Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Just Stick to Cross-Stitch

Last weekend, on Saturday, my boys headed for the mountains and some fishing and adventure (see this post for the adventure part.)  That left me, and Girlie, home alone.  

All.  Day.  

I had time to putz around and time to play.  And, I even had choices on what crafty notion to follow.  I have been cross stitching quilt squares before bed.  I have yet to decide what to do with said quilt squares since I'm not a quilter, nor am I much for sewing in general.

My first choice was doing a quick-gratification project by completing my 2016 December Daily album.  I had purchased, during a sale, a December Daily kit and 4x6 album from Ali Edwards.  They were clearancing out last year's selections.  Most of what I needed was right there - I may look for the odd, low profile embellishment, but all I needed to do was print my photos for this project.

My next choice was a home decor kit from Paisley and Polka Dots, that was a reward of sorts to myself. I have previously purchased a chipboard album kit from Paisley and Polka Dots that I used for a past December Daily.  Her kits are all-inclusive, except for adhesives.  

I also had the August layout from the Scrapbook and Cards Today 365 Class.  I haven't done a layout for the class since March - I'm okay with that, but it would be nice to do one.  Maybe another layout for the 8 y.o. whose pages completed just for him I could count on one hand.  Doing this would just require me grabbing a paper pack and photos, which I probably already had paired up.

So, after going over my options, I chose to undertake the home decor stuff.  It was something different, and I would be decorating for Fall soon.  This home decor kit, as I discovered, required a bit more outside the kit:  a couple different glues, ink, paint and some sort of sanding tool.  I had paint, but oddly not white.  I didn't have any of the glue.  I usually have a "crafting" emery board for sanding edges, but couldn't find it - add to the list of things to buy.  I had the ink.  Okay, so this would require a trip to WalMart to get the needed items and it was too hot at the time to get in the sweltering car and make the 10 minute drive.  Yes, I was beyond lazy.

Okay then.  On to my second choice.  2016 December Daily, which just needed photos.  So, I set up my printer, grabbed my photo paper and started selecting photos.  I knew what size the pocket pages were, a selection of 4x6 and 2x3's.  Unfortunately, all the 4x6 were horizontal.  Most of the photos I was using were vertical.  2x3's it is.  I'm cruising along, selecting, editing where necessary (I really do need to adjust my printer to my computer screen so that what I see is what prints) and printing.  I go flying along, until I hit Christmas Day and find that ALL my Christmas morning photos are missing.  I spend some time searching to see if my computer downloaded them on a "download date", instead of by "date taken." Nope.  They must still be on the stick in my big camera.  I use my point-and-shoot to download photos, but that's dead.  Looking at the above photo, I realize I could have just put the memory stick in the appropriate slot you can see on the printer, but then I'd still need to download the photos.  Off to charge the point-and-shoot's battery.

Screeching halt.  End day.  End scene.  Cross-stitch sounds pretty good.

Check back to see if I make any progress.


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