Wednesday, January 10, 2018

We Are

I like having a look back at our week - and my kids' when I snag photos from their social media.  And because I loaded these photos in reverse order, you are looking back.  Yes, I'm too lazy to drag the photos around the page to rearrange them, or to start over re-upload them.

  • 'Tis the season for Cherry Hearts!  They have been hard to find in past years, but these were fresh on display, so naturally I had to grab them.
  • I mentioned in my New Year's post that I've started walking - I'm as surprised as anyone that not only am walking, but that it's a regular habit now.  And yesterday was a gorgeous day for a walk.
  • When you had a tooth pulled and haven't had your weekly treat in weeks, you'll even lay on the new bed you refuse to use to get said treat.
  • Our Golden Rocket recipient
  • The 17 y.o. finally got his license, just before Christmas break.  I knew he liked being to school early, but. . .
  • We gave girlie Capture Your 365 for Christmas, and this is one of her assignment pics.  She's a good photographer, but wanted to get to know her camera more.  Nothing acquaints you with your equipment like practice.  365 days of practice.
  • Cherries.  Cherry anything is my favorite.  About the time Halloween rolls around I start craving Cherry Cordials - which don't come out until around December.  This year, I only found two boxes around Christmas-time.  I snagged them, but someone (ahem, 9 y.o.) ate them.  All.  I knew they were usually produced from Christmas to Valentines, but finding them is difficult.  So, when I came upon this stash, well. . .I'm sure you can imagine.  The 9 y.o. is banned.
  • The 19 y.o. is making good use of his time, now that he's left his job, in preparation to head to college in just a couple days.
  • Like I need towels (see previous post) but I couldn't help myself when these went on sale at The Vintage Home Studio.  Uh, she has Valentine's one being posted really soon.  I think I may need to go through my current towels and make some room.  I'm sure there are some that need to see the rag-bag.
  • If the blueberry juice smiley face is an indication, his pancakes will be awesome
  • A fun assignment each of the kids did during their Freshman year, and received heading into their Senior year - A letter to their future self.
  • When it's too nice an afternoon not to take the 'Stang out for a drive.
  • Super Moon - the morning after
  • When you've been wanting a vintage-style refrigerator, but the ones you've seen are too small, by a lot.  So, you go buy some modern monstrosity.  Then . . then, naturally, you find this!  Just like, exactly like, the modern monstrosity but with all the vintageness you were craving.
  • Because having the car you just drove across the parking lot, to the gas station in the same parking lot, not start when you're done filling it up is a super fun way to end the day.  Dead battery.
Happy Wednesday,


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