August kits without duplication. . .unlike a previous post. The card here was created by Tomi Ann Hill using the August All Year Cheer Card Kit.
The following cards were created using scraps from their August kits:  Jennifer Halleck (Smaller than a Breadbox - Cake Walk papers), Kristin Perez (Bigger than a Breadbox - Paradise Beach line) and Maria Swiatkowski (Bigger than a Breadbox).

Go and play.
Happy Monday.