Friday, March 6, 2015

Feeding the Sick

It's been a frozen, snowy week.  I was taken down again last weekend with fever and congestion; it's another week of catching up (and I wasn't fully caught up from being sick  couple weeks ago.)  Another victim of Strep has been camped out on the couch the majority of the week.  There's a crater-filled slab of ice that at one time was the street that ran in front of our house.  With temps expected to be in the 50's today and tomorrow, maybe it'll start to melt.  Though the glaciers that were once front yards may be around until Summer.
As a result of being sick I didn't plan a menu for the week, but by default took part in a Pantry Challenge on one of the food blogs I follow (  I was nowhere near as prepared as the blogger, but I cooked from what I had on hand, including a night of leftovers to clear the 'fridge, and pizza last night because I just couldn't be bothered.  The downside of not planning means I have nothing planned for In-Law Dinner Night.  No-meat Friday helps narrow my options, but I'm not feeling inspired.
I made this Quick Dough to make Zesty Calzones, which I've made and posted about before.  I found this Quick Dough and have used it a couple times now in place of either my longer-to-make pizza dough, or in place of store bought "canned" dough.  The dough comes together in less than 30 minutes and is really good - light, but crunchy.  It worked great for these Calzones, which can be filled, really, with whatever you have on hand.  I had ham, pepperoni, mixed shredded cheese, tomatoes and red onions.  But turkey, bacon, ranch and sliced cheese would be great, too.
The sicky on the couch rarely loses her appetite, even when she's got fever and a raw throat.  When she had a craving for Brownies, I remembered this Fudge Brownie Pots for Two recipe that I'd come across just a couple days ago.  I managed to snag a spoonful from one and they were fudgy, chocolaty and rich.  My ramekins are wide, as opposed to deep, so I lowered my cook time to 20 minutes and watched for signs of doneness.  They filled the bill for Strep-girl, but she likes gooey centers so I probably could have pulled them a couple minutes before I did given the shallower ramekins I have.
I was starting to feel sick last Friday, but I was cooking for more than hubby's parents and still needed dessert.  I was looking for something I could whip up quickly, but that fed everyone.  A quick search found me this Old Fashioned Sugar Cake.  It had a light vanilla flavor, was mildly sweet and moist.  It didn't need frosting, so I followed the "dust with powdered sugar" recommendation.  It was great, and would pass for a brunch dish, too.  It would also be good with fresh fruit spooned over the top, or a scoop of chocolate ice cream.
I'm hoping to get my family through a weekend without someone getting sick.  I see Clorox Wipes in the hands of my children wiping down surfaces, handles and railings over the weekend.  Hubby has a dinner to attend with a friend.  Otherwise, I think we're just watching the snow melt.  Literally.

Happy Friday,

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