Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creative Crop @ Big Picture

First, this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but the bug that has invaded our home and taken down four of the six of us, found me yesterday.  I started slowing down shortly after pick-up after school and then it was a screaming race downhill after that.  Bug = 5  Family = 1.

Can you tell I have the itch to scrapbook?  I'm playing along with Week In the Life over at Ali Edwards' blog. I'm participating in Ella Publishing's Take Twelve monthly event.  Coming up May 5th is Big Picture's Creative Crop, which is FREE!  Just signing up could net you a $500 prize, plus more prizes during the 12 hour crop.  Go HERE to play.

I'm so happy I remembered to take photos, only they all have a disturbing theme.  I seem to live in my car . . .

I'm pretty sure if I had been feeling well enough to remember to take photos yesterday, they would have looked pretty similar.  Lots of shots in and around the car.  Cooking dinner early, like at 3:30-4:00, so those with practice and other evening activities can eat before they leave and a toddler who, when the car is waiting in whatever wait-line, thinks the car is a gymnasium; doors opened, buttons pushed, levers slid, climbing, jumping, bouncing. . .all the while talking, talking talking.  We'll see what today brings in terms of photos. . .I see a car and soccer bags. . .LOL

Happy Wednesday.

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Deanna said...

LOL about all the photos in the car, Lori! I remember those days of driving my own kids around to different sports and spending most of our time there!

Now, I'm starting with the grandkids and their activities!