Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday - It Was About Me!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving - ate the good stuff, enjoyed family, weren't disappointed by the football games and if you were a Black Friday shopper, weren't trampled by other enthusiastic shoppers.

Here we enjoyed dinner with my side of the family this year - eating all the traditional foods I remember growing up - and really, isn't that half the holiday?  The rest of our Thanksgiving weekend was spent doing nothing.  We sat around, which for us is a rarity.  We watched some TV.  We got out of the house once or twice.  But we were pretty much your couch-potato family.  It was AWESOME!

I was also bound and determined to play.  I was telling one of the Sous Chefs that if I had to drive to the park and scrapbook in the back of my car, that's what I'd do.  Luckily, it didn't come to that and I was able to create the layouts below.

Now, hold on to your socks - for some of you it will require strapping yourselves to your chairs, or if it's too late, picking yourselves up off the floor once you come to, because. . .yes. . .your eyes are not deceiving you. . .I made cards!  Not one, but two, and note:  They are cards using scraps and they are cards using stamps!!  I know!  Stamps.  Cards.  Scraps.  Me.  Those words don't typically work together in a sentence.

The unfortunate side effect of such bliss, such unequalled opportunity to do what I wanted means that I am hard pressed today to want to do anything else.  Hence the fact that as I type up this post, my 2 y.o. is doing the vacuuming.  His choice, but still. . .there's laundry waiting to be sorted, bathrooms starting to yell my name, and the mess from this weekend's creativity that needs to be cleaned up and put away.

I know I have a winner to pick from two weeks ago, since I took off last week, and I'll probably get to that later today or tomorrow.  But so you have something to do, because I trust you've already been to the Apron Strings sale (save at least 30% on your total order - code THANKS10), today's challenge will be short and sweet and inspired by my own craftiness over the weekend (shhh, and a little bit today). . .  Create a layout and then a card or two using up the scraps.

I'm off to try to do something - anything that is on my "should" list.  I mean schools back in, sports are on tap and life continues it's pace with the addition of holiday chaos.

Have a great Monday back.


Charlene said...

Cute layouts! And I love what you did with the pearls on the cards :)

Angela L. said...

That's SO awesome that you got the chance to scrap... although, I thought it was quite the funny picture that popped in my head of you scrappin' in your car...... Love your layouts and your cards are gorgeous! wtg!!!

Charlene said...

Darn! Missed the deadline haha...I'm in CA so must be the time difference hee hee...I'll have to work on that...

Deanna said...

Just back from vacation here! These are just all wonderful, Lori! So glad you got to scrap!