Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Frozen Treat Memories

I remember, as a kid, sitting in front of the house listening for the ice cream man, with a quarter in hand. We'd be taking part in whatever water-activity was going on that day -- jumping through sprinklers or just hosing each other with, well, the hose. Someone would freeze as they listened for the distinctive jingle of his bells -- not the piped music they have now -- the jingling of a string of bells running between his handlebars. This is back before he drove a truck into the neighborhoods, he was on a bicycle with a big ice cooler on the front of his bike. This was also back in the day when the treats he carried were fresh and filled with flavor (now days they seem to have been frozen for too long -- it's almost dehydrated ice cream.) Back before Sponge Bob had his faced plastered on a Popsicle or ChocoTacos. There were Bomb Pops, Fudgesicles and Orange Creamsicles, Banana Pops and the classic double-Popsicle, that your mom would make you crack in half to share, in orange, cherry or grape -- I can almost taste them now.

Bo Bunny's Popsicle lines remind me of those days. Aside from the line's name, these double-sided papers sport those juicy summer colors and whimsical designs. Add a sprinkle of sugared brads, a length of looped satin ribbon, Bo Bunny cutouts (which are great for journaling or used as frames - just cut the photo to fit inside), a mini tab and a smiley ticket.

This line is just begging for pictures of water park visits, swimming pools with big 'ol slides, beach side vacations, trips to ocean parks like Sea World, amusement parks -- or maybe just a photo of your kids waiting to get their frozen treat from your neighborhood ice cream man.


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papertrails leaver said...

Oh the ice cream comes around here all too often for me! ;-) My daughter can hear the music a mile away and runs to find me! Yeah, the prices have gone up a bit but the novelty of it is kinda cool. Sometimes if we are lucky he stops right at the end of the driveway! It's amazing how many people come out when they hear the music! LOL! The kit looks super yummy! I can't wait to see it all!