Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We Are

  • We are a licensed driver.  Though this picture is after taking the pre-test.  The day he actually got his license he was with hubby and neither boy took a photo.  Come on boys!  Boo.
  • We are bakers who take our cookie duties seriously
  • We are super excited to see Santa.  We had a moment of worry when we were asked to step into the "Naughty or Nice" scanner - it was scary for a moment, hovering around naughty, before ticking upward into nice territory.
  • We are waiting for our turn to dish up - "Can they even see me?"
  • We are being quiet and patient during the traditional reciting of the Nativity Story
  • We are awake and ready to roll Christmas morning.
  • We are excited by the gift that is, "bigger than me!"
  • We are grateful for the boot-making elves
  • We are excited for the elves versed in electronics
  • We are kissing the feet of the elf who tucked a phone in Santa's bag despite his parents saying, "No way are you getting a phone."
  • We are set for reading in 2015 - including the final four in the Outlander series.  Is it bad that I've missed Claire and Jamie and haven't known what to do with myself?
  • We aren't sure they aren't texting each other.
  • We are wrapping up Christmas
  • We are celebrating the end of a particularly invasive, extremely uncomfortable - to put it mildly - (and probably inconclusive) medical test with the acquiring of several boxes of sugar
  • We are relaxing in the glow of post-Christmas activities
  • We are saying good-byes to traveling family members with dinner and two tables of games
  • We are four for four in acceptances.  This one, to dad's alma mater, came with a frame to put her future diploma in and a tempting (at least to her parents) monetary award.
Happy Wednesday - Happy New Year!

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