Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We Are

The past week was spent fighting Strep, though instead of with my kids, it was me.  Totally sucked.  Totally behind on everything because of it.  But I'm on the mend, I can swallow without thinking someone mixed broken glass with whatever I was eating and the fever is finally gone.

Now to do my best to salvage plans.

  • We are the 100th day first grader
  • We are celebrating this sweet-face girl's 18th.  Look at those little piggies!
  • We are surprising the thinks-she-knows-what's-going-on birthday girl.  We got her twice.  P.S.  Her friends are the best and the sweetest!
  • We They are attending Bob Marley's (the comic) show.  I wish I'd been there.
  • We are relegated to the couch and at the mercy of whatever is on TV.  Thankfully, this was on, which is always a good choice, no matter how fever-fogged.
Happy Wednesday,

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