Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We Are

I continue to receive, and am so grateful for, all the lovely wishes, remembered memories and the "what Apron Strings means to me" comments I've received.  Thank you!

It was a mostly-quiet week.  Just settling into routines, that will soon change because end-of-school will be upon us.  Another graduate.  Summer jobs.  Summer classes.  Summer breaks.

  • Her photo and words, though I share the sentiment
  • I'm not a word-problem fan, but I, too, would like to see this one play out
  • Star Wars . . . it spans the generations
  • When, after the first swim of the season in the duck pond, the garden hose only removes so much duck. . .it's time to for a bath.  Good thing she loves water.
  • Saturdays are for squirrels who taunt and tease #theywillpay
  • As my daughter so nicely put it when I posted this to Instagram, "You know you're a hockey mom when you get pissed about the ice conditions."  Hey, it was sloppy ice, looked like a melting snow cone.  #puddles
  • Last "take a knee" meeting
  • Enjoying the after-party with teammates
  • Home Healthcare - it's not as glamorous as it looks, but it'll pay for nursing school
  • I'm not sure I'd classify 97.5% as sucky
  • Though you aren't less "moral" in these clothes, they are the clothes of a full-time student working two part-time jobs
  • I think he might like hockey - he wants to set up his goal to practice his shooting skills. . .in the house.  I'm thinking, ah, no.
  • Spring is on its way
Happy Wednesday,

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