Wednesday, October 19, 2016

We Are

Unintended breaks, followed by a decided lack of motivation.  The week went on anyway, with or without me.

  • Stress fractures #runnerprobs - Oh, and it's not my foot, it's the Girlie's.
  • Adults do, too. . .hello, pajamas in the drop-off line at school.
  • Concert #3 for the week
  • When you get crab-apples, and use four pounds, only to realize you're going to need more recipes because you didn't make a dent
  • First day of the new season and while dressing discover the hockey jersey wasn't in the bag.  Luckily the coach in the locker room had an extra.  We also, somehow, lost a hockey sock from a closed bag.
  • Getting after that elusive puck
  • Rain plus fall colors equals glorious
  • Last race - League Qualifiers - bested his time on this course by one minute.  Great Season!
  • Is it twinning or is it branding?
  • You are right - washing windows has unseen time suckers
  • When you wear a sweater and a flannel, but nobody told you it was 82 degrees
  • Though she surrounds herself with color, she just doesn't wear it.  She's her own neutral.
  • When things get weird while sketching for your art class

Happy Wednesday,

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

We Are

We spent another weekend touring around Colorado.  This time we headed south and west to soak up the gold, which is gone now thanks to snow yesterday and today.  

We dragged all the kids along with us.  "Dragged" being the working word there.  Hey, we had a car that fit all of us, and I wasn't missing that opportunity - hubby's car is finally being repaired for the hail damage and they gave him a mini van that seats eight.  If I could think of someplace else to pull persuade them to go to, I'd do it.

  • Nothing like seeing your not-the-best traits reflected in your kids.
  • If you have to see the sun rise, at least it's a good one
  • Generation Day - Homecoming Week - Seniors
  • Generation Day - Homecoming Week - Toddlers aka Sophomores
  • Things mothers didn't know about before the advent of social media
  • Concert One - Girlie had quite the social run last week
  • Toga Day - Homecoming Week - aka Color Day for the rest of the school
  • Concert Two 
  • Sigh. . .
  • Coffee before baseball 
  • Rockies with the "Fam"
  • Former roommate turned Bestie
  • I'm so sorry I missed the live show.  Or maybe not.
  • The Dog Disturber, aka the 17 y.o.
  • Outtakes from a wedding
  • They are brothers
  • 17 y.o.'s Homecoming Crew
  • Southern Gold
  • Academic Letter Award Night for the 17 y.o.  This is the third year he's earned an academic letter.  #proud
  • When you lend your phone for photos, you don't always get just the requested photos
  • Something's brewing under those clouds
Happy Wednesday,

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

I would very much like to play with paper, but it doesn't look like this weekend will be the weekend.  It's been Homecoming Week for the two high school boys - I sent the Senior off today in a toga.  Saturday is the dance and even though they're boys, there's still stuff to be done last minute .  Sunday is spoken for as well.

I have the SCT Single 2 Doubles class.  Each week I download the sketches and examples and cut files and my fingers itch more and more to do something!  

This is one of the last layouts I did during the SCT Easy, Detailed, Expert Class.  I used Week Four's sketch, which is basically the left side of the layout.  I wouldn't necessarily stretch four photos over two pages, but this poor guy has, maybe, three layouts to his book.  And he's eight now.

I used My Mind's Eye Alphabet Soup Boy, which was in a Smaller kit.  The line was released in the summer of 2010, so the line was either in a late summer 2010 kit, or beginning of 2011.  I wanna say it was in a January, 2011 kit.  

I really liked this sketch, and the resulting layout, which was the "Easy" example in week four.  It was an easy layout to stretch to two pages.  It was an easy layout to get to "work."  It made layering easy - something I feel like I struggle with.  It's a sketch I could use again.  I could get more photos, though I'd probably have to straighten the photo blocks to do so.  But so what.  I love getting miles pages out of a sketch.

Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

We Are

Half, more than half actually, the family (in two separate groups) spent the weekend in the mountains checking out color and generally getting out.  The two who didn't go had homework and evening commitments.  I am grappling with this fact of life - that our outings, are more and more, not going to include everyone.  At some point I'll accept that, but this isn't that week.

  • It's pretty hard to take your "bad day" rant seriously when you look and sound like this
  • Late arriving gifts just mean you get to extend your birthday celebration longer.
  • Sixteen
  • Pre-run pep talk/planning
  • He finished in the 22 minute range (I didn't get his official time.)  This, so far, has been the largest of the meets.  I could not get over the sheer number of schools and runners.  It was insane.  I'm talking thousands of kids from as far away as Durango - six hours southwest of us.
  • Group One's outing - Pearl Lake #KarlieCamo
  • I'm not sure who's more excited for the dog getting in the lake, the 8 y.o. or the dog
  • If there's water, she's in it.  The weather and temp of the water make no difference.
  • Steamboat - glorious colors
  • I'm pretty sure if there's an old barn you are required to snap a photo
  • Group Two's outing - Friends somewhere around Guanella Pass (photo:  the Girlie)  She's known one since she was in kindergarten, one since she was a sophomore in high school and one is a former roommate from freshman year in college.  
  • They enjoyed the color (and big horn sheep spotting) in their own way
  • New color!  Should be done today
  • She's kidding herself if she's not looking at her clothes budget
Happy Wednesday,