Wednesday, November 4, 2009

5 on Friday and Much More

I started this post on Wednesday . . . WEDNESDAY! For heaven's sake. Now there's even more to talk about. First, let's get 5 on Friday out there so you can start planning your layout:
  • 1 sheet neutral colored cardstock (black, white, or kraft)
  • 1 sheet patterned paper with bright colors
  • 1 set of "stitches" either real or hand drawn, okay, or rub-ons
  • 1 over sized element that isn't a photo
  • 1 set of brads

Outside of the listed ingredients only journaling and a title is allowed on your layout. Link up your layout to this post by Saturday evening to be eligible for a Cookie Jar Treat.

Next, I didn't get my photo, or in my case photos, from the final challenge uploaded, but being the challenge-issuer I don't have to play by the rules :D

My daughter created these goofy little cake balls for her friends who came over to trick-or-treat with her. OMGoodness they were scrumptious! If you aren't familiar with Bakerella's website, I HIGHLY recommend it. Not only does she have great dessert recipes, but the eye candy on her site will make you drool. Add how easy it is to create these yummies and oh, the insanity!

Here are my little monkeys this year. We have our "Rocker," "Long Live the Eighties Chic," "Legoman" and the little "Pumpkin." After all the snow, which was mostly gone by Saturday, it was a wonderfully mild evening -- no layers needed! Neexxtt . . . a couple winners to wrap up:
  • 10/30's 5 on Friday -- Linda R. (Holy moly, Linda this is your month. Have you bought a lottery ticket yet?
  • 10/31's Photo Challenge -- Jen J. (I love photo challenges and being able to actually see pieces of your lives. All the goblins I saw were simply adorable!)

Finally -- all my ladies who love challenges, scrapbook challenges that is. Apron Strings is the sponsor at Scrapbook Challenges this month. Paula just recently moved her site to from MySpace so I haven't had the chance to browse around, but she's got sketches and challenges galore! And it looks like it's a little easier to navigate on her site. Thanks Paula for the inspiration!

Okay, ladies, I think that's it. I have a jammed weekend coming up - 1 soccer game tonight (the beginning of indoor season), 3 soccer games Saturday, 2 birthday parties to attend (one for my daughter and one for my husband) AND it's my middle son's birthday! Then Sunday we have 2 make-up outdoor games which ends the season. HURRAY!!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and manage to get in some scrapbooking. Even with my overstuffed schedule, I am happy to say I am crafting. I have worked on my little project the past couple of days and will continue. Watch for photos. It's been only a little snatch of time, literally about 20 minutes, while my son hoarks down his lunch; when he's done, so am I.


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LindaR said...

Here's my LO. I hand stitched using a Bazzill template. My brads are in the flower centers.