Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We Are

We are sick.  We have been sick.  We are celebrating family in town.  We have celebrated new jobs.  We are celebrating a month-full of birthdays, one at a time.  We are behind.  We are catching up.  We are ignoring the Hoarders that once was my basement.  We are going cropping on Friday!

And then there's the things we did worthy of photos.

  • We are thinking it was beautiful when it was here, but are happy that (for now) it's gone.
  • We are three!
  • We are a tad off the mark.
  • We are hoping someone believes that I was only keeping the spot warm, and will move...willingly.
  • We are enjoying a quiet moment.
  • We are losing first teeth.
  • We are up and out early.
  • We are wondering how he sits that way.
  • We are celebrating traditions.
  • We are cousins - and it's flippin' 80 degrees.  In March.
  • We are brothers.
  • We are seeing Spring pop up.
  • We are thinking a new Range Rover might make having Strep a touch more easy to deal with.
  • We are super excited to be meeting Varly (goalie for the Avalanche.)
Happy Wednesday,

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