Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OMG - Memory Loss Spans?????

I completely forgot about our Monday challenge - and I really don't have an excuse for it except that my memory is not in its best capacity lately. I usually have the ladies of our yahoo group remind me if I don't post it...but if you ladies did...never got the email so I apologize for that. Again my apologies to all! Well, obviously Easter is around the corner so for all of us that celebrate it: lets scrap our Easter pictures. If you are a lucky gal that is all caught up with your pictures, then how about an Easter card or maybe the LO for the pictures of this year??? If you don't celebrate Easter you can play anyway...just scrap any special occasion that you wish. Remember that you have until Saturday afternoon to post all of your creations of the 3 challenges to be eligible for a yummy cookie jar treat. Thanks to all the people that are participating...your talent is amazing and so inspirational. Have a great rest of the week and Happy Easter, Bessie

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Square Card, Rectangle Envelopes? Not Anymore.

Square Envelope Tutorial By Gloria Stengel I love to make square cards, but it’s not easy to find (or afford) square envelopes. Therefore, I’ve figured out a way to make them from scrapbook paper. You can make them any size you wish, and use any paper you have on hand. 1. First, measure your card diagonally, from corner to corner.

2. Add approx. 2” inches to the dimension you recorded in Step 1 above. For this example, you’ll need a sheet of paper 9x9 inches square to make your envelope. I make my envelopes a bit larger than normal since I tend to make lumpy cards. If you find 2” is too much, try adding 1” or 1 ½ “ to your diagonal measurement instead.

3. Once you have your square of paper for your envelope, lightly trace lines on the reverse as shown below.

4. At each edge, cut a 1 ¼ ” notch as shown by the shaded sections below.

5. You will have an envelope base that looks like the diagram below. Next, score on the dotted lines shown below. 6. Now, you can now fold your envelope and attach adhesive to the flaps. This makes a perfect square envelope every time. You can alter your measurements to accommodate any square card: 3x3, 6x6, etc.

Thanks, Gloria, for the invaluable tool! :) Photobucket

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sneak Peeks and 5 on Friday

Holy cow, I'm missing a whole day because of the snow day. The snow is just about gone, but more is on the way, so I'm watching the gray skies get more gray and the temperatures are dropping. Spring is such a fun, exciting thing in Colorado, or as Forest would say, "you never know whatcha gonna git." Like I said, fun. I do know you can grab a peek of April's kits, right here, right now. Lots of fun things going on in them next month.

So, I'm cropping tomorrow, which I hope isn't like shopping. You know when you have the time, you've made the plans and you're actually looking forward to going only to find nothing in your size, shape or color. Let's hope it's a productive evening. If you're looking at some cropping this weekend, and are looking to get in the running for a Cookie Jar Treat, you'll need today's 5 on Friday to complete the week's challenges. So, here you go:
  • 1 sheet cardstock
  • 1 sheet patterned paper with floral pattern or pink
  • 1 set of photographs with boys in them
  • 1 tag of some kind, any size
  • 1 set of at least 6 brads

Let's show people flowers and pink aren't for girls alone! :) Remember, all challenges are due by Saturday night.

Soccer club is on break this weekend due to public schools being on Spring Break, so no having to stand in the snow for a game (or get yet another "game cancelled" notice that will inevitably make for a crazed make-up schedule), though we do have an early Volleyball game tomorrow morning.

Whatever your weekend plans, I hope you enjoy them.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Head's Up

It'll be April 1st in one week. No foolin'. Hard to believe it's Spring, especially when looking at the snow covering my crocus and the poor bent over bushes and split trees from the storm two days ago. The nice thing about Colorado is that the snow doesn't hang around long - the streets are clear and dry, even neighborhood streets that didn't see a plow, and the snow has melted enough to see patches of the grass in the backyard. April will bring two things - the "Hop to It" month-long challenge and following along with Ali Edwards' Week in the Life.

So you can do a little pre-planning, maybe pull some kits and photos you've been wanting to get done, there will be three challenges issued each week, they'll be due on the weekend. Prizes will be available ;)


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Snow, Sketch and Scrapbook Pages

Holy moly, that was a good storm yesterday. Kids were thrilled as the snow came pouring down like rain - nothing gentle about those flakes. They quickly piled up and coated everything - it's like the snow was hosed on to the trees - snow is wrapped around all sides of the trunks and branches. The kids went to bed hoping for a snow day, after all the public schools had already announced they'd be closed, but I told them their school, which is private, wasn't on the list yet; it popped up around 11 pm - even I was thinking "finally!" The boys woke early to check the news and the "closed school scroll" at the bottom of the screen - and there is was! "And there was much rejoicing. Yeah." (for any Monty Python fans :) So they are out snowball fighting, snow man building and generally enjoying the free day. Enjoy the photos Maggie :)
Snow or no snow, it's Sketch Wednesday. Today's sketch comes from Sketchy Thursdays. Remember, this challenge, plus Monday's and the 5 on Friday are due by Saturday evening to be eligible for Treats.

Then there's the really big new - I scrapbooked again. I know. "What," you say, "Isn't that like twice in a month?" Yes, it is. And I'll be doing more again this weekend. Here's a look at what I did over Spring Break.

Enjoy your Wednesday - snow day or not. Photobucket

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Challenge - Hand write it!

Okay ladies, its Monday again and time is flying by that the challenge completely slipped my mind. I can't believe how fast time is going...although I have to admit that I'm loving the fact that Spring is here. Yay! Today's challenge will be a very simple one for some people and a very challenging one for others. 95% of the time I hand write my journaling...so for people like me this will be an easy peasy - but for others hum, it will be a toughy. The purpose with this challenge is to start making you feel comfortable with your handwriting in those beautiful LO's that you create - giving it your personal touch. Not that if your journaling is computer generated is not personal - I know it is - but lets step outside our comfort zone a bit and discover new things. So are you in? Hand write your journaling and show us for a chance to win a yummy cookie jar treat if you complete all the challenges this week. You have until Saturday evening to upload your creations. Can wait to see. Have a wonderful week, Bessie P.S. No LO today since I'm posting this from work - didn't want to keep you ladies waiting until late afternoon. :-)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here's What the Fuss Was About

Those of you who were playing along with the Don't Stash it Challenge knew, basically, what the weekly prizes were via pictures or a cruise on Apron Strings through the TV Dinners. I had wanted to have a few teasers of the Grand Prize, but didn't get them posted. Then when Maggie won, she apparently was the child who tried to sneak peeks at her presents, wanted some sneaks of her Big Grand Prize (I was the idiot who told her I took pictures). Unfortunately, it arrived too fast to get them posted (just when you think you've got the Postal Service figured out, they deliver something before you expect it.) So instead, since Maggie is currently enjoying her giant treat, I can show you, just so you'll know what a Grand Prize looks like - do you see the carrot dangling, or is it just me? :) A quick aside on her prize, I had other, equally wonderful items picked out, but when I saw it was Maggie who won, I changed up part of it to suit her and her boys.

Will there be a chance at a Super Humongous Prize like this again? Yep. You'll just have to follow along to see when :)

See ya! :D Photobucket

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

5 on Friday, Winners and Snow

I woke up this morning expecting the heavy snow the weather liars had been yammering about all week, but what do I see? Snow, to be sure. Coming down at a rate to produce the 6-12" they were calling for? Hardly. It's not even the wet, heavy, spring-weight snow they warned about. Good luck making a snowball kids. Do I sound bummed? I kinda am, in the sick, demented, I-want-storm-way. I do have to go out in it later, so I guess it's for the best, but still. . . . I'm still finding glitter and silly string as I clean - thanks leprechauns, you little weasles. Even the chocolate they left behind doesn't help when the annoyance of finding yet another stream of silly string stuck to something strikes. You can see the damage wrought this past St. Patrick's Day. It's hard to get the full affect by looking at the pictures but it's not the kind of thing a close up shows off well, either.

So there are winners from last week - and hopefully plenty of busy-bees working on the challenges this week. All are due Saturday evening to be eligible for Treats. So here's to my troopers last week; good job ladies! Random.org has selected Deanna as the winner for the week. Deanna, you'll be getting something in the mail by the end of the month. Friday - end of the week, end of Spring Break, end of sunny and 70. I guess the snow will keep us from our season opener soccer game for our 9 y.o. Can't say I'm all that upset. Love, seriously love watching all my kids play, but the schedules are about to get insane with two soccer players and a volleyball player - their practice schedules and game schedules are about to collide, and, really, when are collisions ever pretty? So, I'm hoping tonight to escape into some cropping at home - I tried to get into one of the three crops the Archiver's near me is hosting this weekend, but they're full up. So me cropping at home is sort of a coin toss, I want to, but what will I see as more important to do. We'll see. So in case you're looking to enjoy some peaceful cropping time this weekend, here's your 5 on Friday ingredients:

  • 1 sheet neutral cardstock - white, black, kraft
  • 1 sheet bright, springy shades of patterned paper
  • 1 set of stitches - pen & ink, rub-ons or the real thing
  • 1 frame
  • 1 set of buttons - at least 6

Other than title and journaling, the above are all that can be used on a layout. If you can make it into a two pager, given the ingredients, I'll toss your name it twice.

Hopefully, those of you in the upper northeast are drying out, those under a blanket of snow and cold are warm and those enjoying warm weather . . . well, ya'll are on your own. :D

Happy Friday!


Happy St. Patty's Sketch Wednesday

Hope you all are enjoying a happy day - not the foamy-tippin'-a-few-back happy, at least not yet, but just happy in general. The leprechauns visited our home, once again (will have pictures later) and, though they didn't trip the trap, all is well. After all, they left chocolate behind. :) Could'a used just a couple pieces of gold though - dangit. Thanks, Bessie for the great color challenge - I love that combination and the example is just stunning! Urban Lily has some wonderfully graphic papers that were used fantastically! Beautiful, simple and such a "dah, why didn't I think of that." So today's sketch is from Nuts About Sketches. Her 100th sketch - here's to hoping she has another 100 more!

Remember, this challenge, combined with Monday's and the Friday challenge are due by Saturday evening to be eligible for treats. Photobucket

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Challenge - Color Inspiration

Hello ladies! Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was very wet and windy...this storm that hit the tri-state area was unbelievable. So if it rained wherever you are I hope that you managed to stay as dry as possible and safe at home. Well, this week's challenge is a color inspiration challenge. Of course you can add as many colors as you want, as long as it has some of the colors on our inspiration. Here is the color combo and below is my take on the challenge. I look at that picture of my daughter and I can't believe how fast she's turning into a young lil' lady.
A lot of you played with last Monday's challenge and from the comments I gather you had a lot of fun...so I'm hoping to see you ladies playing again and with the same motivation. Beautiful work and always inspiring. Thanks for playing.
As a reminder, remember that you have until Saturday evening to upload your creation on the comment section for a chance to win a cookie jar treat. Also, remember that you have to complete the 3 challenges in order to get a chance for those yummy treats.
See ya next Monday and have a wonderful week,

Friday, March 12, 2010

5 on Friday - the Return

We're back to 5 on Friday, for a little bit anyway ;) The sun is out today, the skies are clear and it's almost 60! I'm feeling the need for something spring-y, so here are today's ingredients.
  • 1 sheet cardstock
  • 1 sheet patterned paper with floral designs
  • 1 set floral embellishments - chipboard, paper, fabric, acrylic
  • 1 length ribbon
  • 1 set of buttons

Just to remind you, ONLY the above items can be used on this layout. To qualify for this week's drawing you must complete all three challenges from this week and have them linked up under the appropriate posts by SATURDAY evening.

Hope your weekend is a good one. We have basketball - last game I think (dancing just a little), soccer and volleyball. Sunday looks free and clear though and then. . . SPRING BREAK!! WooHoo. Hope my kids realize that means mommy's not going anywhere mommy doesn't have to go.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever it brings.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sketch Wednesday on Thursday

I was so caught up in getting the winners announced I didn't post the sketch, even though I mentioned it. Here's yesterday's sketch today. From PageMaps

Remember, the three challenges from this week are due by Saturday evening to be eligible for the weekly drawing.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm Back. . .

Not that I really went anywhere, but since I haven't posted in over a week, it feels like a vacation. Though, I assure you, I have had anything but down-time. So, are you in withdrawal after the long month of cropping? Have your hands and fingers recovered? Luckily, if you need a fix, Bessie posted a great challenge on Monday to feed your need. I managed the other night, after a horrific day - seriously, it was the kind of day where I knew if the day didn't end when I expected it to that I was going to loose it, Big Time! -- to get a page completed. I know! What's up with that, that's almost two weeks in a row that I've scrapbooked. I still need to put a number "5" on it somewhere, and it qualifies for Bessie's sticker challenge, but I did this over the weekend before she posted. It also uses the Limited Edition Birthday kit :) Or some of it anyway. I have plenty of birthday layouts to use the rest of it on.

Ya'll have waited so patiently for winner announcements, so here they are. Starting with the final week of challenges, #16 through #20:

  • The "completed them all" winner is Deanna - you'll be getting the Bella Blvd Plastino Kit!
  • Random winner from the week is -- Rebecca. You'll get something with your next kit shipment.

Of all of those who played along, eight of you completed all 20 challenges! That is fantastic and I give you a huge round of applause! The sheer volume of stuff you accomplished is amazing - that's 160 layouts! From just you eight; Deanna, Rebecca, Maggie, Linda R., Natalie, Kristen and Julie. There are others who may not have gotten to all 20, but did their fair share of layouts as well and my hat is off to you, too! On to the big winner:

  • Winner of the Big Bash, Don't Stash It Challenge is. . . .MAGGIE!!
  • And because so many of you worked so hard, I drew a name from all those who completed any layout this month and that winner is: Jennifer (justjennifer). I'd be happy to meet you, at say, Archiver's to deliver your goodie in person ;)

Thanks to all of you who made February's challenges and birthday celebration so much fun. There's more fun coming in April - so, rest up and be ready to "Hop To It."

Enjoy your Wednesday.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Challenge - Stickers, stickers, and more stickers...

Hello ladies, how fun was that month long use your stash challenges?? We gotta love those, don't we? You girls rocked those challenges...beautiful creations out there. Thanks for all that played along. Well, we are back to normal now and here I am with our Monday challenge. If you are like me you have a huge collection of stickers that we can't seem to find an use for 'em. Truthfully, I struggle a lot now a days with stickers...how time has changed...before most of the embellishments on a page were stickers. So, I challenged myself to use at least 4 stickers on my page and I was surprised to see that I used a total of 12 (not counting the A son is..., diaper and birth certificate one). So now I challenge you to use at least 4 stickers on your page...the traditional stickers if you can, if not any stickers would do. Here's my take:
Can't wait to see what you create. Remember that in order to be eligible for a cookie jar treat you will have to complete the Wednesday sketch and Five on Friday challenge as well.
Have a wonderful week,