Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sharing is a good thing. . .sometimes - Blog Party Challenge #1

Yesterday I asked son #3 to strip his bed, which he did, without complaint. But probably because it's easier than making it. Either way, he did and even brought his sheets downstairs to the laundry room, rather than heaving them over the landing railing. Last night I walked in on son #2 helping son #3 remake his bed and also noticed that son #2's bed looks remade; another nice, argument-free moment. Flash to this morning, I come downstairs and go into the laundry room to switch over the laundry and it vaguely registers that there's only one set of sheets. It's too early, I'm too groggy and caffeine-challenged for anything out of the ordinary to register. As I am upstairs in the boys' room I ask son #2 if he has stripped his bed lately, and he says "yes, last night." I then flash to the laundry room where only one set of sheets is lumped in the middle of the floor and so I ask, "Where are the sheets from your bed then?" His reply, "Well, Jack really wanted those sheets on his bed, so I gave them to him." At first I'm dumbfounded, then the standard mom response comes, "NO, restrip his bed and bring the sheets down. I'll wash them first and he'll have them tonight." They seemed oddly confused by my reaction. Maybe it's the same guy trait that has them smell a shirt to see if it's still wearable. Even now I'm mentally rolling my eyes. While reusing unwashed sheets is a mom no-no, there are times when sharing what other's are already using is a good thing. Take a sketch for instance. Sketches that are used by many is a great thing. You get the sketch and you get others' interpretations of that sketch. It's like instant inspiration. So for our first Blog Party challenge, we're using 52Sketches 52Weeks current sketch #30, which also happens to be the sketch that Apron Strings is sponsoring. You could potentially win twice -- once if you enter your layout over there and once here. Take your cues from the sketch located here, create your own version, share your work in a link in the comment section of this post by Friday, August 7th and be eligible to win a Cookie Jar Treat. Photobucket

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Molly said...

I LOVE this sketch!!! It was so easy to use. I really like how my page turned out. Thanks for the great challenge!! You can see my LO at:

I promise I will learn how to do a direct link one of these days!!!!