Friday, September 3, 2010

My Croppy Summer Winners

Is it Friday? Is it a long holiday weekend? With the holiday on Monday does that mean no soccer games? Yes. Yes and Yes!!! Woohoo! Too bad what's on tap is work, work and more work. :( Regardless, it's a long weekend and I'll take it. Today dawned gorgeous, though a might chilly at 45 degrees when I sent the kids off. Trees in the yard have patches of gold in them (already) and the fire bushes in the backyard have some leaves looking red on the edges. My poor plants on the front porch are all wilty; I think from the cooler nights. Even the squirrel that has been gone all summer is starting to head back this way in search of food. I think fall is making an early appearance. "My Croppy Summer" was eight weeks, 31 assignments and one photo challenge that 22 people participated in. Congrats to all of you who worked hard; layouts were amazing, plentiful and inspirational. Now for the final winners:
  • From Week #6 - Linda R! the typical drill for getting the good ;)
  • From Week #7 - Nitasha! Your goodies should also be in with your next shipment
  • From Week #8 - Kai! From the Photo Assignment on your homes - Briel. Loved the peek into your home. Thank you.
  • The Random Winner from weeks 6, 7 and 8 - Molly! It was so great to see your layouts up there. Great work. Loved the "Grandpa" layout; beautiful photo.
  • And finally - THE GRAND PRIZE goes to: Maggie!

Thank you all for your wonderful contributions and active participation. If you are a winner and haven't received your prize it will be in your upcoming kit, or if you're not a member it will be in the mail when monthly kits ship around the 12th.

Have a fantastic weekend.


Nitasha said...

Congrats everyone! Thank you, Lori for hosting, yet another fun challenge!
And, I would love to seen an "I-book" challenge here! ; )

Briel said...

Thanks Lori--I really love the challenges. Even when I can't play along I find them inspiring. I really appreciate a Sunday night deadline, by the way, as I can usually on scrap on the weekends.

Happy Fall!