Thursday, July 30, 2009

New and Re-new

New things are always fun to look forward to. The reintroduction of previous things is also exciting. We recently moved our inventory which got me to thinking about things past and future. Like the return of the Blue Plate Special. We've had some awesome Blue Plate specials and after seeing some of the goodies from CHA I see the potential for a few more. The Blue Plate Special will show up most Wednesdays (like today) and will feature a goodie, or goodies, for a can't-resist price(s). Blue Plates are one-day only specials and are limited in quantity. When they're gone, they're gone. I usually send out a reminder card the day of, or the day before. Something new to look for is new place on the website to find all the current month's add-ons. Like for August you'll find a cardstock add-on and ribbon packs, along with a few other things that will coordinate with the monthly kits. August's add-ons can be found on the website, in an NEW easy to find section under "Current Month." In my organizing of the recently moved inventory, I unearthed patterned papers that couldn't be put into paper packs because they were odd numbered -- so look for those to be sold by the sheet at great prices, which means you get more of the papers you loved and save money. A scrapbooker's dream. I have some other things I'm mulling over, but I think this is a good place to start. So check out August's add-ons (there's still time to get them with your August kit shipment) and be watching for your Blue Plate notice. Photobucket

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