Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesdays Are The New Mondays

As I continue to find my footing and navigate to a new normal, I am finding Tuesdays my new Monday. Confused?  Me too.

I'm to the point where I can, safely, lift my head and look ahead a little bit.  Like yesterday I was updating my day planner with some upcoming appointments and realized that Thanksgiving is next week.  WHAT?  Seriously, I had to double check.  I thought for a minute I was on the wrong week.  Nope.  It's next week.  Dangit!  Which made me think of Thanksgiving dinner (I'm cooking, though just for us, but still) and then to December Daily and Christmas Shopping and Christmas Decorating.  (See, this is why looking ahead. . .not always so good, LOL) 

The December Daily part actually gave me a little excitement zap. . .crafting, papers, kits, scrapbooking.  Hurray!  Then I realized I need a plan.  If you don't know about December Daily, go to Ali Edwards' blog and read up on what she does.  There is a different take on it for just about everyone who does it.  There are no rules.  No "right" way.  It is what it is for you.  Some people make only a layout.  Some make an album.  Some do just a scattering of photos.  Some take a photo everyday.  Some collect ephemera from the month.  Some stick only with words.  It is one thing:  SUPER FUN.

I've done it two years now, this will be my third.  I choose to do albums.  First year was an mini, altered album from a kit.  Last year was a 12x12 using stuff I had had for a while.  This year, I have a couple choices - I have a mini album kit that needs putting together that I'd have to add some pages to, or pulling a previous December Apron Strings kit and getting an 8x8 album with page protectors.  I did learn that I won't be doing another 12x12 for this project.  Too big for the number of photos I use, since I did a page a day and I don't collect ephemera.  So while I'm working around the house, I toy with my choices.  The mini album kit would be quick - the pieces are all there, it just needs assembly.  The extra pages would just be cardstock, I think.  I will also be taking Journal Your Christmas by Shimelle.  I took the class last year, but started late.  It has great prompts for photos and journaling and I think it'll a nice way to see the same things differently.

December Daily also means chaos-time with shopping and decorating.  Eww.  But I saw this adorable Christmas Planner on eighteen25 and loved it.  I love anything that's organizational.  I already have a perpetual Christmas Planner I made during a BPC class, but I downloaded the free graphics and will keep this one on file - you know just in case I need two.  Though I can see a mini version of this for my purse.  It's inexpensive, a great use for scraps and, did I mention, it's all about being organized.

It's time to wake the 3 y.o. and head out for the daily round-up of children.  I'll go with visions of Christmas papers, planners and mini albums dancing in my head!

Happy Tuesday.


Maria said...

I plan on doing a December Daily as well, I'm thinking a 6x6 mini album, with binder (bo bunny). I need to get moving on the foundation pages, December will be here before I'm ready.

Lori said...

I want to see when you're done!

As for being ready before a holiday, if the holidays waited until I was ready. . .they'd never come. =)

Charlene said...