Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Winner Week #3

Was it week three last week?  I can't remember.  Anyway, it was the week with the Scenic Route goodie package.

The winner is:  Kimberly C.  Please send me your contact information to lori@apronstringsdesigns.com

If you haven't clicked the links to see the layouts and cards created . . . you need to.  They are just wonderful and make my fingers itch to mess with my own stash.

Pinterest Challenge #22

Uh. . .it's Sneak Peek time.  August kits are looking refreshing.  A break from the heat, since it seems no matter where you go in the US, it's an issue. If you can't get a real break, maybe a virtual break with your August kits will do the trick.  You can also load up on some extras for August - pick up some more Summer kits or extra embellishments (psst. . .and save!).

You know it's bad when you hear it won't be above 90 degrees until after 2:00 pm and you get a little thrill of excitement in that!

Today's Pin-spiration is from Apron Strings' Scrappin' Ideas board.  First I love the colors - crisp, fresh, chillin'.  I love the cute little flowers using the ever popular stick pins (can you see how the sharp tips are wrapped in a pop-dot. . .genius.)  The snippet of the two different fonts makes me want to change up the font on a layout or card, instead of sticking with just one as I normally do.  The ribbon has that great, and popular, chevron design.  The little stick-pin flowers themselves remind me I can make my own embellishments.  And the Cream as a background is a nice change from the Kraft or White cardstock - softens the pops of colors.

In my rush to get the post up, I didn't mention anything about this week's prize or deadline.  The prize, I'm thinking a goodie bag from Pink Paislee, let me see what the name of it is and what's in it.  Layouts are due on Sunday evening.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #21

I started to write this while waiting in the doctor's office for my daughter . . . gone are the days when I'm in the room, I'm relegated to watching Ratatouille and the fish tank filled with "Nemos."  On the plus side, I started the blog post for today and caught up on my email when it was just too hard to type on my phone.

Hot weekend, broken with sporadic storms - lots of clouds and some rain, but not near enough to say we are now drought-free.  Enjoyed watching the Olympics - I feel like we need three screens just to watch the sports we all want to watch:  soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, diving, shooting...the list goes on.

Pinterest showed me I could do more with my mantle during the year.  I'm not a fan of our mantle/fireplace, it's nondescript and has no character, so anything I can do to change that I'm all for.  Using this Pin-spiration, from the Apron Strings Home for the Holidays board, for cards and layouts is easy; the white really pops those glorious fall colors.  The plaid is a no-brainer (which on a Monday, no-brainers are a good thing.)  I love the shapes and sizes of the pumpkins and squash; reminds me to change up the sizes of embellishments.  I'll look for leaves - chipboard, silk, paper.

Gotta dash to meet Jennifer for lunch. . .er to give her her kit ;D

Happy Monday!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #20

Hot day coming and much to do.  Our weekly Friday dinner with the in-laws; already dessert, Lemon Cheese Bars, is smelling good in the oven - trying to beat the heat.  This is our last weekend before the start of three consecutive weekends of soccer tournaments and then we roll right into the start of school.  NOOOOO!!

Sometimes I can't decide when I pick colors for my boards, like this one from Apron Strings' Color Theory, if it's the colors or the photo.  I'm tending to lean toward photo on this one.  It's raw.  It's fierce.  It's powerful.  I struggle with using monochromatic colors, but I love these.  Combined with White cardstock and embellishments I can see it working.  I think these would be great for masculine pages.  The froth of the waves actually makes me think of lace or sheer ribbon and I could easily translate this to a baby layout or card as well.

Remember, layouts and cards are due Sunday evening to be eligible for the drawing - one gets you in, more better your odds.  This week's treat is Scenic Route Liberty.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #19

I love these colors.  They're so fresh.  So vibrant.  I love the idea of using Grey as the neutral instead of White or Kraft.  I love the round shapes.  The vintage, tarnished silver makes me think of looking for items with that feel, or maybe distressing items on the page or card.  I like the filigree on the silverware and think of the rub-ons, transparencies and patterned paper that I could incorporate.  The layout of the platter makes me want to try this with photos (or elements on a card) - a large anchor of paper, the photos (or sentiment) on top, then putting title, embellishments and journaling below (where the onion, the peas in the spoon and the garlic are.)  Lots of texture, lots of fun shapes to play with in this one.  Shoot, I could use the food to have me looking for Thanksgiving or other family meals, or even recipes to document.  This color palate is found in both kits this month - in the Fancy Pants Wave Searcher and in the Basic Grey PB&J (though PB&J has a decent amount of blue, but still.)

Who will win this week?  Are you playing?  One entry equals one chance at winning the Scenic Route (loved this company) Liberty line.  Complete more layouts or cards and increase your chances.  It's really that easy.

Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #18

First things first - come shop Apron Strings Christmas in July Sale.  Save 25% on all things Christmas/Holiday/Winter.  Shop in the Blue Plate Special aisle to find:  past December kits, TV Dinners, Second Helpings and glittery, shiny and pearly things - all the things that say "holiday layouts and cards!"

In keeping with that Holiday - Christmas theme is today's Pin-spiration found on the Apron Strings Scrappin' Ideas board.  Seriously, how quick and easy would this card be for this year's Christmas cards?  That little tree would be adorable on a layout - even several of them along the bottom of a page.  The baker's twine reminds me to do more than just tie buttons on my layouts.  Speaking of buttons, I love how they go together without matching.  Kraft cardstock makes colors just pop without going for White.

Layouts or cards are due on Sunday evening.  Just one entry gets you into the drawing - completing more not only improves your odds for this week's Scenic Route Liberty (I checked on the name) group of goodies (paper, stickers, chipboard, probably stamps in there and stickers) but gives you that many more completed pages and/or cards.

Happy Wednesday,

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #17

I got up this morning feeling good about getting things done yesterday, though none of my accomplishments were from my mental to-do list.  I did manage to get my laundry going, my floors vacuumed, swept and mopped.  I cleaned one of four bathrooms (two of them are up in hell's heat on the second floor, so I need to mentally prepare myself for the sweating off 5 pounds during a 20 minute bathroom cleaning session.  I made chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream - the dough too!  I packaged up four pounds of blueberries that I set to freeze over the weekend - nope didn't pick these, they were just a good price at the store.  Had dinner in the slow cooker by 9:00 am.  I was on a roll. 

And now we have today...ah-huh.

So, we're just gonna move on to today's Pinterest Challenge from Apron Strings' Color Theory board.  I love these colors - they are one of my favorite combos.  They make me think of water.  Cool.  Breezes.  Lemonade.  From there I go to pictures of the kids playing in the overflowing gutters after a rain (clearly not from this year).  I see digging out photos from a lemonade stand they had a few years ago.  The Lily Bee Buttercup, which was in the April Bigger kit, line has these great colors.  The lemon's rind makes me think texture.  The lemon pulp makes me think of sheer things.  I might look for organic shapes, twigs, branches, leaves, even fruits, for my layout or card.

Layouts or cards from this week's challenges are due just before midnight MDT on Sunday.  Scenic Route is on the table.

Winner of the My Mind's Eye Market Street Collection is:  Francesca!  Congratulations.  Please send me your contact information to lori@ApronStringsDesigns.com

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #16

EDIT:  My prayers go out to all those affected by the Aurora shootings...I can't even imagine. 

I managed to hear yesterday that we broke a record for the most days over of 100 degrees or more. . .ever.  Duh.  I had a nice to-do list in my head, which I never managed to get to.  I hate that.  But I spent Saturday up in Greeley watching my daughter play in a volleyball tourney - after loosing eight consecutive games Thursday and Friday, they came roaring back in the playoffs to win four straight games to put them in the semi-finals.  After fighting hard though, they lost both sets by close margins.  Way to keep digging RV!  Congrats girls.  My daughter came home exhausted and fell asleep during the monthly outdoor-movie-night at my sisters - Airplane!

Sunday the hope was high to tackle the to-do's, but it wasn't meant to be.  I shuttled boys to a grandparents house to mow their lawn, then I shuttled a boy to soccer practice (really?  Sunday and 100 degrees?), then I was shuttled to Costco.  I came home to divide bulk groceries into smaller units and shuttled them to the freezer.  The shuttling continued when I took my daughter to church, and while she was there, I shuttle a present to my Mom, that I had forgotten the night before.

Today?  Sigh.  Yeah.  So, since it's not working for me, you need to go shuttle yourself away with scrappy-type papers and create a layout or card based on this Pin from the Home for the Holidays board.  I love the pumpkins.  The rub-ons.  The colors.  The polka dots.  The swirl ribbon.  The shimmer.  The touch of fall in the pics on the pumpkins - leaves, berries.  Even the way the pumpkins are aligned on the door could help with placement.

This week's prize is something from Scenic Route - I'll have a name later.  Layouts are due Sunday evening.  Remember - enter at least once to be eligible for the drawing.  The more you complete the better your chances.

Off to see what can be salvaged of my day.

Happy Monday.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Getting to Know Deanna Deaton

Deanna has been a long-time member of Apron Strings' autoship and has designed for me in the past.  She's filling in this month while Nancy is out galavanting around Florida.  Deanna's pages always have this easy-to-assemble look about them and she cranks them out at an amazing speed!
My name is Deanna Deaton and I live at Belpre, Ohio. I've been married to my high school sweetheart Brad for 34 years. We have 3 adult kids who have given us 7 beautiful grandkids whom I adore and enjoy scrapping about. Brad and I are often walking or biking and we love travelling.
I call scrapbooking my passion as I love to work on it each day. I love the idea of preserving the memories of our family. I love to try new techniques and designs and look forward to a good challenge to get my mojo flowing.
Do you have a favorite technique?  One of my favorite techniques is using border punches. I think that little decorative edge can add so much to a layout.
Describe your scrap space?  I'm lucky enough to have a whole room I can call 'my own' to scrap in. It was formerly my daughter's bedroom. I have many drawers and shelves in there and everything is quite organized. I can't seem to scrap til I clean up a previous mess sometimes. I have a small table as my scrap desk and alot of favorite little embellies are within reach. I put my newest purchases in a bowl next to my desk so that I'll try to use those first. My computer, printer, scanner, and phone are in there as well as a small tv.
What's your biggest challenge?  My biggest challenge would be trying to keep up scrapping my 7 busy grandkids along with our vacations. I try to remind myself that I don't have to be current. I don't scrap chronologically, but I like to have them in the appropriate albums that way.
Thanks for reading alittle 'about me'.
So I'm guessing, my kids need to be out of the house before I, 1) get any pages done with any regularity and 2) I'm able to maintain any organization in my studio space.  Good to know. . .good to know.
Thanks Deanna for your wonderful layouts this month and the tons of inspiration they provide!

Pinterest Challenge #15

Once upon a time I emptied the dishwasher in the morning, filled it during the day and ran it at night after dinner.  On occasion, there would be a pot or over sized bowl that wouldn't fit and required hand washing.  Big whoop.

I am now running the dishwasher for the first of two loads it will do today and will still have a handful of hand-wash items after dinner. Outside of breakfast bowls, and later dinner dishes, my family doesn't use plates and utensils.  They grab food and go.  They usually eat sandwiches wandering around the house.  I will find odd bowls and plates where they shouldn't be...but it begs the question; why the heck am I running two loads?  It's a Twilight Zone kinda question because I don't see the obvious, "well, the kids are home during the summer and use a new plate, bowl and glass every time they eat (which seems to be all the time, all day long)" solution.

But it's too hot at the moment to wonder too much - 100+ again today.  So, I will escape by looking at these lovelies found on the Apron Strings Home for the Holidays board.  I see a fabulous two-color layout or card - several pinks with pearl white.  I see bling.  I see shiny silver in brads, glittered buttons, mist or shimmery ribbons.  I see incorporating round shapes on my work - cutting a photo or two, cutting patterned paper, using round embellishments.  I see layering different sizes to create depth and texture.

Finally, I see YOU playing along.  This is the last challenge for this week, with the My Mind's Eye Market Street TOTAL COLLECTION up for grabs!  All it takes is submitting for JUST ONE challenge - but the more you enter the better your chances and the more you'll have completed, thus the more stash you've used.  Isn't that a great cycle!

Off to the semi-cool recessed of my house to do some work, maybe clean a little, straighten a little, and check in via text with my daughter who is up at UNC for a volleyball tourney with her High School team.  Doesn't sound like they're doing well, hopefully they can turn it around today.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #14

I have a thing about deciding.  In that. . .I don't so much.  I've only recently discovered, or identified, or maybe just finally acknowledged what I always knew, what my favorite design style (home-wise) is.  And I'm 40-something.  Maybe this isn't a bad thing, but knowing what I like makes not being able to implement ideas, now that I know what I want, well, difficult.  So my Home Sweet Home. . .Someday board is filled with all the things I want to do to our current home.  I'm not collecting for a someday-we'll-build-our-dream-home-scenario.  I want it now.  This is another fall-out of finally figuring out what I want. . .I want it NOW! 

I have definite ideas for my kitchen, and there is definitely a theme in what I like - color picking may be my next decision.  LOL.  Today's Pin-spiration makes me want to bake, frankly, even with the predicted 100+ temps for today.  The colors are cool.  Serene.  Given that, the colors are a great background for photos of events that give me the same calm, warm and fuzzy feelings; like our yearly trip to Taylor Reservoir.  The crisp white makes me think of embellishing a largely monochromatic layout with white buttons, brads, small florals and ribbon.  The ceramics are glossy, so maybe something epoxy, or a handmade embellishment that's glazed.  I love plaid and gingham, so the window covering makes me think of similar patterned papers or ribbons.  The fringe on the pillow and the rattan chair remind me to mix it up and add layers and texture to the page with chipboard, corrugated pieces, wood embellishments, etc.  If I had one of those embossing machines, I can totally see running a sheet of Apple or White cardstock through it for a background to the page.

I finally went to check out the name of the My Mind's Eye collection up for grabs this week and it's Market Street - part of the Lost & Found release.  It.  Is. Gorgeous.  And it's the COMPLETE line - papers, mini album, stamps, brads. . .all of it.  All of it, just for you.  Just for playing along.  Even if all you get completed is one little layout or card.  Enter this week for your chance!

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pineterst Challenge #13

They are killing me on Pinterest. . .the food, the tips, the colors, the crafts.  Did I mention the food.  Killing me.  I have decided next month I'm gonna have to plan my meal menus exclusively from Pinterest and weed out any of the bad ones.  I probably need to start doing a project or two and weed those out.  I wonder, can one get by with two hours sleep?
I found this Pin a while ago and it sits on my Scrappin' Ideas board and I loved its simplicity and the fact that I could use up scraps super fast!  The tree could be done on a smaller scale for Christmas cards.  Shoot, it could be an embellishment on a layout.  The colors are delish.  The scattered "ornaments" reminds me to mix and match buttons and eyelets and brads.  The snowflake makes me want to go scrapbook something with snow in the photos - though it's so hot the snow in the photos would probably melt.  (The heat is back, the 30 degree drop was a too short 12 hour break.) 

Layouts or cards are due on Sunday evening - like late.  Like one minute before midnight MDT!  One entry is all it takes to be in the drawing. Come on.  You know you want to play!

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pinetest Challenge #12

Rain!!  There was rain!  Preceded by a nice 30 degree drop in temps.   Awesome.

Today's Pin-spiration comes from the Color Theory board.  Red.  Today, it's my favorite color.  Bright.  Bold.  Cheerful.  Warm.  These colors first makes me think of Christmas and leaving out the green.  I love the Red/Grey (or Silver) combination.  The sand makes me think of misting background.  It makes me think of textures.  It makes me think of shimmer.  The way the star is in the far third of the photo makes me want to try that with a layout - keeping my photos and embellishments off center.  The star can also be as simple as using stars or scrapbooking my "stars."

If you haven't clicked the links in the challenges - do, the layouts and cards are amazing!  Last week, a couple more ladies joined in.  Now, it's your turn.  Yes, you!  This week layouts are due Sunday evening to be eligible for this week's My Mind's Eye line. . .which I forgot to get the name of.  DANGIT!

Congrats to last week's winner:  Bexx (who turned in gorgeous cards!)  Send me your contact info, please.

See how easy that was.  They created.  They shared.  She won. :) That could be you.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #11

I hope your weekend was pleasant.  We enjoyed. . .let's see heat - Duh and not much else.  It was a quiet weekend; one of our last as soccer looms.  I started picking tomatoes, the heat has them growing and ripening quickly.  We watched the progression of the baby Robins on the front porch - there were four, one either was pushed, fell out of, or left the nest on his own due to severe overcrowding.  We're not sure that little one made it though.  This morning we woke up to all of them gone, though I could still hear them in the trees around the house.  I also harvested several bunches of basil and have it drying in the kitchen.  I'll be making a Caresse salad at some point this week to get rid of some tomatoes and some more basil.  I need a Pesto recipe.  All in all not a bad weekend.

I love subway art.  I might even be kinda addicted to it.  This super cute version is from the Apron Strings I Can Do That board.  This would be a fresh way to include journaling on my layouts.  It could even be a background or an element instead of "just a journaling block."  The colors of yellow and grey are hot this year.  I can even adapt the general layout into a layout, by putting a photo where "Elly Brynn" is and all the information around it; this version would be an adorable wall hanging.  Quick and easy and done.  This Pin-spiration translates easily to cards, as well.

Layouts and cards are due on Sunday evening.  REMEMBER, if all you get done is one entry this week, it's all you need to be included in the drawing!  I have a My Mind's Eye complete line for this week's gift.  The name escapes me, so I'll have that for tomorrow.

Happy Monday.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #10

I'm not much of a gardener.  At all.  In terms of thumbs, I have no thumbs.  It's not that I can't make things grow - I'd just rather not.  I'm not one to find enjoyment digging in the dirt or weeding.  Sweating in the hot sun, dead-heading flowers holds nothing for me.  If I can't (or have a willing spouse) plant something in the ground and have it come back year after year, I can probably live with out it.  The vegetable garden we have now was DH's idea combined with the sweat of the kids.  I'll cook the stuff, but weed it?  No.

If I needed any signs that gardens and I were just NOT meant to be. . .case in point:  We had to take down the May Day tree outside the kitchen window -- something had gotten into it and it was dying.  The stump now needs to come up so "we" can plant the berry bushes we have.  Before that, the rocks need to come out.  See, one change just leads to more garden work - not good.  Anyway, I was pitching in, helping the older boys shovel the stupid rock and I was either irresistible or a threat to some Yellow Jackets.  One particularly ornery one showed its pleasure (or displeasure) by stinging me, not once but four (maybe five) times.  Really?!  Stupid gardens.

Now the Pin-spiration below comes from the I Can Do That board.  The adorable circles are made from Sweetwater's fabrics and are Christmas themed. Today though they remind me of neat garden rows, unfortunately.  However, the colors would be perfect to document my encounter with the Yellow Jackets; red and green aren't just for Christmas.  The layout of the circles gives you a nice grid for photos and embellies.  I love the journaling underneath them. The crisp white background reminds me that white space is a good thing.

Remember you have until Sunday to upload any one, or all, of the challenges from this week; card or layout.  While I'm sure it's fun to win all the time, it's more fun to have the excitement wondering if you will. . .so come give the gals something to wonder about.  JOIN IN! 

Hubby's home.  In-laws are coming for dinner.  House needs some cleaning - there seems to be dirt tracked all over my floors.  The garden strikes again.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #9

Oh. . .the 90+ temps, how I love them so, like a long lost friend.  Eeehhh. . .not so much; they're like the annoying house guests who decide to "stay a little longer."  My only escape, besides my cool, sorta clean basement - where I've been virtually decorating (thanks to Pinterest) is a cool bath late, late in the evening; when it's usually a balmy 88.

This Pinspiration comes from Apron Strings' Color Theory board.  It feels so refreshing.  So cool.  So heat-beating!  I almost smell the Lilacs (I know it's probably Lavender, but I like Lilacs ;D.)  These soft colors are great for wedding, baby and baby-to-be layouts; I have plenty of those as my, now, 3 year old still has NO layouts about him (or with him even in a photo.)  I also see photos my daughter took of the recent rains (her photography is amazing) on a layout with these colors.  The glazed jar (how cute is that thing) makes me think about epoxy embellishments or acrylic pieces.  The texture of the mat the jar is sitting on makes me want to dig out some canvas pieces or textured ribbon or even textured-looking papers.  The soft quality reminds me of pearls.  The flowers make me think of some of the handmade flowers so popular right now, like these or these fan-type flowers.

Remember layouts or cards are due by Sunday evening and all it takes is ONE layout to be entered for those super cute Fancy Pants papers.  Of course, the more you do, the more chances you get in the drawing.

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #8

I, like most people, love Christmas.  I always have fairytale-ish ideas about what I want Christmas to be like, but I tend to get the harsh reality of Christmas with four kids and never enough time to embrace all I want to do.

But with Pinterest, I can dream even bigger - homemade ornaments to adorn my tree.  All the family eager to help and munch on the homemade cookies and hot chocolate while we create; Christmas tunes playing softly in the background.  Clearly the fairytale version because in reality it would be me, alone, at the table with sounds of xBox blaring and the constant "bing" of some one's incoming text message in the background.

However, this adorable little item found on Apron Strings' Home for the Holidays board, but I'm thinking it could be on my Scrappin' Ideas board because it'd use up my rather large collection of buttons. But if I were to transfer the idea to my layouts or cards, well, yeah, I'd still reach for my buttons.  I'd look for the updated color palette for a holiday layout.  I might make my embellishment areas layered, like the buttons, and built with various circles.  I'd certainly remember to grab ribbon.  Stepping off the page, I might try the color scheme on a non-holiday layout or card.

Layouts are due Sunday evening for a chance at the Fancy Pants prize.  Remember you only need one challenge to be entered, more entries equals more chances.

Happy Wednesday,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #7

Woke to a very mid-west morning - grey, overcast skies, lots of moisture still in the air, streets were still wet from yesterday's rain because the evening was cool and humid.  It was glorious.  And it's going to be short lived...temps run up to 90+ come Wednesday.  I wish there was a way to bottle the past four or five days.

Today's Pin-spiration comes from the Color Theory board.  First there's the delicious colors - those tone-on-tone orange shades just say Summer.  Anyone remember vellum?  These oranges and their sheerness make me think about digging down in my papers and looking for a sheet or two to use.  Those same oranges make me think of the seasonal foods we eat during the summer - the fresh cooking we do and documenting it.  The slices of the oranges remind me to layer my papers and embellishments to add interest and texture to my layouts.   The white pith makes me think of using my white gel pen to add stitching to my layouts.

Kristin Perez used the July Smaller than a Breadbox kit for her layout, which coincidentally encompass some of the colors in today's challenge. 

Finally, the winner from last week is Deanna.  All it takes is participating in one challenge to get your name in the weekly drawing.  The more you complete, the better your chances.  Cards or layouts. . .doesn't matter.  Just play along.
Happy Tuesday,

  • Carla - go finish that layout from last week and get started on one for this week! :)
  • JoJoRene - I can't be held responsible for the strong, strong pull of the eye-candy on Pinterest.  The number of hours I've lost . . . well, we just won't go there. ;D

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pinerest Challenge #6

Rain.  Glorious rain.  Earth soaking, gulley washer rain.  Temps below 90, well below 90.  And did I mention, rain.  It rain practically all weekend.  It was fantastic.  I almost ran and danced in the rain.  It was that good.  Unless you live in the burn areas and then it was a mixed blessing - rain for the drought parched area you live in, but too much rain produced washouts and mud slides.  If your house happened to survive the fires, it could be taken out in a mud slide.  Sigh.

I have a couple of gallery walls in my house.  The key to making them work is one common factor among the photos, like same color frame (they don't necessarily have to be identical frames, just the same color) and it unifies the layout.  I have one wall in my living room that holds all the wedding party photos of my siblings, my parents, grandparents, and the same for my husband's side of the family.  I have another that holds family photos of various kinds - some studio shots, some not.  The one thing I want to add to these walls or any other gallery walls are "embellishments."  A word plaque, an initial, a tiny shelf or some other small piece to help add interest.

This Pin is from Apron Strings' Home Sweet Home. . .Someday board.  In this Pin-spiration I can translate it to a scrapbook layout by drawing an imaginary line down the center and layout my photos out according to the framed pieces (even shows me where to put embellishments.)  I see adding mats to my photos to help them pop off my page (I rarely mat my photos anymore), or adding a super thick mat to a focal photo.  The simple color palate - brown, black, white or cream would be great paired up with wedding photos I have waiting.  Maybe it'll simply remind me to use a small grouping of flowers on my next layout or card.

I'm a single parent this week so there's a little more chaos to my days and evenings, but if the weather stays cool - which it should through mid-week, it'll be okay and my feelings of accomplishment may stay rolling along.  Stay tuned and we'll see.
If you haven't played along. . .do!  It only takes participating in one challenge during the week to enter you into the drawing for the prize.  Who knows, once you get one card or layout under your belt  you might get on a roll!  :D  This week's prize is Fancy Pants' Be You line of paper. 

Happy Monday.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Getting to Know Wendi Robinson

This  month we have Guest Chef Wendi Robinson filling in on the All Year Cheer Card Kit, and she rocked the kit.  So many cute ideas for cards for any season, but the bright colors are great for your summertime events.

I asked Wendi, who lives in Torrance, California, to tell us a bit about herself.  
I've been married to my hottie hubby for over 13 years and we have three amazing, beautiful kids. Each of our children are named after cities, two of which we have lived in (Austin, Sydney and Chorley). We also have the cutest little beagle named Lily. I enjoy going on long walks, zumba, totally addicted to my iPod, and love my Diet Cherry Pepsi and peanut butter M&Ms, and loooove sushi. As of last July, I became a full time SAHM and have been loving it; I previously worked at the district school office as an AP clerk. My drive for scrapbooking is to fill my creative outlet and my love of photography. I have always been a crafty person and loved to take pictures, I just needed to find a way to combine the two. Once I started scrapbooking, I NEVER looked back. I love creating pages, cards, altering, mini albums and to create home decor for our house. 
  • What can’t you scrap without? Lately it's been my MM distressing tool. I LOVE to add texture to my edges. And mists, they add a splash of color to any project.
  •  How do you approach journaling? I ALWAYS use hand written journaling. Something is so personal about one's handwriting and I want my children and those that look at my books, see my personal touch to a page, like I'm saying my feelings out loud
  •  Set the mood – what’s playing, what are you eating/drinking, when you’re in the scrap-zone? I've got my iTunes or iPod on with The Killers, Depeche Mode, Live or The Bravery, Diet Cherry Pepsi with ice, and either some licorice, peanut butter M&Ms or Hot Tamales.
If you already get the Card Kits, you'll see Wendi's fun card designs in this month's shipment, along with instructions to recreate them.  If you aren't on autoship for the kits, you can pick one up on the 10th or contact me lori@apronstringsdesigns.com) to get on autoship (no-commitment autoship.)

Thanks Wendi for this month's great inspiration.

Pinterest Challenge #5

If you'd have told me I'd actually be looking forward to a 95 degree day, I'd have laughed.  Laughed hard.  Laughed the way a woman who's had four kids probably shouldn't.  But it's true.  With a week plus of temps in the triple digits, a mid-90's day may actually be comfortable.  Though now it seems the monsoons have arrived. . .early. . .so those temps come with humidity.  All the more reason to find that lake side cottage we've been dreaming of.

This is another pin from the Color Theory board - I think I'm in love with my Color Theory boards - they relax me in the same way looking at my Basset boards make me laugh.  Anyway, I love the shades on this one; so crisp and cool.  Fresh.  Refreshing.  I can almost hear the beach grass blowing in the wind and feel the sand in my toes.  The grass makes me think to look for papers with stripes, or a botanic feel or even embellishments with ribbed textures:  grosgrain or corrugated embellishments.  The water in the background makes me think of jewels.  The variegated colors make me think of using mists.  I see a deep blue or black cardstock background.  Look for lime polka dots.  Look for scroll work in teals.  This color combo (and the photo - which, frankly, influences me as much as the colors) makes me want to play with summer photos.  I have photos of the kids playing in the overflowing gutters after a huge summer rain (clearly not from this year.)  But the teals would be great with winter snows, too.  Ooohh, or Christmas photos - a new take on some traditional color combos for that season.

Layouts or cards are due by Sunday evening to be eligible for the My Mind's Eye American Made collection kit.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #4

Holy schmoly, we had cloud cover and rain.  Cloud cover.  Rain.  'Course it was in the mid-90's...but still.  And it was a couple days ago.  Today it was hot, freakin' hot and hazy.  An odd orange-ish golden glow tinted the sky all day.  It was an odd color.

As predicted it was an odd 4th of July for us, what with no fireworks displays, and obviously, no personal fireworks (though they are always a banned here in Colorado - you find vendors selling them in tents on almost every corner, but you can't shoot them off.  How's that for logic?)  The Hubby and older three kids did an early morning bike ride - a nice 16 mile loop.  They quickly came home, grabbed the three year old and took off for my sister's; she has a pool.  I stayed home to prep dinner - cherry BBQ ribs, potato salad and white chocolate pound cake with lemon curd and fresh blueberries.  Unfortunately, too much time in the sun, swimming the afternoon away, combined with the bike, ride stole everyone's appetites and energy to lift their forks.  It was a rather tame dinner for us, followed by a very quiet evening.  As I cleaned the kitchen, I missed the days when the only biking they did was from the corner YMCA down the quarter mile to the park in a red-white-and-blue encrusted bike rally that ended with Popsicles in the shade of the trees at the neighborhood park.

Today's Pin-spiration comes from Apron Strings' Color Theory board.  This is one of my favorite combos; so homey, cozy, bake-y. They're even Patriotic. Looking at them I see kitchens.  I see vintage.  I see summer.  I see water whether it's sprinklers, rivers or lakes.  I see afternoon picnics.  I see a mix of gingham papers and wooden embellishments.  I see fun font stickers or rub-ons.  The egg reminds me of epoxy embellishments.

Uh, see, just like this card from Wendi Robinson (Guest Chef) who used the July All Year Cheer Card kit. 
Layouts or cards are due Sunday evening to be eligible for the weekly prize.
Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #3

Ah, this makes me think of cooler days.  My 3 y.o. woke up looking for snow and letting me know when we see it, to get the tree.  I'm sure it'll be here before we know it, but it's a long hot summer until then.
This pin is from the Home for the Holidays board.  I love the simple elegance of it.  Something easy to replicate for the holidays to be sure, but inspiration abounds for your layouts and cards, too.  There's the lovely white-on-white; achieve the look with layers and textures - think gloss white, flat white, sparkle white, pearls, white velvet or sheer and embossing to give elegance to your work.  If all white is too much, add the sparkle of silver.  Challenge yourself to stick to one or two colors.  Or maybe the "Joy" reminds you to use your alphabets, your chipboard or your diecut machine.  Even the photo may have you thinking of those photos that showcase what makes your house a home and you decide to create a layout about.

Layouts are due Sunday evening for a chance at the My Mind'e Eye American Made collection kit.

I hope your burgers are done just right, your pie crust is flaky, the watermelon is juicy and fireworks are popping all over for you.  Here, we're under a fire ban (duh) and almost all of the state's outdoor fireworks shows are cancelled.  It'll be an odd day without the anticipation of sitting on the soccer fields with our "island" of blankets spread out, waiting with tons of other people for the field lights to dim and that first "BOOM" announcing the coming show.

Happy 4th of July.