Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday? Really?

It's been one of those weeks where you go to bed on Monday night and wake up Friday morning and wonder, "what the heck happened to the week!?" I feel like I'm falling off the track; the holidays are rushing in, Christmas shopping, that I was so good at starting a couple weeks ago, seems to be coming to a crashing halt and there's still SO much to do. Too much. BUT there are some good things too -- November kits are out the door and should be on your doorsteps, or being used, by now. December kits are all here and half are waiting to be sorted - the other half are done! (big WOOHOO on that one); peeks will be up next week -- probably on Friday because of Thanksgiving and associated prep work. January kits are all ordered and oh, my they are gorgeous, if I do say so myself. You'll be singing a "Serenade" while dreaming up "Colorful" layouts. (Was that a hint? Naw, I don't do hints.) SUPER BIG for all you Black Friday shoppers, I'm working on special sales and goodies for Apron Strings own Black Friday shopping. Things like, oh -- gift with purchase, return rewards, Black Friday discounts. We'll see what else shakes loose from my head. :D So be on the prowl for stocking stuffers for yourself, the good present under the tree, or maybe a good croppin' buddy needs to learn the joys of an Apron Strings kit club membership; there are prepay gift subscriptions for just such occasions. Next -- 5 on Friday. Last week's winner, thanks to is Nitasha! Congrats! I think I still have your shipping address - Arlington? Pop me an email to confirm that. So, what do I have up my sleeve today? Hmm, let's see. . .
  • 2 sheets of cardstock
  • 1 set of handmade items (make your own blossoms, handcut a scroll, use someone else's handmade goodie, etc.)
  • 1 length of ribbon
  • 1 frame

Outside of title and journaling, that's it! Link up your layout by Saturday night to be eligible for your own Cookie Jar Treat. They're good, right ladies who have received one? Not a stitch of fat in them!

I'm off to do a multitude of mini things; load some inventory to the site, double-check some goodies, do a little inventory countinbg, fold some laundry, download some pictures, get potato soup in the slow cooker for dinner, maybe work on one of my two projects (this would be the best!), do some planning for Black Friday and a 25 Days of Christmas challenge for the blog -- lots of little things. I'm hoping you'll be enjoying your weekend, too.



Nitasha said...

You bet your cookie that the treats are sweet! I received mine last week and plan to make some Thanksgiving LOs with it- love those leaf brads! Thank you!!! And so I'm stoked that I get to have another dip into the jar! And yep, I'm in Arlington, but will resend my info just in case. Again, Thank you- Have a Scraptacular weekend and I'll be back next Friday for sure!

Carla said...

Here is mine:

It's on my blog here towards then end of a very photo heavy post.

I didn't have a frame so I had to improvise.