Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sketches on Wednesday

Hey, lookie there - it's not a one-hit week for challenges.  This makes two!  I'm on a roll now.

First though, 10 years ago at just around 5:30 AM my youngest (or so I thought) child was born.  He likes his birth story - he was my fastest labor and delivery in just under three and a half hours.  Yes, that's start to finish.  He loves that he was the fastest.  And because he now has a little brother, his coveted "youngest" spot has been changed to "middle," which he shares with his older brother (who's also feeling displaced as he liked being in the middle.)  He's a boy without a position.  So, to my "fastest" Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Okay, onward.  It's looking cold and windy - ah, and raining now.  Wonder if we'll have soccer practice.  If we do it's gonna be miserable for the boys.  Here it's the perfect kind of day for hunkering down and gettin' cozy with a kit and some photos.  To make life better, a sketch.  A sketch from Nuts About Sketches, no less.

This layout is due, linked up, Sunday evening.

Have a good Wednesday.


Deanna said...

WOW! That was a quick birthday and Happy Birthday to him!

Wonderful 2-pager! I need to work on some challenges today! :)

Deanna said...

Wonderful 2-page sketch to work with and added my link above, "Family Party".