Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We Are

I have found that mining my kids' Instagram and Snapchat accounts yields a pretty good look at the lives they lead out in their worlds . . . the 17 y.o. is less prolific than I'd like, but every now and then I get a peek.

We had a week filled with little bits and pieces provided mostly by the kids - one reason to love ProjectLife® or compilation pages, because that's where most of these moments fall.

  • We are waiting patiently for our new favorite toy, because jumping is not allowed.
  • We are saving two Cinnamon Twists for sister, who will be home on Friday.
  • We are breaking out the Mug Meals sent by mom (photo cred to the Girlie)
  • We are exploring public transportation and the world off campus.  Even if it's only to the Post Office (photo by:  Girlie)
  • We are pretty uncomfortable in the spotlight, but will busy himself with presents soon.
  • We are touched when the 7 y.o. insists on making his brother a card.  But then snatches it away before it's opened because "he forgot something," only to find he included $1 because many of the other cards included money.  #NotToBeOutdone.
  • We are enjoying Mug Meal #2 - needed sour cream (photo by:  Girlie)
  • We are more than let down by the lack of snow.  By some, there were tears. (photo by: 15 y.o.)
  • We are aiming.  Luckily our front yard faces due North, which accounts for snow still hanging around when everyone else's yard looks like Springtime.
  • We are always amazed with her graphic abilities. (photo by:  Girlie)
  • We are agreeing, this mug cake is Ah.May.Zing.
  • We are wondering if she made it?  (photo by:  Girlie)  UPDATE:  She did, with apologies to her classmate for lack of shower-time.  LOL
Happy Wednesday,

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