Saturday, February 6, 2010

While You're At it

Anytime you dig into your stash, dig deeply into it that is, is a great time to use what you love and purge what you don't. It's okay to get rid of the items you have but won't use. It's okay that you forgot why you bought them. It's okay that they aren't your favorites. It's okay that they're not your style. It's okay. As you're pawing through your stacks, folders and drawers, if you come across items, and you will, that you no longer need, use or like, set them aside. Get a box to put them in and continue to put items in there as you go through this month. When the month is over take the box with these purged items and donate them to:
  • your local daycare (leave out the small buttons, brads and such because of choking hazards)
  • your local elementary school (most kindergarten and 1st grade teachers will put papers and ribbons to great use; larger buttons are good for math games, as well as crafts.)
  • a local senior center or retirement center
  • your local boy or girl scout troops
  • see if your local scrapbook store does "garage sales" and plan to participate
  • put the lot up on for a few dollars
  • if you attend a group crop on a regular basis, take your stash the next time and put it out for anyone who can give it a good home and make use of it. Just because it's not your sytle anymore doesn't mean it isn't someone elses.

Some of these places you may need to give a quick call to see when's a good time to drop it off. Make sure what you're giving away is in good condition; no tears, rips, crumples, etc., half sheets of 12x12 papers are usually okay. Mostly intact sticker strips are okay, espeically if going to daycares or schools, but the strips with only Qs, Xs and Zs, send to the trash bin.

Remember - it's okay to purge the items and find a better place for them. You'll feel better when you crop, you won't be constantly looking at, and passing over, those unused items and you'll have more room for the items you do use.



Rebecca K. said...

AMEN!!! it is SO freeing scrapping in a space that has only what you really WANT in it! I give myself permission to "rebuy" something if i get rid of it and then decide i really didn't want to (that rarely happens, btw! i'm talking ALL decluttering ventures not just scrappy) Another idea is if you have a child, offer them the ones you don't want. I made a really stellar "craft bin" for my girls before Chloe started scrapping and now that she's scrapping all my leftovers go to her and she LOVES my no longer in style products!!

Deanna said...

Lots of wonderful ideas for those unwanted supplies! I've been fortunate enough to find places to donate to when I purge all mine. Just did that during the summer.