Thursday, June 14, 2018

They Were Gone Once - Get One Today

The Kitchen Sink Mystery Boxes sold out once, and I was able to pull a few more together.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it again, so don't miss out on getting one today.
Each box contains six pounds-plus of scrapbook supplies all for just $49.99, with FREE shipping.  Here's a general idea of what each box will contain:    
  • 100+ Sheets of paper (100 sheets is like a 2" stack of paper. )
  • 8+  Full packages of embellishments (tags, cards, paper pads, florals, brads, stamps, stickers, vellum, glitter paper, etc.)
  • Assorted loose embellishments (buttons, brads, pins, clips, wood, cork, canvas, diecuts, etc.)
  • Assorted ribbons and trims (each about a yard in length)
The boxes contents will vary.  The photo is just a representation of what you can expect.   If you'd like to purchase more than one, I'll do my best to avoid duplicates.  Each box is packed and  set to ship individually, shipping cannot be combined. 

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