Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello ladies, Bessie here to wish you all a happy and healthy new year full of much love, many blessings, and lots of inspiration and creativity. Do you have any resolutions set already? Are you that type of person? How about scrappy goals? I don't set resolutions nor scrappy goals either....I can't resist the pressure, lol. I take it day by day and enjoy the process. I would love to gain a bit of weight (shocking I know, lol) but trust me with two kids and only weighing 95 lbs. is not easy. No, no, I don't suffer from none of those eating disorders, lol, I actually eat as much as I can and as much as I just runs in the genes...lots of skinny people in my family. The reason I mention this is because that used to be my resolution for a few years, but since it never happened I gave up. ;-) Anyway, enough about me, lol. Just stopped quickly to say that this Monday will be the first Monday challenge of this year. :-) So get your scrappy place all clear up and tidy for this Monday so you can come and play a bit. See ya' then, Bessie


Rebecca K. said...

Hey Bessie! I am with you, (on the resolutions, NOT the needing to gain wait, ROFLOL) I don't set them. and i am SO looking forward to the monday challenge! wooohoo!

Diane Standish(crazeedi) said...

My husband suffers(??)from the skinny gene too he is 5'11" and never weighs more that 170. I am looking forward to Monday too, love to see some great ideas from Apron String designers