Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Over-Ambition and Final Inspiration

Yesterday dawned blue-skied and gorgeous.  Temps would hit 80.  Tomorrow will dawn grey and snowing. . .so they're saying.  The warm weather was invigorating, and combined with crossing off the last of the uber-important to-do's sent me into an over-ambitious day of much-overdue cleaning.  While I didn't tackle everything I wanted (the carpet in the family room still needs steaming and the banisters still need a good cleaning) I did whip out a long list of mundane chores.  And for a brief moment my house was clean.  Then kids came home . . .

The warm weather showed up just in time for the boys' school's annual Race, which raises money for the school.  You'd think they'd look happier about being at the end of their hour-long run, but they just look cranky.  And sweaty.  Whether they want to hear it from their mom or not, they did great.  The 12 y.o. completed 5 3/4 miles and the 14 y.o. completed 6 miles.  By the time they'd played in their games over the weekend they had racked up about 14 miles each, one enjoyed (his first for the season) soccer win, but both were pretty sore and tired come Sunday.

Previews are up for the May kits - lots of awesome colors and graphics that span bold to beautiful.  If you aren't signed-up for autoship it's the best way to be sure one of these beauties hits your front porch in a couple weeks.  Otherwise, watch for them to be on sale the 10th.

Your final inspiration for April challenges comes from Kristin Perez, using the April Bigger than a Breadbox kit - the Lily Bee Pinwheel line. This line is quite colorful, and clearly quite versatile.  Here Kristin uses just a couple colors to really showcase her photos (lover her title!  LOL) and your challenge:

  • Two sheets of cardstock
  • Two additional colors in the form of patterned paper, title and/or other embellishments.
  • Include some form or alternate shape from those of your photos.

Those who've added links to the comment section will be eligible for this month's prize pack - American Crafts Peachy Keen goodies.

Happy Wednesday,

Friday, April 26, 2013

It's a Spring Grass Buffet

Blue skies.  Sunshine.  Green grass.  The only white I see is in the giant, though melting, snow piles produced by the plows and the puffy (non-threatening) clouds skipping along the mountain tops.  Sweet.  Bring on the warm, open the windows weather!  The spring-like setting also means the squirrels are going nuts eating the buds off my trees.  Robins, and a freakish number - we're talking Hitchcock numbers - are flitting around gobbling up worms and scoping out nesting sites.  Oh, and these. . . 

These sweet little, fuzzy, round babies are calling the hollow under the corner of our porch home.  They are also feasting on our newly green, recently sprouting grass.  I'm amazed they chose our yard, what with the having a dog and all.  Their time here is limited though.  If they don't leave on their own (soon), we'll be transplanting them down the street to the park, then filling in their little cave with expansion foam.  I have a garden in the planning stages and these little guys will only see a Buffet Line.  We had planned a raised garden anyway, but this just confirms our choice to do so.  Thanks to Pinterest for sparking an idea that hubby seems to be on board with.  Can I get a "WooHoo!"

Tonight I'm making these Mini Pork and Apple Meatloaves, from Midwest Living.  I'm pretty sure I've made them before and they were great; the apple lightens them up and makes them spring-fresh yummy.  I'm hosting my in-laws for our usual Friday night dinner, and while I probably won't get any crafting in tonight, these are a great cook-them and leave-them for the family while YOU head off to be creative.  

To give you the inspiration kick-off, I'm leaving you with this from Jennifer Halleck using the Bigger than a Breadbox April kit.  I'm really enjoying the different looks the American Crafts Lucky Charm line has taken on under the different designers' hands.  The orange Jennifer chose to use certainly makes these river rafting photos pop!

Your assignment is to select one color out of your photos to draw from and then create a mostly-monochromatic layout. . .make those photos pop!  Upload your link to share in the comment section for your chance to win some American Crafts Peachy Keen goodies.

I'm dashing off to my boys' school for their annual Race for Education.  Gotta cheer them on to win, and for my oldest boy, it's his last race.  His countdown to graduation is on.  I can't believe his time there is almost over.

Happy Friday,

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Upcoming Stuff

Did you get to shop the Second Helping sale yesterday?  Well . . .shhh. . .if you didn't, you have a little time since I haven't had the chance to get over there and turn things off.  Hurry though.  ;)

I'm finally scratching and clawing my way to the end of the long list of "must do's" that started at the beginning of January.  With luck, and much hope, the final weight will be lifted off me and allow me to do some of the "need to-do's" that just get shoved aside when multiple the deadlines come barreling down.  And then getting back on my track of "want to-do's."  Here's to being optimistic, eh?

A couple things coming up you may want to sharpen your scissors and stock up on the adhesive for.  First thing, National Scrapbook Day is May 4th.  Here on the blog I'll be doing month-long challenges with Apron Strings kits - so dig out your kits, or head on over to the website to pick-up some full-sized kits or TV Dinners so you can play along.  Over at Big Picture they are hosting their 3rd Annual Creative Crop on the 4th - a FREE Event.  Ten hours of challenges, crops, chats with industry designers and PRIZES (the prize offerings are awesome.)  Set the whole day aside or just an hour here and there.  The best part is that even if you don't get to all the challenges that day, you can still access them after the event.  I've signed up.  I'm sure I'll have soccer games, but with 10 hours of challenges, I'm hoping to get one or two done.

I've said before, I enjoy Big Picture Classes and have taken a couple dozen over the years.  There's a new one coming up, 28 Days of Sketches that I'm seriously considering.  You know how I feel about sketches and sometimes a class is just the thing to help me get back into a groove of creating daily.  There is also Camp Scrap, which I'm looking at and mulling over.  I totally agree with May Flaum's philosophy on scrapbooking and I've taken a class from her before and really enjoyed it.  If you're thinking of taking these, the Creative Crop or another class, let me know.  Just like a workout buddy, sometimes you need to have that partner to keep you going! ;)

Today's inspiration comes from Nancy Longo, using the Smaller than a Breadbox April kit - this is the Fancy Pants Trend Setter line.  First, I love that her pets are rabbits.  This one looks like a marshmallow - you just want to squoosh him.  (I may have to borrow the theme for rabbits - more on that tomorrow.)  Second, I like how she used the Studio Calico frame to draw attention to a small detail in a large photo.  Finally, the Fancy Pants line - there is something about the colors and bold graphics that I'm really drawn to; it is definitely a versatile line to work with.  

So what do you take away?  The colors?  The bold graphics, which maybe is something new for you to use?  Using only 4x6 photos?  Scrapping something "everyday" as opposed to "events?"  Whatever it is, create it and then share a link to it in the comments section to be eligible for this month's prize - a sampling of American Crafts Peachy Keen line.

Gotta get some stuff done today, we have a make-up game tonight.  One down . . . and what. . .600 to go?

Happy Thursday,


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sunny and Wednesday

I woke up this morning and staggered down the hall to wake up the boys - one of which had a student council meeting at 7:30 and the other, well, he gets to go early because he's at the same school.  Anyway, as I came back down the hall a bright color caught my eye out the window and it wasn't white.  It was the sunrise, something I hadn't seen in while.  The snippet I caught through the still-bare branches of the Aspens was gorgeous.  Seriously, it was Peep-pink.  Saturated.  Brilliant!  If I'd been awake enough to form a coherent thought I'd have grabbed my phone for a Project Life photo.  The morning skies heralding, what I hope to be a true forecast of upward temps and melting snow.

You'd think today's inspiration would be Pink, but no.  Colorful.  Yes.  Saturated colors.  Sure.  It starts with this adorable frame created by former Sous Chef Amy Crockett, whose blog is full of inspiring work (miss you Amy! :)  I love the altered frame - I have one at home just like this, but plain and naked.  How easy would this be?  A great way to use up the odds and ends, too.

So you go from Amy's inspiration piece to Maria Swiatkowski's layout using the April Smaller than a Breadbox kit with the same color pallet - the Bo Bunny Surprise line - oh and a sketch.  See, sketch + Apron Strings kit = done and done!

Now it's your turn.  What gets those juices going?  Tackling a project that's been off on the side of your to-do list?  The color pallet?  Using scraps up?  Long-suffering party photos that need a home?  You choose, then share it with us here in the comments section for your chance at the April goodie - which I found last night - American Crafts Peachy Keen - some papers, some embellies and I'll add cardstock to round things out.  :)

Happy Wednesday,

Second Helpings of Paper SALE TODAY!

Moving product to the new-design of the website is slower than I'd like, but it's steady.  
And today it's all about the updated Paper & Cardstock aisle.  You'll find Second Helpings of lines you loved and want a bit more of.  Lines you want to make cards from.  Second Helpings are great for using in your Project Life or pocket-page albums.  Or maybe you've got a plan for a mini album and a couple packs of paper are all you need to get started.

Priced at $3.50 for paper from Bigger kits and
$1.50 for paper from Smaller kits.

Purchase five or more packs, you'll get a 10-sheet sampler pack of patterned paper for FREE!

No coupon necessary.  Pricing is good TODAY ONLY, Wednesday, April 24th only.  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Inspiration

I'm looking out the window at the falling snow, the accumulation of yet another four inches (that's what's sticking anyway) and the sun trying to burn through, without much success.  And then glance at the calendar and see that May, yes MAY, is just a week or so away.  Hard to believe given the view out the window.  I hear, supposedly, by the weekend we'll see 70's.   It's too bad that our furnace decided to give out on Sunday, just as the cold was moving in and not say, oh, next weekend when the forecast was more spring-like and less need-heat-like.

Today your inspiration comes from Wendi Robinson and her cute card made from the April All Year Cheer card kit.  The paper line is October Afternoon's Midway - the look is a far cry from the amusement park feel the line carries with it.  I love that!  I also love how Wendi mixes things up and even sees her designs in off-the-card ways, like the diamond shapes she trimmed out of one of the patterned papers.  Awesome.

Today, create a layout or card using Wendi's card as the inspiration.  Maybe you'll see shapes in your papers you can use as a background, border or embellishment.  Maybe you'll see coordinating products in other packs within your monthly kit.  Maybe you just love the grey and pink color combo.  Maybe you've got scraps on your table from your last project and just want to create a card.  Whatever it is, upload the link to the comment section for you chance at April's prize.

Don't you just love getting a handmade card?  There's just something about it that warms the soul.  If you're looking to add that thoughtful, homemade touch to your next card-giving opportunity, join autoship for the Card Kits.  You get more than enough product to create at least six, more often than not usually more, cards with each kit.  You also get full-color instructions for the examples produced by the designers.  With a membership you're sure to get a kit (they've been selling out regularly recently) and you'll start to build a nice stash off all-occasion cards for you to have on hand.

Happy Tuesday,

Monday, April 22, 2013

Is It Monday Already?

It feels like the weekend sped right on by.  I'm sure it was due to the fact that there was a make-up soccer game that I forgot about.  I had a time written on my calendar in the 12 y.o.'s block, but no field information.  So when I saw it last week during menu planning, I figured I'd just started to write in the wrong place.  Luckily another parent and I were chatting at the Saturday morning game and he mentioned the Sunday make-up game.  I guess I need to assume, given the season's number of rescheduled games, that there's going to be Sundays with games.  Yikes!  But we were there. . .and it was a heartbreaking loss, the go-ahead goal scored in the final minute. :(

I'm watching the sky cloud over with crazy speed as we await. . .wait for it. . .snow. . .yes.  I know!  But I have the day at home and a list of things to do.  You however, get to spend a few moments with this sketch from Page Maps and your latest kit.  Apron Strings kits plus sketches equals quick and easy layouts completed!  This sketch is great.  Yes, I know one photo, but the blocks above and below can be filled all or in part with smaller photos.  It's also easy to mirror this one-pager to create a double-page.  If you need some inspiration you can find the example with this sketch HERE.

Time to rotate laundry and start cleaning my floors.  At least the weather is a perfect background for the day I have planned.

Happy Monday,

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday at Last!

It's been one of weeks that seems about five days longer than it actually is.  But I'm finally to the end and just got notification that the 14 y.o.'s soccer game, scheduled up in Cheyenne, Wyoming, has been cancelled - field conditions are, no doubt, better suited to cross country skiing than soccer.  So yet another game goes on the reschedule list.  We've had more rescheduled games than played games.  This change opens up my Saturday a bit, with just a game (currently still on and at the home fields) in the early morning.  Let's see what I can accomplish with this change in plans - LOL, I'm not even going to list what I could do because it's just a disappointment when making the list is as close to the projects as I get.  LOL

I usually have a recipe to cook up for your family to enjoy while you sneak away to be creative, but today I have a recipe for you.  Well if you're a coffee drinker.  I'm a Foo-Foo, yes I admit it, coffee drinker - not to be confused with a Coffee Snob.  I love the creamy flavors that Starbucks has gotten me addicted to, but like a lot of folks, what I can afford is a more home-grown version.  Plus, like most homemade versions of anything, you know what's going in it.  I've been mixing up my own creamers for some time.  Most call for Sweetened Condensed Milk (SCM), but the cost of a single can is often more than just buying a flavored creamer at the store.  So this Creamer Base recipe that I Pinned to my I Cooked That board comes with a homemade SCM recipe.  Last week I tried it and, seriously, I couldn't tell a difference from the ones I've made with canned SCM.  Well, my dry milk had some clumps that never dissolved in the creamer, they dissolved in the hot coffee though, so no biggie.  I've mixed up several flavor combos and don't have a favorite yet; it's fun to play around.  My trusty Mason/Ball Jars (quart size) are perfect for the job.

Today, mix up your coffee and grab your inspiration to kick off your weekend.  Maria Swiatkowski shares her layout using the April Smaller than a Breadbox kit.  Here she's used it for her Project Life (aka Pocket Page) album.  I love this.  Quick.  Easy.  Clean.  Simple.  DONE!

Remember to link up your work in the comment section to get in for a shot at the April goodies.

I'll end simply with words I've seen in several social media places this week, since the events in Boston.  They are attributed to Mr. Rogers - and as I watch(ed) the videos of that morning I didn't have to look hard to find the helpers.  Proof that Good is out there.  God Bless them all - the helpers and the victims.

Happy Friday,

Thursday, April 18, 2013


There is some giant ball of bright light hanging in this morning's clear blue sky.  The bright light shows off a landscape that looks like it's been hosed down in marshmallow cream.  It is not, however, cutting through the 19 degree temperatures.  But it is melting the layers of ice and snow from the roads - gotta love Colorado altitude!  The snow continued to fall yesterday, but because it's so wet, there wasn't much more accumulation - maybe another 3" or so.  The 4 y.o. has been out in it daily.  As I heard him stomping around yesterday, I realized I should have offered him his shovel, bucket and sand molds to play with.  Maybe later today. . .though, like any kid, he does just fine making his own fun.

Because White is the dominating color 'round here these days, today's inspiration is saturated in color.  Found on Apron Strings' Color Theory Pinterest board it's put to good use on Kristin Perez's layout, using the Bigger than a Breadbox April kit - the American Crafts Lucky Charm line.  The line's colors are brighter than they appear in the picture, but not quite as bright as the Pinterest Pallet - they are more watercolor-y.  They are gorgeous and quite versatile.  This line alone was used by the designers for Easter, a mountain rafting trip, family photos and a birthday.

Once you've created your card, layout or perhaps a mini album from the past Easter holiday using today's colors for your inspiration, load a link into the comment section to gain your entry into the April Prize drawing.

Happy Wednesday,

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Uh. . .Yeah. . .Still Snowing

Having lived in Colorado for almost 40 years, I'm well versed in what Spring is like here, but even this is unusual.  Not unheard of, but unusual.  Shoot, we had snow fall a few days before my High School graduation which was at the end of May.  It's helping with the drought though, so there's not much complaining going on.  It inspires me to clean and organize, but unless there's snowman building it's still not fun when you have to be out and about in it.

Today's inspiration comes from Jennifer Halleck using the Bigger than a Breadbox April kit - the American Crafts Lucky Charm line. (Do you have your kit?  Pick one up today and you could be creating by the end of the week.)  This line is so fresh and full of spring.  The colors are saturated the graphics have a watercolor feel to them.  It's just fun and Jennifer put them to great use on her layout; I love the little scallops at the top of the page.  And Jennifer's not a fan of flowers.  She claims she's not comfortable making them look good on her layouts, but I think they look awesome - just sort of scattered here, they have a spring-blossom look about them. 

Use Jennifer's layout as your inspiration to create today.  The color pallet.  The theme.  The layout.  The flowers - if maybe you struggle too.  The scallop boarder - you don't need a punch or template, just cut circles and cut them in half and layer.
Link up your project in the  comments by the end of the month to be eligible for the goods!
Happy Wednesday,


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Snow Day for the Lucky Few

So apparently this (plus the additional 6" that fell after I took this photo) . . . 

isn't enough to close all schools - like the big public districts - but a mere 2" is enough to shut down the city.  The difference in the weather forecasts and how they talked about it on the news is crazy different from last week's "jump the gun" broadcasts.  It's rather amusing.

Half my family is happily ensconced in pajamas, blowing off homework, temporarily, from the night before and glazing their eyes in xBox gaming.  My boys are thrilled.  My daughter?  Not so much.  Compound it with the fact that she had to be at school at 7:00 am to speak with her Biology teacher in prep for a big mid-term later today and she is one happy camper.  Not.

But I was pretty happy - it made me smile - when I found this card on Pinterest.  It  is a fun and energetic (I need a lot of energy this morning) card and it's your inspiration for today.  I'm not sure what it is about this card that caught my eye.  Maybe it's because it's October Afternoon; my obsession   Maybe it's the many layers, something I'm not particularly good at.  Maybe it's the colors, a need given the 12" of snow covering our neighborhood.  Maybe it's the slice of cake graphic on the brad, like I need more of this given the pounds I added over the weekend!  Maybe it's just an excellent of example of using up some scraps, something I keep only long enough after finishing a layout to create a card,  Look it over, what attracts you?  Identify it, then use it for your inspiration to create your own card, layout or project.

Load your link to the comment section by the end of the month - be sure to note what was it about this card that you used in your own project - then you're eligible for the April goodies!

Happy Tuesday,

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weddings and Mondays

You know, those two things don't really go together - unless it was your own wedding and you're now on your honeymoon.  Which it was not and I am not.  It was my niece's and she's enjoying a honeymoon wandering at the Cherry Festival in D.C.  I am gazing at yet another day of falling snow and stupid squirrels eating the buds off my tree!


As I mentioned on Friday, from my phone no less, we spent a whirl-wind weekend in Kansas.  Well, I didn't say we were out of town, but it was alluded to.  Anyway, the 10 hour drive was followed by a quick 38 hours to enjoy the wedding, reception and a snippet of family time, followed by another 10 hour drive home.  She, as you can see, made a beautiful bride.  I wish them a world of happiness and a lifetime of love together.

My plate is full-full today as I try to catch up from the trip (aka laundry), get my calendar in order for the week (snow might help me remove some items from a very busy week) and move forward with a plate-full of Apron Strings work to be done (April kits are out the door and on their way to you.  If you don't have one coming via Autoship, you can snag one today.)  Best to get going on that. 

Before I go, I'll leave you with your challenge/inspiration for today.  From Becky Fleck over at PageMaps, a sketch.  I love the number of photos on this one!  If you're doing your own version of Project Life this is an awesome sketch for that - a nice grid - whether you use one page or both.

Remember to get your layouts, cards or other projects linked in the comment section by the end of the month to be eligible for this month's prize.

Happy Monday.

Friday, April 12, 2013


I'm currently sitting poolside while the boys splash,  make a lot of noise, shiver and turn purple.  My daughter just joined me from a shortened workout...she's got a cold that makes breathing tough for her run.  We are killing time until we head out to my niece's wedding later this evening.  And I'm typing on my phone which is fun.  I may need to get my laptop.

The boys are attempting to get the other to jump in the pool after spending time in the hot tub.  SPLASH.  SQUEAL.  COLD.  LAUGHTER.  My 4 y.o. is warming in the hot tub and refuses to leave now.

Today, because I'm on a bit of a vacation myself your challenge is to look around and find inspiration where you are.  If I was scrappin' instead of knitting I may draw inspiration from the pool.  The turquoise color of it.  Perhaps combine it with the chocolate of the floor tiles and crisp white of the pool surround.  Outside the pool windows the trees are spring green, there are white flowers bursting on some and then there's the peek of a deep blue sky between the clouds.  Maybe it's spring itself, making itself known, that inspires you.  Maybe it's a magazine ad that you just flipped past.  Whatever it is, user it to create your layout, card or other project.  Then share it with us to inspire others and earn yourself an entry into the April drawing.

Happy Friday.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snow. . .What Snow? and Your Inspiration

Our weather forecasters?  Not so great at the forecasting.  They had everyone on high-alert for a storm that hit the plains.  Schools closed.  State and local offices were closed.  Churches closed.  All these closures came the night before - before snow even started to fall!  People were sent to stores to stock up for the storm that produced. . .wait for it. . . 3" of snow and really no accumulation on the roads.  In fact, the roads were in worse shape TODAY than they were during the storm yesterday.  This is Colorado.  We are a people of snow.  We pack our shovels, double up our layers, toss "provisions" in the trunk, chain up and go about our business.  What the heck?

Now, at our house we did get, probably, 6-8" piled up on things like the grill and fences - things that don't retain heat.  So if this storm had come before the weather warmed up, it could have really been something.  But the ground and roads have been warming up so the snow just melted on contact.  It did snow all day - sometimes driving little snowflakes that sting when they hit you and sometimes the giant, fluffy flakes that just meander to the ground, the perfect for catching on your tongue kind.  It was beautiful, but too late in the year to make me giddy.

Because I'm ready for Spring, today's challenge/inspiration comes from Apron Strings' Color Theory board over on Pinterest.

And putting that color scheme to good use is Nancy Longo, using the Smaller than a Breadbox April kit - the Bo Bunny line.  The April kits go on sale today to non-autoship members.  Pick up one for yourself and dive into the lovely colors!

Share your project (card, layout or other paper-crafty project) with us in the comments and be eligible for this month's goody pack.

Happy Wednesday,

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Snow Day So Use Those Scraps!

So, an unplanned, but necessary little break there.  Life...I think that's a light down there and I don't hear a train horn, so fingers crossed that life will be back to it's usual chaos soon.

In the meantime, we had a snow day before the snow started flying - oh the cheering that ensued when the news hit Facebook feeds before it hit the local news stations.  And apparently a lot of snow is expected to be flying.  Like 12+ inches with high winds.  Crazy night of weather with snow/rain in the Denver area, 1" hail on the southeastern plains and a tornado up on the northeastern plains.  My poor daffodils!  Even the strawberries were starting to green up and now they're gonna be shivering under inches and inches of snow.

Now, I don't know if you're full-on into Spring or if you're having a step-back-into-Winter moment, but if you're looking at your day for your moment to craft, you can use this for inspiration - found on Pinterest and created using Bella Blvd papers.  Combine this adorable little card with the "Queen of Scraps," Kristin Perez's tutorial where she gives you an idea on how she uses up her kits to the last scrap.  This card is a great way to use up scraps - from the scalloped top, to the flowers themselves, even the ribbon.

Upload your scrap-laden creation by the end of April to become eligible for goodies.

Happy Tuesday,

Friday, April 5, 2013

Late But Here

Yesterday's "no post" was unplanned, so sorry about that.  Life has been crazy.  Today I  had plans to do some baking and I needed another batch of creamer, but was out of sweetened condensed milk so I was gonna try the make-your-own version.

I didn't get to the creamer (which I'll regret come morning) but I managed to get a loaf of White Bread, Pizza Dough, a triple batch of Red Sauce, an Alfredo Sauce, and Brownies done.  This White Bread is so good!  We aren't big white bread eaters, my kids grew up on whole wheat/whole grain stuff; white bread was for french toast, but this stuff is super easy to make, even by hand.  And the texture is awesome!  So soft. . .and it stays that way for several days, which is a trick here in the land of no-humidity.  Things dry out in a flash, so the fact this loaf stayed marshmallow-soft for days was like a mini miracle.  It could convert us away from the good-for-us breads. ;D

Pizza was on the menu for tonight - one pepperoni for the purists, one pepperoni and sausage for meat lovers, one Alfredo chicken for the dip-a-toe-in-the-water folks and one Greek chicken for the adventurous.   And holy cow - the Greek one turned out amazing!  Same sauce (Alfredo) as the Alfredo Chicken, same chicken and spinach, too, but sun dried tomatoes in place of fresh and Feta cheese instead of mozzarella.  Yummy.  I may need to sneetch another slice.

Now my weekend will be crazy with three soccer games, but I'm hoping, really, really, REALLY, hoping to spend time doing something crafty.  If you're thinking the same, hoping the same, here's a little inspiration to get you started.

The card, by Wendi Robinson was created using the April All Year Cheer Card Kit.  I can tell you Wendi cranked out seven equally adorable cards and you'll get complete instructions to make your crafting homemade wishes super easy!  Sign-up Today!

Happy (late) Friday,

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fog on Wednesdays

And not just foggy-headed, that's a given these days.  Actual fog is fairly uncommon for us. . .eastern plains and northern Colorado see it more frequently, but it's kind of a treat here in the 'burbs.  I love the fog; not so much the humidity, but the wispy clouds clinging to the ground.  The grey lace swirling around just out of reach above.  The cocoon of low visibility.  If it's raining that's just a bonus.

These are the kind of days that make me either: a) want to clean and organize, or b) blow off all house work and play in my studio.  Since neither of those are options for me today, I'll have to craft vicariously through you.  And I was thinking you could use Wendi Robinson's card (from the March All Year Cheer Card kit) to inspire you.  I love the sort of rustic-country thing she's got going on.  The wood-grain of the pennants, the twine, the cream flowers.  I like the stair-stepped mosaic pattern - which could be interspersed with photos on a scrapbook layout.  I like the blue and yellow combination.  Even that tiny bit of stitching across the tops of the pennants.  Break the card down to find your mojo, or just copy it out-right to create your own layout or card.

I haven't had time to dig out a prize for this month, but that shouldn't stop you from entering your project link to the comments.  You've seen past goodies - you know you'll want your shot at this months!

Happy Wednesday,

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Madness Winner

There were 27 items (layouts and cards) created during the March Madness challenges.  If you haven't looked through the links and gathered inspiration for yourself, please do - the work is amazing!

I do have a winner of a nice collection of goodies, selected from Random.org. . .

Congratulations to Jessica!  Please send me your mailing information and I'll ship out your goodies - probably in a couple weeks when I do the bulk of my kit shipping.

Thank you to all of you who created and shared your work. 


I guess it's after Easter. . .there is Peep sugar dusting my floors and sprinkled across my tables, Easter Basket grass crunches under my feet, and not in the good way, and floats down from . . . I have no clue where it comes from, little tin wrappers from what I assume is chocolate eggs are found balled up all over the house, there's an overabundance of ham in my 'fridge and I seem to have gained two pounds overnight.  Seriously. . .Overnight!  There's no tree to take down and no pumpkins decorating my porch, so yeah, it must have been Easter. 

It passed in such a whirlwind that I'm not sure I got to enjoy it much. I had boys serving during services on both Holy Thursday evening and Good Friday evening.  We colored eggs between a soccer game and heading to church for the Vigil Mass on Saturday night.  Got up Sunday morning, hunting for eggs and baskets took place while I prepped for the small Easter dinner that I was hosting.  Scrambled to get dressed and head to my parent's house for breakfast, more egg hunting and sugar consumption.  After too short a visit with them, headed home to finish getting dinner together.  Ate with hubby's side of the family and visited for a bit.  Cleaned up.  Got the 4 y.o. to bed during a sugar crash.  Went down to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead.  On a side note - to those who watch The Walking Dead (we are serious followers - we may have withdrawals this weekend) can I just say - I'm over the governor.  Really?  He's like freakin' Rasputin - how many people have had the chance to off that maniac and nobody did it!  Anyway, I ended the weekend working on the new site for its launch yesterday.  By the way. . .how do you like the new website?

If you're over the remains of Easter baskets, I suggest you escape to your crafty space and use this ad from Crate & Barrel as your inspiration.  Shoot, the mess will still be there, right?  No little elf bunnies are coming to clean it up. . .so go, grab a handful of chocolate eggs and head off to craft a little before tackling the mess.  Use the color scheme, use the layout or find something else - wood grains, twine, circles, etc. found in the photos to provide your inspiration.

Go ahead and upload your work to the comment section and it'll enter you into the drawing at the end of the month.

Happy Tuesday.