Friday, June 19, 2009

The Invisible Family Night

I'm trapped. I'm banned. I'm hidden. It's poker night at my house, but it's "No Girls Allowed." No kids either, so we exited the house before the men-folk showed up. When we'd stayed out as long as the youngest child would allow we came home and came in as quietly as one mom, 3 kids and a baby(who was 2 hours past bedtime) can. Curiosity got the better of the older kids, as they snuck peeks (disguised as "I'm going to my room to get. . .") at the landing that overlooks the family room turned poker parlor. They found the scene below "odd," with "weird" men -- one of whom was their father, so I'm not sure if that was directed at him. To tell the truth, I'm not sure what the fascination was, unless it was just the fact that we had to leave the house and they weren't allowed, at all, downstairs, though there was much pleading and begging. Whatever it was, it was amusing. Would this have been the perfect time to scrapbook -- even if it meant doing so on my bed (the hub of our hideout)? Heck yeah! I mean it was a party in my home that didn't require me to entertain, bag up leftovers or do the clean-up after. Well, I expect that I'll have a fair share of getting the house back to the way I want it, but I'll save the shock of it for the morning. BUT. . .did I bring up anything to work on? Nope. Remembered my 365 book, my laptop and a scrap magazine, but not a single tool made it upstairs. That doesn't mean I didn't work on scrapbooking -- I had my magazine, remember? I read it, semi-leisurely (I had three kids bouncing around on my bed) soaking in the layouts and articles. Even the ads spark inspiration. So, what do you do when you can't scrapbook? Sketch, sort photos, read magazines, surf the web galleries and blogs? All are great ways to scrapbook, when you can't scrapbook. Speaking of web-surfing for ideas, check out the blog on Sunday for a tutorial on Paper Posies by Maria Swiatkowski, one of the June Sous Chefs. The Posies, are totally adorable and super easy to put together. Some come back and "scrap" a little on Sunday. Photobucket

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