Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in the Life - Day 4

Did much better with the remembering of not only the camera, but to use it yesterday.  Most of the photos were of the kids at Grandpa Candy's vendor show - it was like Trick-or-Treating; their bags weighed a ton!  Otherwise, I snapped a few shots while driving to get my daughter, realizing as I drove that this will be the new view for me - a new school, a new route and new adventures in the winter in finding ways to get around the people who don't know what to do, or how to drive, when snow arrives. . . (sigh) snow.  Right now sounds like heaven.

I hope you're participating in some way, shape or form in Week in the Life.  Once I get over the "shoot, should have had my camera" moments, I love the process of it all.  Remember Apron Strings is a Giveaway sponsor.  To win you need to leave a comment HERE

If you aren't participating, it's not too late - make it Weekend in the Life, instead.

Out With the Old, In With the New Day 21

My day started early and on the road.  First to drop my daughter off at her first day on a job - she wasn't too excited to spend her day filing for her aunt, but I hope the thought of shopping will help make the day go quickly. 

After dropping her off, I continued down the highway to my 10 y.o.'s ortho appointment to get braces on and expander off.  He was so excited to be getting braces. . .mmmm, ya.  He chatted the whole way down (a 30 minute drive) about was his expander coming off, what band colors he'd pick and his alternate choices, how long would they be on and who of his buddies he'd tell.  He was thrilled his first color choice was available (Blue and Silver) and that they cut of the expander - it was a banner day to be sure.  The day only got better when on the ride home he spotted a Ferrari and two Lamborghini flying up the highway.  Add that it's his first day off grounding from electronics, outside being his birthday or something, and he was set!

Then down to school with a few batches of "I Love Lime" White Chocolate cookies for the school's bazaar - Kathy they are yummy!  I'll get you the recipe.  Then it's some kit work and maybe more time downstairs sorting and purging.

Today is the last day of the Out with the Old, In with the New Challenge series - layouts from this week's challenges are due tomorrow night - I hope you've made a decent bite in both your older stock and some new goodies, not to mention photos.  Today's challenge is to use an older kit containing paper with trees of some kind, pair up the older kit (or papers if you don't have a kit) with newer round embellishments and newer tags.  Your PageMaps sketch. . .

Don't forget your last day to register to win in the Christmas in July drawing is tomorrow.  See the post HERE for details.

I'm looking at another fairly quiet weekend, with too much heat in the forecast for my liking.  I'm savouring these weekends - soccer will start rolling regularly in about another week.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life - Day 3

Day 2 in Week in the Life was a total blow off, I saw things happening and thought "get the camera" but didn't.  I did better yesterday.  I'm not one to snap hundreds of photos, or even dozens, during this project.  I take selected photos during the day.  There seldom seems to be a focus - I grab moments with my camera.  That's what I love about this project - it can be whatever I have time for, whatever I want.  No rules!

Here are a few moments from yesterday.

Enjoy the moments.

Out With the Old, In With the New Day 20

Short and sweet as we head out to see Grandpa Candy (my dad works for a company that supplies all the goodies to amusement parks, stadium vendors, vending machines, etc.  If it's candy, he's got access to it and the kids know it.)

I continued to dig through the piles I created that once lived on my desk down here.  Slowly things are being put away or parted with and sorted down into more specific piles.  I hope to do more today.

To make sure you're good to go today, your challenge is to use a Christmas/Winter themed kit with non-Christmas/Winter photos.  Add in some of your newest soft embellishments (ribbon, felt, etc.)  Your PageMaps sketch is below.

Happy Thursday.

Oh!  Don't forget to enter the Christmas in July Giveaway HERE

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New Day 19

For whatever reason I didn't take one photo yesterday for the Week in the Life.  But I'm not gonna stress about it and I'm gonna move on and do my best to capture some of today.  Besides, in 10 years, shoot next year, whose gonna know if I took a photo on Tuesday, unless I tell them (or they come back here to see that I didn't.)

But I'm still high on the 10-pages I did over the weekend.  Here's another from that session.  I forgot to mention that I used sketches from the Big Picture Class I took a couple months ago as inspiration.  The kit was January's Smaller than a Breadbox.

In case you're struggling to complete something today, here's your challenge:  try a Classic-style layout, paired with an older kit of your choice.  What is Classic?  Well it doesn't mean boring, it means timeless - clean lines, traditional-styled patterns with an updated feel.  Look for clean lines, crisp designs and a more muted palette. 

An example of some past Apron Strings kit with a Classic style are:
  • Pink Paislee Mistletoe & Co. Smaller December '09
  • Pink Paislee 365 Degrees Bigger July '10
  • Fancy Pants Happy Together Bigger February '11
  • Cosmo Cricket Social Club Smaller June '11
And finally, if you haven't entered for this week's Christmas in July Giveaway, head to this post to read all about.

Happy Wednesday.

Week in the Life - Day 1

I told you it was gonna be a busy week on the blog.

I am participating in Week in the Life on Ali Edwards' blog (Apron Strings is a Giveaway Sponsor, you can comment HERE for the giveaways.)  I've done it a couple times now and I love the perspective the project brings and the look back at where we were and what we were doing.  I haven't created layouts or mini albums with the photos, they just live here on the blog.  I do need to get in the swing of taking photos this time around - I've had my camera with me and for whatever reason didn't snap a photo.  I need to get over that.  Though I don't know that I'll ever be able to snap a shot of myself sleeping, even if it's pretend sleeping.  I don't look that fresh-faced, it's not a pretty sight.

Here are few glimpses of my yesterday though:

Future graphic artist?

Eek. . .controlled chaos

First black eye

When it's too hot. . .No Bake Brownies.  Yum

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In case you need more...

. . .inspiration, here's a bit.  It's also a great reminder that using those scraps right away, after completing a layout, is the best way to get cards done.  If you set them aside until "later" it's probably not gonna happen my friend.

Thanks to Kailyn Siebert for the awesome inspiration she's provided this month using the Bigger than a Breadbox July kit.  Keep up with Kailyn on her blog HERE.  Today she uses up those little scraps from Cosmo Cricket's Salt Air. I love all the dimension. 

"I used Studio Calico Classic Calico mist on the pail, and then covered it with Inkssentials Crackle Accents.  Some orange Stickles (glitter seems to be my summertime scrapping obsession) to finish it off!"

Out With the Old, In With the New Day 18

Lots on my plate today.  Didn't start out that way, but as I complete one thing, something new pops in my head as a "need to do that."  And then another and another. . .all the while the piles of sorted stash are sitting on the floor staring at me.  I hate it when they do that.

Today, sticking with the whole Christmas in July thing, select your oldest non-Christmas kit and pair it with your most recent Christmas-time photos.  Layouts will be due Saturday evening.  Sketch for today is below (PageMaps).

Be sure to enter the Christmas in July giveaway this week.  See the post for that HERE.

And just to top of the day a little teaser, just for you, of the Blue Plate Special coming up tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Christmas In July Giveaway

Ho-Ho-Ho.  I'm dreaming of a White Christmas.  Dashing through the snow . . .  frankly anything cold will do right now.  I think that's where the whole Christmas in July thing came from - people were desperate for any distraction from the heat.

To help distract you from the heat in your neck of the woods I'll be giving away one of the upcoming Blue Plate Specials - you'll love it!

You'll have five chances to win - do any one of them or all of them to increase your chances.  That means if you do all five, you'll have five different comments here.  There is no requirement to do them all. 

  1. Leave a comment - the easiest way of all
  2. Like Apron Strings on Facebook and then leave another comment.  (If you already Like Apron Strings, you can leave a comment.) 
  3. Pass the word on to your scrappy friends and have them Like Apron Strings on Facebook.  Once you've posted the invite on your Facebook page, leave another comment.
  4. Come follow Apron Strings on Twitter.  Then tweet about the Christmas in July giveaway, like "Did you know @ApronStrings is celebrating Christmas in July - look here" then come back and leave another comment. Be sure to have @ApronStrings so I can see the Tweets!
  5. Follow this blog and then leave another comment.  (If you're already a follower you can leave a comment.)
Super simple and not a scrapbook layout in sight!  You'll have until July 30th to enter.

Out With the Old, In With the New Day 17

Oh my it's gonna be a busy week here on the blog.  First we'll be wrapping up the Out with the Old/In with the New challenge series.  I'm gonna put a little twist on it this week with the whole Christmas in July thing.  There will be another non-scrapbooking chance to win a goodie (look for a separate post.)  There will be a nice Christmas-y/Wintry Blue Plate Special later this week, followed by a very nice sale to cap off this fun. 

Next, Week in the Life starts today on Ali Edwards' blog - I've already taken a few photos today.  If you've never taken part of Week in the Life, I really encourage you to do so.  Not only is it a great way to document just one week in your life (she usually does this twice a year) but it's a really great way to catch the little details of your daily life.  Plus, Apron Strings is a Giveaway Sponsor so if you go over there and leave a comment HERE, you could win an Apron Strings kit or any number of goodies.  Post and document everything on your blog (I did this last year), snap shots with your phone and create a mini album of the week, use your old point and shoot and create a layout or two about it, it doesn't matter.  What matters is the fun, the quick glimpse and then the looking back at every day life that makes this project totally worth the time. 

On Friday night I decided to take myself out and spent the evening cropping.  Just me, my iPod and a stack of kits with photos.  I finished 10 pages and worked my way through six kits.  On the one below, I even used naked chipboard, colored it with a marker, added details with my white pen, didn't like the details and colored over them, then topped it with Diamond Glaze.  On Saturday, my computer when into some sort of "arrest" and needed some critical care by hubby.  Since it was in ICU, I used the time to work in my studio.  The clearing of the desk resulted in several piles that are now on the floor in need of another sort and being put away.  The bad news - it looks worse than when I started.  The good news - I can see my desk top down here, I have a box of giveaways (or eBay sales) and two of the stacks have already been tucked into new homes.  Sunday was spent doing a lot of nothing.

So you can be uber productive this week, here's your challenge:  Use the following color scheme found in an older Apron Strings kit (if no kits, use your older papers) then add some of your newer silver or glittery embellishments. 
Here's your PageMaps sketch

I'm off to tackle the things I should have done yesterday.  I hate being a whole day behind!

Happy Monday,

Friday, July 22, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New Day 16

Yesterday was wonderful.  Sure it was in the mid-90's and little cloud cover until late in the afternoon . . .but. . .it was dry!!  Dry!  As in no humidity - back to where it's below 20%.  It was fantastic. So much so I didn't mind being outside for a few hours while my boys enjoyed a backyard carnival. 

My sister's daughter has been running "Katie's Camp" for a couple years now.  She invites her girl friends, one day a week for usually four weeks, to her house for some crafts and good snacks followed by swimming - if the weather holds.  This year was no different, with the exception that my daughter missed most of the camp days due to having a teenager-high-schooler schedule - she's bummed.  However, yesterday was Carnival Day and my sister and niece invited the boys.  It was really cute and the boys really enjoyed it.  Fun games like knocking over cans, plinko, ring toss, bean bag throw, matching ducks and a game of dice (without side bets - well no money bets anyway.  There was some of the "you only have one more die to match" and other banter usually tossed out by siblings.)  My sister had a giant pile of prizes to choose from for the winners and then the free-for-all ensued.  Plus Carnival snacks of popcorn, candy and cookies.  (I have pictures, but I'm not on my computer to upload them.  My laptop seems to be showing signs of failure, so hubby is trying to provide some life support and bandages.)

We've heard from our daughter, who while enjoying the dorm life and life-without-parents, is having a rough go at the tournament/camp up north.  Having won only one game yesterday, and only one match today, the game part of her trip has been tough.

Wanting your scrapbook time to be fun today's challenge is inspired by the Carnival yesterday.  Use your oldest Apron Strings kit (no kit?  Then your oldest papers and embellies) with big bold strips.  Be sure to incorporate the color red, something round and rings.  If I get back to my computer, I'll try to link up a sketch and some photos.  All this week's challenges are due to be linked by Saturday evening.

This weekend is wide open, almost.  The boys start some soccer training tomorrow.  I'm hoping to make it up to another sister's house for "Movies on the Lawn" up at her place.  We'll be watching "Shrek" under the stars and I hear there might be some Sangria there. 

Happy Friday.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wake Up and Smell the Inspiration

If you can't get your eyes to open this morning, maybe this will help.  It's bright, it's fun and it's sparkly. . .almost as good as coffee.

This layout is created by July's Guest Designer, Kailyn Siebert.  You can catch more of her eye-opening work at her blog HERE.  Kailyn's working with the Bigger than a Breadbox kit, the Cosmo Cricket side.

Besides the great papers in this kit, "Hello, water source of your choice," the scattering of embellishments makes me think of the beach treasures sprinkled in the sand, or water droplets from crashing waves.  And my favorite, her use of Stickles on the chipboard starfish.

Do you have your July kit?  If not, what are you waiting for?

Out With the Old, In With the New Day 15

So we finally made our annual pilgrimage to Lakeside - a quaint, small, family-run amusement park.  Last year I told you that walking into the park is like stepping back in time.  Back to a time before enormous parks with crazy rides were the places to be.  Back before it cost you an arm, a leg, your first child and a month's mortgage payment to get in.  Seriously, we paid $1.50 for sodas.  $1.50!!  I don't think I can get a soda at McD's for $1.50.  Back before an hour wait in line was considered short - the lines were so short the kids were able to ride the roller coaster, what like eight times, I think they said.

It was hot.  It was muggy.  It was fun.  Matthew, the 2 y.o. was wide-eyed.  We spent the beginning of our evening in Kiddieland and then sprinkled just enough of other stuff for him to keep him happy while his older siblings enjoyed themselves.
Tell me, how do we go from the above slow-paced ride, when all you worry about is that they don't stand up while the car is moving, to this, below.  Where you worry that the cable and breaks are working --- and they're riding these things without you!  Which frankly, is fine by me.  You couldn't get me on there, unless I was running from zombies.  (Movie anyone?)

My challenge is figuring out how we went from there to here.  Your challenge for today is to take out your oldest kit that fits the newest style challenge.  FREESTYLE.  Freestyle is freedom.  There are no rules, you just play:  doodle, sketch, outline photos with pens instead of matting them, the look (or if you're brave your own hand) of hand-drawn titles and shapes, free-form designs.  Playful.

Some Apron Strings kits that fit this style are:
  • Fancy Pants Rough & Tough Bigger March '10
  • Pebbles Tree House Smaller June '10
  • Bella Blvd Sunny Happy Skies Smaller March '11
  • American Crafts Hello Sunshine Bigger April '11
I'm down one child and I have a small break in the action (or non-action as the past couple of days have shown) so I think I'm gonna start dealing with the stacks and stacks of stuff in my studio.  We're looking at another heat and humidity day, so why not.  Down here's better than out there.  If you don't see me tomorrow it's because I've triggered an avalanche and am buried.  Sound the alert and save yourselves.

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New Day 14

Another day where time goes by and it all seems to be spent doing nothing.  We'll be shipping our daughter off to UNC (University of Northern Colorado), about an hour north of us, for a huge volleyball camp/tourney/whatever they want to call it.  She leaves bright and early tomorrow and will be home Saturday.  She's excited to be away from home, staying on campus in the dorms with her teammates, though she's annoyed because she didn't get her dorm partner's name, so she has no clue who she's rooming with.  I understand it's three days of nothing but volleyball - 30 games!  We'll see what kind of shape she's in when she gets back.

It's always a little quieter around the house when one of the chickadees is gone, and when it's my daughter, there's a little too much "boy" in the house.  I think I'll need to go out cropping on Friday night just to get my bearings.

Today's challenge is to use an older kit that contains paper with polka dots.  Combine that older kit with your newest rub-ons or stickers.  Due Saturday evening.  And here's your PageMaps sketch.

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New Week 2 Winner

40/2.  24-4. 10+10.  10 x 2.  All equal 20.  Twenty.  That's how many layouts were completed during week two of this month's challenge.  Awesome job, ladies.

If you haven't checked the links - do so.  Totally inspirational.  Fun photos - loving the photos Shelly V. is doing - childhood stuff!  Lots of great ideas.

I popped numbers in and come out with Shelly V. as last week's winner!  Congrats Shelly.  Send me your shipping information at

Keep 'em coming gals!!

Out With the Old, In With the New Day 13

You know those days where you get up and you're like moving around but the moving around doesn't seem to be productive?  You move by the dishwasher and yeah it got unloaded, but another hour or so of moving doesn't produce any further progress on anything.  It's that kind of day.  I seem to be all over the house, even did some shuttling of kids, but in terms of productivity - zilch.

Hopefully, you're more productive than I am.  Today's challenge is use your oldest kit with the scariest (to you) embellishment in it and combine it with a new embellishment or paper that has no "scare factor."  What's scary?  Well, for me, it's most embellishments.  It's long documented that I struggle with getting embellishments on my layouts.  But I know other scrappers who shy away, or avoid all together, using chipboard or metal or even flowers (no names. . .Jennifer ;D).  Today face your fear but take along something familiar to do it.

If sketches make you feel safe and happy, here's yours for today courtesy of PageMaps.
Off to slough around and look busy. . .why stop now?

Happy Tuesday.