Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last Week's Winners

I'm not sure what's up with Google/Blogger, but they/it doesn't like me.  I can't seem to leave comments - so to Alison and Deanna:  I checked out your layouts from last week - great work.  Love your interpretations.  And, Alison, way to combine challenges.

Last night I also couldn't log into the blog, which freaked me out.  So I spent a good portion of time trying to find out why and how to fix it.  The fix seems to be holding.  Whew.

Anyway, for whatever reason, I spaced out posting last week's winner:  Deanna.

Rev up your trimmers ladies, for tomorrow we start a month of some serious cropping. . .and prize giving!

Thursday Sketches

Yesterday was one of those weird days.  A combination of regular stuff, like laundry and dishes and meals, combined with staying inside because it was hot and the added fun of a child with a fever.  It was one of those days that more should have been accomplished, what with the amount of time not moving and the toddler being sick and taking two naps, but it just wasn't a "git it done" day.

Today you can be productive - with the sketch below from Becky at PageMaps.  We love her.  Share you layout by Sunday evening to be eligible for Cookie Jar yummies.

Okay, now tomorrow starts the month-long July challenge "Out With the Old, In With the New" and a week tossed in for Christmas in July stuff.  I'm talking daily challenges, lots o'croppin' time, lots of completed work by the time it's August and LOTS of prizes.  If you aren't a follower of the blog, become one - I've been known to do random drawings from the "Follower's" list.  If you have friends who need the push to crop, tell them about July and have them follow.

I wanna see some participation - the more the merrier you know. Come on ladies, off your punches!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hot Tuesday

It's hot, and usually I barricade myself indoors, yet I've found myself outside three times already this morning (walking the dog, picking up my daughter and pulling weeds.)  And I'm looking at at least one more trip out.  Ick! 

But then there's HOT in a scrapbooking-inspiration kinda way.  Like this little gem from Guest Designer Kristi Bergin-Smith.  Here she's using the June Bigger than a Breadbox kit, the Pink Paislee Hometown side.

Next up on the Hot-List are the July kits - the heat may be awful, but the kits are filled with cool colors and inspiration to get cropping on some current or past summer photos.

Alrighty, I'm heading off into the heat.  Need to take the 2 y.o., who hit his head last night, to the doctor for a quick little once over.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, June 27, 2011


It was a comfortable weekend, though too stinkin' hot for me.  DH's brother is in town so the boys took off fishing, but got skunked.  We took our 2 y.o. to his first movie, "Cars 2."  He's a huge "Cars" fan.  He wasn't quite sure what to make of things - the long dark walk into the theater, the big screen, the loud volume.  He loved the giant candy and soda!  After the 20 minutes of previews, a "Toy Story" short came on - another fave is "Toy Story" - he thought that was it and I thought we were in trouble.  Overall, the movie was okay.  It wasn't quite what I expected; there was a lot of Mater (which is okay, he likes Mater, too) and the story line was alright.  He doesn't seem to remember the story the way my now 12 y.o. did when we took him to see "Toy Story 2" when he was about 2 y.o.  But we were down picking up Father's Day gifts from a pottery store in Olde Town and he remembered the theater that you can see from where we were.  That's something.

So, sigh, here we are back at Monday - with chores and cooking and heat in the forecast - all things not so much fun.  I need something fun.  I did head to the basement studio for some cleaning - not sure it was so much fun, but it did feel good to be doing something down there - as long as I didn't look at the pile that was once my desk.  That's just scary - like Jason-scary.

I was playing with a color wheel and found the following split complementary set of colors.  They're so vibrant and summer - and COOL!  Use them in your layout for today.  Then upload your layout to the link and this time next Monday you could be a winner!
Off to try a new recipe - chicken alfredo pizza - and a traditional pizza for the nay-sayers in the family.  It's the only day this week that looks like I will even entertain the idea that there is an oven in my home - too hot to think of it even acknowledge its presence after today.

Happy Monday.

Friday, June 24, 2011

5 on Friday

It's summer.  The kids are home.  Schedules are pretty open.  We're home a lot.  We're all in the house. . . together . . . a lot.  There's a lot of noise and activity in the house.  There's a lot of energy.  Did I mention the kids are home?

I've a new addiction to help me over the hump in the middle of the day . . .

Hey I could have turned to this, don't think it hasn't crossed my mind.  Many a time. 

I've turned to this.  It's a good friend - we know each other well

Or on those really bad days it's this. . . usually hiding out somewhere in the house trying to make my 10th one look like I'm just nursing my first.

All those are great, I won't totally forget about them, but this is the dude to beat now. . . Iced Coffee.

A few days ago I read a recipe from my favorite blogger (though she's practically an industry now), Pioneer Woman.  I could go on and on about how much I love her, her food, her family, her photography, her books, her bassets especially, but yesterday I fell for her Iced Coffee.  If you're not a coffee fan, this won't impress you, so just skip ahead to the challenge below.  I've tried the Iced Coffee from Hot Coffee route - huge disappointment.  So Wednesday I set out to try her version.  Super simple.  I "uncorked" it this morning and was in heaven.  I told myself it'd be a treat.  A mid-afternoon treat - remember my kids are home.  I prepared it with her suggested Sweetened Condensed Milk and OH-MY-HECK!  Happy End-of-Day to me!  I'm already counting down to this afternoon's.

That's my inspiration to finish the day.  Here's yours to finish a layout.
  • 1 sheet cardstock
  • 1 sheet patterned paper
  • 1 note/journaling card
  • 1 set of buttons
  • 1 something round
Remember other than journaling and a title, the above ingredients are all you can have on your layout.  Get it linked up by Sunday evening to be eligible for Treats on Monday.

Happy Iced-Coffee Friday.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two More

What is it about those final loads of laundry that seem to just languish in the laundry room either laying in their respective piles waiting to get cleaned, or the cleaned stuff lumped in the basket waiting to be folded.  Happens every week.  I get the bulk of the clothes done, then I hit the toddler's clothes or the linens and WHAM - lose all steam.  Though truthfully, I do get them all through the washing/drying, it's the folding where it gets a might muddled.

Luckily I didn't have that problem when I did the layouts below on our little mini-vacation a couple weekends ago.  Here are two more.  Two more that use the 28 Days of Sketches class from Big Picture Classes and challenges from the May LOAD.  The pictures are a little washed out - bad lighting and the fact that I don't edit photos conspired against me, but you'll get the gist.  The papers are the Jillibean papers from the April Bigger than a Breadbox kit.

Oh and the studio?  Ah, ya, since I didn't see it at all yesterday, I'm sure it still looks the same.  The same piles in the same places in the same mess.  Since we begin a long stretch of 90+ degree weather, maybe that'll force me to cooler climates.

Have a happy and productive Thursday.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sketch on Wednesday

Edited:  Got it!!

Okay, I don't know what the dealio is with Blogger this morning, but it doesn't want to let me upload the sketch for today.  It won't even let me link to the graphic.  GGGRRRR  I'll keep trying, but until then, there's no reason to make you wait any longer.  Use the link HERE to head over to Sketchy Thursday's June 16th sketch.  I'm not sure what it is, the small grouping of the four photos, or the circle - probably the circle, but I love it, and it would be so easy to mirror for a 2-pager.  Remember link it up by Sunday evening to be eligible for Summer Treats.

I am was done with daily chores at 9:00 this morning, so I made donuts in celebration.  Though the laundry is still going (blech).  I'm going to try to be more productive than I was yesterday; I think a rock was more productive than I was. 

I'm hoping to get to "the pit" later.  A couple weeks ago I had actually cleared out one of the hutches above my desk in my Studio.  I had stored all the kids' memorabilia up there in Craft Pockets, but decided to move all that to the drawers I had emptied out earlier ('course now I'll have to go through the drawers, but...). Now what little stamps and stamp-like tools I kept are up there.  They take up very little space, so I think I need some type of small shelf to make better use of the space up there.  Anyway, that's the plan.  We'll see how that works.

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration

Here is a fun idea, using scraps, from June's Guest Designer Kristi Bergin-Smith.  She used paper from her Bigger than a Breadbox June kit, the Studio Calico side and bits and pieces she had on hand. 

It is a Bookmark/Gift card holder.  She glued down the pocket/envelope that is just the right size to hold a Gift Card.  She plans to put a gift card in the tag/bookmark and insert with a book as a gift.

Totally cute.  Totally fast.  And who doesn't want a different way to give out gift cards?

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Week's Winners

One more scrapbooker participated last week, well and uploaded her work, so that's good.  The winner from last week, and proud show-er-off-er of delish Summer Treats is Patchi!

Come on ladies - I know our winners like having the lower odds, but it's summer.  It's time to get cropping.  Plus, if you don't get into practice now, how are you ever going to manage next month's month-long crop-a-thon?!

Speaking of which, if you read the blog and aren't a follower, you may want to officially follow - I tend to like to hand out prizes to random followers during these big crops.  Also, spread the word - get your crop-buddies following and they could win.


I hope everyone had a great weekend and that the Dads out there enjoyed their families and/or something just for them. 

We enjoyed good weather for the moving of the rock at my parents home.  My men folk were hauling fools.  20 tons of rock was no contest for the men who came to conqueror it.  Our boys hauled their share, even up the mini-mountain in their grandparents backyard.  Hubby thinks they hauled a couple tons between them.

Sunday we had brunch with hubby's side of the family and watched the clouds roll in and the temperatures drop during a game of croquet.  Hubby then took off for some clay pigeon shooting out east, while the kids and I made cards at home.  Yes, it's true, I made a card and I used my Cricut.  Well I used the Cricut for the kids' cards.  I used stamps for mine!  I know.  Stamps.  A Card.  It's all so mind-boggling.  Then I made my baked beans and we headed out for dinner at my sister's.  On the ride home we watched an amazing lightening show.  Crazy amazing.

So here's not only my little card, done with my new win from Lawn Fawn (Admit One set), but the base for today's challenge.  The challenge is a color one:  buttery yellow, cream and an aqua blue.  Upload your layout using this color combo by Sunday evening for your shot at winning goodies.

I'm off to meet up with Sous Chef Jennifer before the in-the-forecast severe weather rolls in.  While it's rainy and cold, the rest remains to be seen.

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 17, 2011

5 on Friday

I was being my slacker self when I realized I had started this post - okay I just had a title - and then was distracted and never finished it.  Duh.  While sitting in the kitchen waiting for the toddler to eat his ham roll, I remembered.  Friday.  Challenge.  Finish.

So, lest you start your weekend uninspired, you now have this week's 5 on Friday:
  • 2 sheets patterned paper
  • 1 set of something sparkly
  • 1 something fuzzy
  • 1 set of something round
Remember, outside of the above listed ingredients, nothing else is allowed, well, except your title and journaling.  Due Sunday evening to be eligible for a Cookie Jar Treat.

This weekend is looking half-full.  The kids will be spending the night at Grandma & Grandpa's, so hubby and I are thinking of heading out to dinner.  What will we talk about when we aren't having to cut someone's food, remind them to scoot their chair in, to stop poking each other under the table, to share their crayons.  Hey, maybe we can go someplace that doesn't even have crayons!  Saturday morning the men-folk will help my parents haul 20 tons of rock around their yard.  Pray for a cool morning and plenty of hands on deck.  Sunday is Father's Day, that means hubby is heading out with whatever boys crawl out of bed at the crack of dawn to do some fishing.  Sunday evening we're having dinner at my sisters.  Wow - look at that, not a soccer game or mention of it all weekend.  Hmmmm. . .cropping in the cards?  We'll see.

Happy Friday ya'll.  Happy Father's Day, too!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just Sharing

I said, before I left for the high country, that I was taking kits with me and had serious plans to use the lack of things calling my name - my children excluded, they are hard to ignore no matter how hard I try - to do some cropping.  I didn't do any planning on what I'd take.  Unless you call grabbing kits and doing your best to match photos to them planning in about 30 minutes.  I had also just taken a class at Big Picture, 28 Days of Sketches, but didn't participate.  I was also enrolled in the May LOAD Challenges.  I'd get an Incomplete as a grade in this class too.  I planned to access both classrooms via my phone, so I didn't print squat, so confident was I that I'd have Internet access at 9,000+ feet above sea level, deep in the Colorado mountains, camped out in a small village of cabins, in an off-the-beaten path neck of the woods.  Anyone else see a problem with my logic?

First full day up there after getting the dog settled, the toddler down, the boys fed and back on the lake and my daughter in slug-mode, I pulled out my two shoulder bags (gotta love kits for just this reason, light travel) with supplies and set to work.  First sign of trouble, my phone wouldn't hold a connection to the Wi-Fi network.  So browsing for a suitable sketch was not happening.  Okay, we have a challenge now.  Grab a kit with photos and click on one of the 28 Days and, as my kids say "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit."  I did the same with the LOAD Challenges, just picked a day.  This worked until the last night there when I couldn't get connected to save my life, so I had to (gasp) wing-it.

In the end I scrapbooked two afternoons and one evening and completed nine pages, which made up six layouts.  I didn't deviate from the kits and photos I'd paired up, and I with one exception, I used whatever sketch and LOAD challenge I clicked on first.

Since I have six to share and I don't want to overwhelm you with my brilliance, I'll spread the sharing out.  LOLOLOLOLOL.  Right.

Happy Thursday. . .Thursday?  Yes, Thursday.  You know you've got nothing on the calendar when you don't know what day it is.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sketches on Wednesday

It's a gorgeous morning - birds are chirping, the dog is sleeping, the toddler is with his brothers downstairs - wait, I hear his voice at the door . . .wait. . .alrighty, back to where I was.  Birds?  Yep, still chirping.  Dog is still sleeping.  Toddler is now screaming. . .the smell of road sealer is hanging in the air, but the blockades are gone from my street.  I can once again leave without having to factor in the 10 minute hike to the car, 30 if the toddler is with me.

Though the major unpacking was done when we got home on Sunday, there still are remains about the house - the coolers on the back porch drying out, the leftovers that need a new idea for dinner tonight, the last load of laundry calling to be folded and a stack of Apron Strings stuff waiting to be dealt with.  I'd rather avoid all that and reminisce over the weekend. 

The kids are standing on about 6 feet of snow.  Driving up the pass, the snow carved out on the sides of the road, at times, was over the roof of our Expedition

Winners of Pictionary, Night One, Game One

It was fish-a-polluza on the lake.  The boys brought home at least 12, but probably released another 12.  We ate well up there, shared the bounty after coming home and will eat leftovers tonight - I'm thinking a take on crab cakes is in order.

Big fire, built by the men-folk of course, marshmallows, s'mores and . . . texting?  Hey, I don't think so missy.

Ahh, yea.

Since he was probably 5, my 10 y.o. has been on the hunt for a Pike.  I fierce fish, with rows of teeth much like a shark, that can grow as large as the 10 y.o. is.  This is his first one!  He kept the lower jaw filled with razor like teeth to show off.

This was the largest fish caught over the weekend.  The lucky angler, my 12 y.o., held the bragging rights -  a 22" Mackinaw that was delish!

And the inevitable mountains of laundry and the dog who loves to sleep on it.

As I look at those I can't help but think of how to scrap them.  I see my October Afternoon Camp Fire line and several  2-page multi photo sketches will be needed.  One like this one from Becky Fleck of PageMaps fame.

You can use this one too.  Upload yours to the link below by Sunday evening to be eligible for the drawing for a Cookie Jar Treat.

Happy mid-week!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inspiration Tuesday

Everyone loves to see how a kit "works" and Kristi, June's Guest Designer, has brought us another great example while working with the Bigger than a Breadbox kit, the Studio Calico portion, with this super sweet layout about "BFF's."  I love the stitching, she makes me want to actually get a sewing machine. 

I can see this layout with more than one photo or even a larger photo - I'm thinking my daughter and her "girls" on the last day of school in an 8x10 size.  I can even seen flipping some of the papers around and using it for a sports photo for one of my sons.  Ooooo, the ideas are a'whirlin'.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'mmmm Baaccckkk...

I'm back.  I'm unpacked - and was just an hour or so after we got home.  I even got laundry sorted and started.  I made dinner with some of the giant bunch?  Herd?  Flock?  String of fish we brought home.  My son's monster of a Mackinaw at 22".  Later after bathing the toddler, who despite having a shower every night while camping, still managed to lug home about 10 pounds of dirt on his body.  I capped off my return home with packing up a huge portion of the kits and set them out for pick-up this afternoon - actually I oversaw hubby and sons packing up, while I took care of the kitchen.  This morning I got up and got my Monday chores done - even with sleeping in.  I even have dinner in the slow-cooker!  I am on a roll. 

Or I was. . .  Due to some street sealing going on on my street tomorrow, I'm not sure that the remaining kits will get picked up tomorrow.  My street will be closed, as will be the street that runs perpendicular to my home.  We'll have to park in Wyoming if we plan to leave the house at all for the next 48 hours.  It's hard to ask the postman to make numerous trips back and forth with stacks of kits to whatever Kansas parking lot he had to stop in to deliver our mail.  Why do I tell you this?  So if you're one of the kits arriving a day or so later than usual, you'll know why.

Looks like everyone's a tad out of practice in the creating layouts and getting them uploaded.  I'll have to fix that.  Because of that you all made it very easy for Jengd to be the winner of last week's challenges!  Jen, I think I have your information, but send it to me again just to be on the safe side.

Today's challenge is based on the look below from Pottery Barn, one of my fave places to window drool. . .ah. . . window shop at.  Use it to inspire a layout this week.  I love the cool crispness of the white and blue.  The beachy feel of it.  The cute tin star and tin knick-knacks on the window ledges.  Even the blue and white pillow with the seashells.  What do you see that you can incorporate into your layout?  There are tons of great little details in this picture. 

Layouts will be due Saturday eveing. Prizes are available. . .come on, you know they're good!!  Think of this week's challenges as a warm-up and stretching exercises before the big "show."   I said I'd do some reading, some scrapbooking and some planning for the next big challenge. . .and I did!  Stay tuned.

Happy Monday.  Off to get back on a roll, with a left-over bar of Hershey's from 'Smore Night in tow.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Below is your link for your 5 on Friday layouts.  Due Monday morning, 9 am MST

Friday, June 10, 2011

Up in the Mountains

I'm taking a quick break while the dog, the toddler and the teenager snore away - everyone else is on the boat, hopefully catching dinner.  If not chicken is marinating. 

 Gorgeous weather has me cropping away...I don't hike.  If you read this blog at all this should be no surprise.

As I head into my next layout I thought you needed a 5 on Friday.

•1 Sheet cardstock
•1 Sheet patterned paper
•1 Set brads
•1 Set chipboard
•1 Length ribbon

Remember outside the listed ingredients nothing outside of journaling and title are allowed.

I'll try to get a link for this post you can upload to later; the downside to typing on ones phone.

From somewhere above 9,000 feet I wish you a great weekend.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello Old Friend. . .Sketches on Wednesday or Thursday

Who said summers are lazy?  Well, I guess in some ways they are - no school shuffle, no homework nagging and a slight break in athletic madness.  Soccer will start up again in a few weeks, but my daughter's volleyball conditio~ing has started. . .at 7:00 AM!  I'm not sure which makes me feel worse - she's up at 7:00 am, I'm up at 7:00 am, she's running her butt off that early for two hours (she slept for four hours when she got home) or that she's not getting to enjoy later nights because she's got this conditioning training four days a week for the next eight weeks.

I've got a little family va-kay coming up, in which I plan much lazing around, taking my kits with me and I'll do a little planning.  The break from challenges here is over. . .or will be soon.  So oil those scissors, refill the glue and shove a space clean.

Let's do some stretching exercises. . .Today's sketch is brought to you by the talented Shawn over at Nuts About Sketches.  I always love Shawn's sketches - multi-photo HECK YA!  Double-pagers WOOHOO!!  Check the link if you need more inspiration, check the link above to see what the designers did.

This and Monday's challenge will be due Saturday evening to be eligible for a Treat.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where In Cyber-Space is Apron Strings

Need a nudge?  Does a chance at winning but the fire in you?  Check out where Apron Strings is sponsoring - not just for the prize 'cause we know that's good, but for the challenges.

  • Simply Scrapping - Weekly Sketch Challenge HERE
  • Bella Creations HERE - June Sponsor

June Inspriation

Have you seen the June kits?  Well, HERE they are.  Fun.  Bright.  Spring.  I can't wait to play with them this weekend.

Do you want to see one in action?  Of course you do.  June's Guest Designer, Kristi Bergin-Smith, has just the thing to lay your eyes upon.  She's using the June Bigger than a Breadbox kit and the Studio Calico line from it.  I love that it's about her.

More inspiration.  I've been searching for . . . oh. . .ever, for a gender-neutral baby line.  They've always been a tough thing to find, but enter the head-slap moment.  DUH!  

So, because I love, love October Afternoon and because I love you all, I have a super-priced Limited Edition kit, the October Afternoon Ducks in a Row Blue Plate Special.  Whether you get it for your new baby, or for your 2 y.o. baby, like mine, who doesn't have a layout to call his own, to use for a mini book for grandma or to make a First Year calendar for your pregnant friend, this kit at just $17.75 (today only) is a  kit you have to get your hands on.  Go, now.  Go get it.  I'll wait. . .

Oh, and did you see the six NEW Soup for Ones?  Aren't they fun?  And more love today, they're 30% off - again, today only.

I'm inspired.  Are you?

Another head-slap inspiration moment, that Ducks in a Row, save a few "baby" words, that kit would totally work for spring themes (raindrops anyone?) or toddlers and little kids.

Off to get packin'!