Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We Are

We are I am just making it through the days ticking off the next most important item on the ever-lengthening lists.  We are I am as uninspired for writing (clearly, have you seen when my last post was?) as I am for creating - though my fingers did almost dig into my embroidery basket the other day.  It's the rain, day, what, 100 of rain?  I also, sort of kind of, took part in Ali Edwards Day in the Life.  We are one graduation down and one to go.  Out-of-town family members have returned home.  Now brace yourselves for basically two weeks of activities.

  • We are wrapping up year-end projects.  This one is the first grader's computer project.  We provided the photos (for an alphabet book) they did everything else - the colors, the fonts, and in case it isn't obvious, the descriptions.
  • We are done with the 8th Grade Ed Fair.  Whew.  Received a ribbon for the display and an A overall.
  • We are (the 8th grader) big on details.
  • We are (again, the 8th grader) the sole builder of the models and painter of the figures.
  • We are nothing if not authentic - it is scale, there are body parts on the beach and ropes on the beach wall.  We thought bloodied sand and water might be a touch too much, though...actually, we just ran out of time to dye the water and beach.
  • We are waking to snow on Mother's Day
  • We are grandma and her boys.  Where are the girls?  Where are grandma's own children?  Where is a decent picture of any of the above?
  • We are starting Day in the Life with sweet raspberries
  • We are enjoying Colorado Blue skies, deep Spring Greens and Cool Whip Whites.
  • We are beginning our morning shuffle of children to school (Day in the Life)
  • We are stocked with our "waiting in the pick-up line" material (Day in the Life)
  • We are thinking we may be raising a high-maintenance child.  Sigh (Day in the Life)
  • We are exploring a new park
  • We are soon to be bereft - last book (currently out) in the series, and 300 pages to the end.  Season finale just days away.  Long, long wait until Season 2.  What's an Outlander Addict to do?
  • We are Last Day of School bound
  • We are have been buddies since Kindergarten.
  • We are pretty sure 5:45 on a Sunday morning is too early.  Unless you're en route to watch your daughter in her half marathon. . .but still, pretty stinkin' early.
  • We are pumped to go
  • We are looking good at mile 4
  • We are the support system - and she needed them, it was a tough finish (sodium deficiency for the last 4 miles, but she finished on her feet and running)
  • We are one down and one to go
  • We are cheered in more than one way
  • We are making good use of the "big head."  It's been creepy to find it in various places in the house over the last several days.
  • We are a graduate
  • We are proud
  • We are D.O.N.E.
  • We are receiving a round of applause as they announce their high school plans, and years at the school before departing for the last time.
  • We are another footstep in the tradition of sending off the 8th graders
  • We are D.O.N.E.
Happy Wednesday,

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