Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Company, Beautiful Papers

We're always on the lookout for new companies. So imagine our thrill to find Lily Bee. We selected their French Couture line (one of two they launched with and we hope to bring the other line in a future kit.) I was a tad, mmmm, wary about the arrival of these papers. We had selected them online (where they looked good, or we wouldn't have picked them) but we had seen other Couture lines online that we thought we'd like, only to see them in person and it wasn't the same -- something didn't work. But, holy moly, when these papers arrived it was better than I had expected. The colors are rich and vibrant, the patterns are both sophisticated and adorable. There is a cream paper that has just hints of pattern and color on the outer edges that is just beautiful! I can't wait to use them. I'm thinking that they would look really nice paired with my son's First Communion photos -- he's wearing a sage green suit that would look really good set against these papers -- yes, flowers and all. :)

Because the paper line is an intriguing mix of patterns, we chose embellishments that we think are a little bit of both; elegant and cute. There is a large diecut from the line (they vary from kit to kit), the one shown in the picture below is a smaller version of the cream paper I spoke of earlier, we added an embossed metal butterfly, a vintage metal saying, some pearl flowers, a little bit of swirly-bling goodness, a rhinestone button and some rub-on stitches (because not everyone sews :), plus the alphabet stickers. Just the right amount of pieces to really showcase the lovely papers.

This line has so many possibilities for photos -- we already have one about a ballerina, but graduations or weddings (or any of the pre/post parties that go with such events). I can see them paired up with fall events, Christmas activities and the teal and orange make me think of beaches and summer too. The line is so versatile you shouldn't have any trouble finding something to go with it -- maybe just deciding which one. Photobucket

Friday, May 29, 2009


WooHoo! Last day of school here. Okay, though, one question -- why is it harder to get the kids up and out the door on the last day than it is on the first?? Alright, so two questions -- what is up with going to school on the last day for two and half hours? Seriously.

Nonetheless, at 10:30 this morning they are officially on summer break. Let the whining, being bored and picking on each other begin, because when they come at me with that, well let's just say, "Let the chores begin!" Because I have a list of things to hand them when they get going at each other my hope is to get my house in order, get back into creating pages and relaxing!! No sports, no homework, no running -- wheeeeee.

Speaking of vacation, check out the page that Kathy created with the Jenni Bowlin line. She sent this to me right after I posted about wishing I had gone cherry picking when we were in Michigan. Fun for her, she did and those pictures were the perfect thing for the Jenni Bowlin papers (the cherries they brought back to the hotel were delish!).


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lovin' the Vintage

Okay, I don't know what it is about vintage, but I LOVE it. Always have. Maybe it's the just the idea of simpler times. A time when being together was easier to do - at least when you look at it from this side. That country, homemade, cozy feel to it that really, REALLY, appeals to me. So the fact that the manufacturers have plenty of it out there just makes me happy. I totally fell in love with Jenni Bowlin's Farmer's Wife line when I first saw it. OMGoodness, I knew we had to use it. All that throw-back country goodness. Yum! I mean, here take a closer look at it -

Those plump little cherries look like they belong at a picnic -- which would be great photos to use these papers with. Combined with the sweet little polka-dot and the ledger-style paper brings country to your door. I love these notebook/ledger papers because they make writing my journaling in straight lines so easy -- I don't have to draw lines and then erase, or just attempt it free-hand only to find my writing slanting up and down!

Now take a closer look at the little yummies we paired with these papers. Those milk cap buttons, OMGoodness they are sooo stinkin' cute! Throw in that mini bingo card, the Apothecary stickers with the little ruler and stars, the gingham ribbon and a sprinkle of mini brads and how can you not play with this kit?! There are so many possibilities for layouts: good old fashioned 4th of July - the kind with bike parades and BBQ's that sport cherry pie for dessert. The papers make me wish I had gone cherry picking last summer when we were on vacation in Michigan. Shoot get me a tree, my kids and my camera and I'll set up the photo shot now. :) Any picnic, even the end-of-school-year picnics, local bazaars or even a trip to your area farmer's market. I could hardly wait to get my hands on this line, and I know you'll feel the same way when that postal box hits your front step! Photobucket

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Follow-up

Wwweeelll, no scrapbooking was done by me this weekend -- how about you? I played with scrapbook things; invoices, products and sneak views of the June kits, but that's as close as I got. Whatcha gonna do??

That doesn't mean I didn't get some great shots, for eventual scrapbooking, of my boys playing soccer this weekend. We ended up with 8 games over 2 days, so it was a whirlwind for us. My older son's team didn't qualify for medal play and my other son's team took third. Add the thrill of watching them play to the very exciting weather we had and it was a pretty good weekend.

Now we're back to life as usual, but I am happily looking forward to the end of school for us -- this Friday! Check with me in, oh, two weeks to see if I'm still happy or if the "I'm bored" has taken me over the edge.

Have you had a chance to check out the Sneaks and browse The Pantry for goodies for this month? If not, take a look, savor and enjoy.


Monday, May 25, 2009

June Sneak Peeks

Time to start dreaming. Time to start anticipating. Time to start looking forward.

For Summer? Heck no! For June kits! The Sneak Peeks are up and, if I do say so myself, they are great! We've got a new company, Lily Bee, and their French Couture line, as well as Basic Grey's Lime Rickey in the Bigger than a Breadbox kit. In the Smaller than a Breadbox kit we've got Doodlebug's new Sweet Treats, Fancy Pants' new Delight and Jenni Bowlin's Farmer's Wife. Add some great embellies and it's all good!

Keep you eyes peeled here this week as we take a closer look at the goods.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weekend Plans

It's the unofficial start to Summer. School, for most kids, is wrapping up in the next week or two. Temperatures are heatin' up. Vacation plans are being hatched. Long, hot days aren't far away. Neither is BBQ'ing to keep the heat out of the kitchen and semi-cool evenings on the porch listening for the ice cream man. And if you're dish-obsessed (see previous post) I switch out my Spring set for my Summer set. (Oddly, love my summer dishes, hate the summer.)

Yep, Memorial Day weekend means summertime isn't far off. How do you spend your holiday weekend? With family and BBQ? With flowers and memories for a trip to a cemetary? With photos and kits for some scrapbooking? Or is it just another weekend with a bonus day off? For us, if the weather holds, we'll spend it at a soccer tournament with two of our boys; two boys, six games (inital games) two days equals fun, right? Fun. And if I'm really lucky, maybe some time (and inspiration) to scrapbook. We'll see.

On another note, a big TOOT goes out to one of our own, Michelle Houghton, who is teaching a class over at Debbie Hodge's site, Get It Scrapped. "Oodles of Doodles" registration is open now. Class starts June 15th and it looks like a super fun class. If you were a participant at NYC Scraps and miss it, or are looking for a place with great classes and a gentle nudge to try something new -- this is your place. Michelle is an awesome scrapbooker and I know her class will be terrific. Besides, in this day when saving a little helps a lot, how can you go wrong by using a pen, thread and/or hand cutting, with Michelle's tutelage, to add great (and inexpensive) pizazz to your pages! The class has downloads so there's no reason to let this chance slip on by.

Have a great weekend, no matter how you spend it. Look for Sneaks coming up next week!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Because I Said I Would

I really did do the Photo Treasure Hunt. My daughter helped me, she thought it was really fun and kept coming up with multiple things, but I had to rein her in to just one. I'll probably use most of them for my Project 365, too. I have to say I fell a bit behind and missed a couple of days during the last week or two, so these will be fun things to include and fill in the blanks.

So, here we go

Ugliest thing? This horrific chair that took the brunt of my foster dachshund's separation issues. He is my brother-in-law's dog that we took care of while the BIL was in Iraq. To say the dog had separation issues would be putting it mildly. The chair took the worst of it, but that's not to say he didn't take his "sadness" out on the rest of the living room furniture. It looks better when I flip the cushion over and the "debate" still rages on whether to replace or recover, which is why it's still in the house.

My middle son, Tom, sort of doing what I asked. The kids wanted to sleep in the family room, so this is him "taking a break" from straightening up. He at least has his sleeping bag rolled up and his pillows together. I can't say the same for two of his other siblings.

Please note, my scrap space is "decorated" with scrapbooking things. However, the desk is filled with work-related objects; invoices, notes, sales receipts. If we excavate down a ways, below the layer of work stuff we find the corner a cutting mat and a random circle cutter, proof that at one time, not long ago, there was scrapbooking done on this site. Sadly this is the only scrap-related residue we could locate on our hunt. :(

This is one my daughter helped me with. My first thought was I love Basset Hounds, so I have little figurines, a daily calendar and odds and ends around the house with their images. I told my daughter I wasn't "obsessed with them" but they were something I collected, but I couldn't think of anything else. She then went behind me and opened my cupboard doors, thus revealing my true obsession -- dishes. It's true, I am obsessed with them. I can't explain it really, but I love dishes. The new Pfaltzgraff catalog will get my heart racing and I need to have quiet time to browse through the catalog. I have, I think, six sets; one for each season (which get rotated regularly), my good china and my "outdoor" dishes when we either picnic or eat on the back patio (these I want to replace this year.) We won't count the number of sets I've had, and sold to finance a new version.

It's black, lots of pockets for organizing, which feeds my need to be so and very large. Good for carrying magazines to practices and baby paraphernalia when I don't want to lug around a diaper bag too! I think I need a more Spring-y one though.

The projects I've created lately are rare, unless you count school projects and cookies. But this is about the only "scrapbooking" I'm doing these days - my Project 365. Unfortunately, this page is from two weeks ago and you can clearly see the week isn't even complete. I have the photos, it's just a matter of printing them. Note to self - do it!

I did not clean it before the photo -- it usually is pretty good looking during the day. Catch it after dinner and it looks different. Oddly, nothing is ever in the sink, the people in this family stack the dishes on any available counter space. What's up with that?

And finally, my front door. It used to be a gorgeous shade of cranberry, but we have an HOA -- 'nuf said. But it does have a little pumpkin sitting there wondering what Mommy's doing now!

I love this little break during the weekend and I'd love to do it again! Thanks, Vicki!


Blog Hop Winner

Alrighty, computer number two, a brief "dangit he's awake" scare and I'm back with the winner from the Blog Hop.

I really enjoyed hopping around our Sous Chefs blogs, and will continue to Hop with them - they're all on my "Favorites" -- they are wonderful and filled with great ideas. We are very lucky to have them all on the team this year! Thank you ladies.

We tossed our entries into the hat, or rather did it virtually at, and pulled out Rene Bailey. Rene, I believe we have your information on file, but if you drop us an email ( with your shipping information we'll get you Cookie Jar Treat in the mail.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the challenges, hopped the Hop and generally visited the Apron Strings Blog over the weekend. We hope you'll continue to follow us and play along again! :)


Great Weekend!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! The weather here was wonderful, finally, and today we are looking straight in the face of 90 degrees or better. 'Course by the end of the week we'll be looking at rain and 60's. Which is totally fine by me, I hate the hot weather, so it can hold off as long as possible. I think we need a huge round of applause for our Sous Chef team, they did an absolutely fantastic job this weekend in challenging and inspiring us! Thank you ladies, thank you!! If you didn't get a chance to hop around to all their blogs, I highly recommend the tour. Their work is phenomenal and you'd be hard pressed to not leave a blog with your fingers just wanting to dig into your kits and photos. Because a teething baby interrupted. . .well. . .everything I had planned yesterday, I'm hoping for a tiny reprieve today. I had started this post yesterday, so I'll continue and finish it today because we have important things to do -- announce winners! One from each Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Blog Hop. So without further ado (and because I think he might actually be asleep, but for how long only God knows) we have the following winners: On Friday we had two great sketch challenges, one from Maria (to kick things off) and one from Amy C. (the first ever sketch she shared :)). We also had the "Outdoorsy" challenge from Kristi and Jennifer's recipe challenge. Our winner for Friday -- Molly! Molly since you're an Apron Strings member you can look for your Cookie Jar Treat in your next shipment. Congrats!! Saturday we enjoyed another great round of challenges, starting with Louisa-May's cutout challenge, Tammi's very cleaver ASD challenge, and Jana's Traditional Spin challenge. Interspersed during the day was Vickilyn's Photo Hunt; loved it! (I'll post my photos later today.) So, Saturday's winner is: Natalie! Natalie, as you are also a member, you too can look for your goodies in your next shipment. Nice work! Sunday we wrapped up the weekend with Gloria's "Lift" challenge, Vicky K.'s Fruit Punch (I liked the title and what it meant) and finished up with Anita's 'Tis the Season challenge. Our final daily winner is: Briel -- congrats on all the great pages you did, too! You can also find your low-fat, guilt-free Treat in your next shipment! Again, I can't say enough how fun and different all the challenges were. I know some of you got a tremendous amount of pages done and hope that those of you who took part at home were equally successful in completed pages. I need to switch computers to post the Hop winners -- be back for those :)


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lift Yourself Challenge

My challenge is the last one for this weekend . . . Lift Yourself.

Find a layout of your own that you LOVE and ROTATE it to create a NEW layout.

Don't forget Apron Strings is going to be giving away goodies from the Cookie Jar and in order to be eligible for prizes you need to leave a comment with a link to your work by tonight at 10:00 pm MDT.

Good Luck,

Gloria Apron Strings Scrapbook Sous Chef

Quench Your Thirst - Fruit Punch Challenge

Quench your scrappy thirst by mixing up some Fruit Punch with me!

Create a layout (8x8 or larger, double or single paged) using something fruity. Could be fruit papers or embellishments. Or, perhaps, you have some pictures of you going berry picking in the summer. Anything goes as long as it relates to fruit!

Also, pull out those fun punches & use those on your layout.

Apron Strings is going to be giving away some goodies from the Cookie Jar and in order to be eligible for prizes you need to leave a comment and a link to your work.

Vicky Kelly Apron Strings Scrapbook Kit Sous Chef

'Tis the Season of Celebrations Challenge

For my challenge I would like you to create a card that fits with the celebrations that are happening during this fun time of year. Graduations (pre-school, middle school, high school, college); weddings, arrival of a baby, first communion, confirmation, birthdays, etc. Whatever your celebration let us see a card to go along with it. I have attached some samples.
Apron Strings is going to be giving away some goodies from the Cookie Jar and in order to be eligible for prizes you need to leave a comment and a link to your work Please put the link and comment on the Apron Strings blog as well as on my blog because I will be giving away a fun RAK package on Sunday 5/17 evening. Have fun and thanks for playing.
Apron Strings All Year Cheer Sous Chef

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Traditional Spin...

Hey y'all!! I'm Sous Chef Jana and my challenge is taking a spin on the traditional 2 page layout... A lot of the time, as scrapbookers, we like to do two page layouts. It may be because we LOVE to take pictures and we want to use EVERY great one or it may be because we are used to always doing 2 page layouts. I did too, for many years. Unfortunately, they take up a lot of room on the shelf as you scrapbook more and more. My daughter's baby album turned in to 2 albums, filled to the brim! So, my challenge to you is to scrapbook two events as a side-by-side as a 2-page layout *OR* scrapbook 2 events as 1-page layouts. Maybe you only have a few pictures for each one or even just a single picture. You can use the same paper for each layout or different paper - it's up to you. I just want to challenge you to try a one page layout, or two, instead of doing your normal 2 pagers! As with the rest of the challenges, you need to leave a comment on this blog post to be eligible for a Cookie Jar Treat. It must link to your layout. Lori will draw one winner for each day so the more you create, the better chance you have to win! If you also link your layout to my blog, Just Jana, I'll also draw for a RAK from those participants as well! (Due date for my RAK is Wednesday, midnight EST.)And don't forget to follow the blog hop! If you haven't started yet, start with Maria's and get started collecting those phrases!

Happy Scrapping!! Jana Patterson

Treasure Hunt - Last One - #8

Okay - this is the last one - you have ONE HOUR to get all your photos attached to the proper posts. I will tell you - I will be checking them at 6:00 PM EST (that is my time) - so be sure to have all your pictures linked to the proper posts by then! I hope you've been having fun. If you are just joining us now, please refer back to THIS POST for all the rules.

Ready? Here goes...your final treasure:


After all - this is where we enter HOME every day! What is more important than that!

Here's mine:

And that's all of them!! You have until 6PM EST to get them all linked up! And if you are just joining us now - you can still win - just click fast on that camera! LOL

Hope you had fun!! We will announce the winner some time tomorrow.

Treasure Hunt #7

Only one more to go after this one - are you ready????

This hour I want to see:


Yes, you read that correctly - again - no cleaning allowed. You know how the saying goes - everything but the kitchen sink. Well, this time, I want the sink.

Here's mine:

Not too clean, but not too messy either! My husband did the dishes early last night, so there are a few dirties in there.

Okay - only one left! Remember - if you're jumping in now - please refer back to the original Treasure Hunt post - which you can CLICK HERE to get to. Also, make sure you are posting your pictures on whatever post asked for that particular item!

I will be back in an hour with the last one!

Treasure Hunt #6

After this one - there's only 2 more!! Hope you are finding everything okay!

And this hour's item is:



I made this card last night:

If you're just jumping in, please refer back to THIS POST for the instructions - you can jump in now and still have time to win!

I hope you're having fun!! Please refer back here often - there's a LOT going on this weekend!

Treasure Hunt #5

Okay - if you have taken ALL the pictures you need so far - you're more than half done! Hope you're having fun on the Treasure Hunt. If you are just joining us now, please refer back to THIS POST for the Treasure Hunt instructions.

On to item #5




Here's mine:

It's by Nine West and VERY soft! :)

So, how many treasures have you found so far today? This is #5 - you only have three to go!! Remember, you can jump in at any time, as long as they are all posted ONE HOUR after #8 goes live - you can win!!

Be back in an hour....

"A S D" Challenge

My challenge is for you to use the name "Apron Strings Designs" as inspiration for your layout and include at least one item on your layout that begins with the letter of all three words. An example could be to use a diecut apple for A, stitching for the letter S and Doodlebug paper for the letter D. There are so many possibilities so just have fun with it! For my example, I used American Crafts paper for "A" , orange string for "S" and distressing ink for the letter "D" This kit is part of the Apron Strings Smaller than a Breadbox kit from September '08. (Orange string and distressing ink not in the kit.)

Don't forget to link a copy of your picture to this thread, along with what your three items were, for your chance to earn a ballot toward some great cookie jar treats!! I can't wait to see all of the layouts that you create!! Tammi Apron Strings Scrapbook Kit Sous Chef

Treasure Hunt #4

How are you doing so far? Having fun? Scrapping and hunting?

Ready for the fourth item on your list?



Here's mine:

Yes, CSI: Miami - those are the first 6 seasons on DVD.

If you are just joining us now, CLICK HERE to see the original post. There's still time for you to participate and WIN!! Go grab your camera and get those pictures up!

Treasure Hunt #3

How are you doing? Finding your items ok?

Next up:



Here's mine:

You can tell I didn't clean first...LOL

Make sure you attach your link to the post asking for that specific item. If you are just joining us, please refer to the start post ------>CLICK HERE.

Happy Hunting!

Treasure Hunt #2

Next item up in the treasure hunt:




Here's my son Devin:

Please remember to link your photo to the correct post.

If you are jumping in right now, please read the instructions on the original treasure hunt post --------->CLICK HERE!

Happy Hunting - go go go!!


Vickilyn here!! Aren't all these challenges great so far? Be ready for some more...

On to the treasure hunt - here's how it works:

  • Every hour on the hour I will give you a "treasure" to search for.
  • You will need to take a picture of it and post a link to it here. Please post each picture on the post where that picture was requested.
  • You will get one treasure to search for - every hour on the hour.
  • There will be 8 treasures to search for, you need to get them all in order to be qualified to win.
  • If you do not have a blog, you can post your photos into a photobucket (or other online photo hosting gallery) so that you too can participate!
  • All pictures need to be posted ONE HOUR after the FINAL treasure in order to be qualified to win.
  • I will post mine on each post for you to see.

So without further adieu - here we go:

The first item you need to "search" for:


Just take a picture, upload to where you choose and link it back here. Remember, it must be on this post and must be uploaded ONE HOUR after the FINAL ITEM. So when you see item #8 go up - you have one hour. (I only state it this way as I know we are in different time zones)

Here's my ugly thing - it's a lamp that my husband won't let me throw out. It's his - not mine, I just have to live with it. It lives in the living room (please ignore the clutter on the table.)

Happy Hunting!

A challenge : having fun with CUT-OUTs !!!

I LOVE cutouts ! Especially when the papers are just OOOHHH so pretty, and you can't bear to cover them up with photos and other stuff. I get into that fix all the time ! So what does a gal do ?? Cut those designs out !! And now you've got yourself a whole bunch of yummy die-cut embellishments to play with ! Here are some examples of what i've done using cut-outs 1) To personalise and embellish a plain box as a gift, like this one i did using the MME Laundry Line papers On layouts, they are also super fun to use: 2) As a frame for a photo like this one from the AS March kit 3) Or as bellies everywhere, like in this layout ! The yellow flower and black glitter swirls were cut right out from a GCD Studios paper - which is in May's AS larger than a breadbox kit ! Here's a tip : For those impatient and less precise souls like me, don't be too caught up with having the design trimmed right to the design edge. It is often easier to leave a border when cutting out the design, and this also lets the design 'pop' better !! So here's the not so unnerving challenge (or as my daughter would say 'Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy !!" ). Simply leave a comment on this post with a link to where your layout, project or card incorporating cut-outs is, and you'll stand to win a scrappy treat from Apron Strings !! Cool ya !! So get your scissors out ladies and I can't wait to see what you've come up with. Have fun !!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sketch Challenge

The final challenge for today is a sketch challenge. The sketch is a first, in that it's the first sketch Amy has shared. We're honored! And its great!

You can see Amy's take on her sketch using the September '08 Smaller than a Breadbox kit on her blog.

Be sure to post a link to your layout in the comments section to be eligible for a Cookie Jar Treat. You can earn more entries by taking part in more than one challenge a day.

Don't forget to play in the Blog Hop. Collect the Apron Strings phrases from each of the Designer's Blogs and email all them to by Sunday at 6:00 pm MDT to be eligible for another Cookie Jar Treat.

Good luck and keep playing all weekend!

Amy C. Apron Strings Scrapbook Kit Sous Chef

Recipe Challenge

Hey there! I'm Sous Chef Jennifer and I'm bringing you a Recipe Challenge today! I also wanted to let you know that I've seen the list of challenges planned for the weekend (not the specifics mind you!) and it looks like there is so much fun to be had! I won't be able to do much because of my daughter's birthday party on Sunday but I'm looking forward to being inspired by your work! For my Recipe Challenge, please create any-size layout with these ingredients (all must be present but feel free to add more!): - at least 3 pictures - sewing (hand or machine, please no faux sewing) - strip journaling - a monogram - bling (crystals, shimmerz, glimmer mist, stickles etc.)

In order to be eligible for a Cookie Jar Treat (yummy!), you must leave a comment on this blog post with a link to your layout. Lori will draw one winner for each day so the more you create, the better chance you have to win! If you also link your layout to my blog, Scrapshots of Me, I'll also draw for a RAK from those participants as well! And don't forget to follow the blog hop! If you haven't started yet, head on over to Maria's blog and get started collecting those phrases! Happy Scrapping!
Jennifer Apron Strings Scrapbook Kit Sous Chef

It's all about the BIRDS, the BEES, the FLOWERS, and the TREES

I just got two gorgeous kits to design with for the month of June with such fun spring papers!! You have to wait and see those, but here are three of my favorites from the past. All of these pages share a common thing - some type of OUTDOOR-SY patterned paper or animal. My challenge for this blog hop is quite easy.... show me your LAYOUT (either one page or two page) with some type of bird, tree, or other animal in the paper or in the form of your embellishment (as in my first example where the chipboard bird and tree are used.)
Leave a comment below with a link to your post for a chance to win a prize!!
And if you want a chance to win a RAK from me come on over to MY BLOG and enter your comment again. While at my blog look for the link at the bottom of my post and you can start hopping! And don't forget to come over and look for the "phrases" you are collecting.
Apron Strings Scrapbook Kit Sous Chef

Sketch Challenge

Let's get the day (and this weekend party) started with a Sketch Challenge. This one comes to us from our designer Maria, who's at work right now.

Create your layout and leave a comment, with a link to your layout, and earn a chance at a Cookie Jar Treat. Play all day and you'll earn extra entries in today's drawing. Play all weekend, for that matter, to earn Treats.

See Maria's take on the sketch here.

Maria also has a small RAK of the new Basic Grey clear stamps (so cute) if people leave a comment on her blog today. How can you not play along??

Actually, Maria's Blog is the first Hop in the Blog Hop. Visit her and all our Sous Chefs' blogs. Check out their awesome blogs, collect the Apron Strings Phrases they all have, and when you've gotten them all, email your list to for an entry to win yet another Cookie Jar Treat.

Maria wishes you luck!

Let's Get This Party Started!

Hopefully, you are all prepped and ready to go. We have lots of great challenges coming up this weekend. Our Sous Chefs (designers) are wonderfully inspiring ladies, so it shouldn't be hard to find a challenge or two to take part in. With each challenge you undertake, you'll earn an entry to win a Cookie Jar Treat. Simply leave a comment, with a link to your finished work for that particular challenge, and you'll be entered into a drawing. We'll award a Cookie Jar Treat a day, during the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Participating in more daily challenges earns you a greater chance to win.

PLUS, we have our Blog Hop. You'll be hopping from one of our Chef's Blogs to the next. Check out their blogs and collect the unique phrases they all have. When you've collected them all, email your list of phrases about Apron Strings AutoShips to us at (by the end of the Hop on Sunday, May 17th at 6:00 pm MDT) to be entered into a drawing for yet another Cookie Jar Treat. We're all about the treats this weekend! Non-fattening too :)

So, let's get this party started -- watch for our first challenge to post this morning. And Hop on over to Maria's Blog, check out her fabulous work and collect your first Apron Strings Phrase.



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do-It-Ourselves Scrapbook Day - Coming Soon

Oh my goodness, the things we have in store for you this weekend!

Since we were otherwise occupied on National Scrapbook Day, we've decided to host our own thing -- a Do-It-Ourselves Scrapbook Day. The design team has some fantastic challenges coming your way this weekend. Add to that a Hop around to our designers' blog, too (and they are awesome, inspiring places to visit.) The icing on this cake? Cookie Jar Treats.

So grab some kits and photos and get ready to play. Come and stay for all the fun, or come and play for just a little bit. Either way, you'll have a great time, get some pages completed and be eligible for Treats!



Monday, May 11, 2009

Shipping Day

I don't know what it is about shipping day, but I am pretty brain dead when we're through. We've got it down to a science, which I'd hope after four years, but it's still mentally exhausting. Maybe part of it is just because when I get home a good portion of the day is gone, and there are still breakfast dishes in the kitchen sink, the floor is unswept (the cheerios on the floor are proof of that) and there's the daily chore list that hasn't been touched. And we won't even talk about dinner -- which ain't gonna happen, so it's leftovers.
For all the lack-of-accomplishment feelings this day leaves behind, I can look at the stack of boxes sitting and waiting for pick-up and know that I did get something done. And there are antsy people awaiting the arrival of all those boxes.
So, with my final stop after shipping being the drop off of the international/APO boxes with the post office and snagging a couple snacks -- my monthly run and then heading home, with a cranky boy in tow and a grumbly stomach, I have to finish up the newsletter. There are so many great layouts done with this month's kit, I know you are going to love it as much as you love the kits.
Here's another little sneak of one of the great layouts you'll see in the May newsletter. Created by Vickilyn Crawford.