Friday, December 11, 2009

25 Days of Sketches - Day 11

Holy, cow. I can't believe it! I had to get a cup of coffee, rub my eyes, put in my contacts and look again. But it's true. The temperature here is at the freezing mark - 32 degrees! After almost a week of sub-freezing temps, like in the teens if we were lucky - it will actually be above freezing! And it's Friday! WooHoo. Well, sort of woohoo. I feel like I've been running all week and nothing has gotten done. It feels that way, but when I look around, the house is in pretty good condition, and laundry got done, so someone's done something. Maybe Abbot the Elf has been doing more than making mischief overnight. Nah. This weekend is a lot more calm than last's. A soccer game tonight - I think one of the last couple for my 9 y.o. My 11 y.o.'s soccer game is tomorrow and they're in the playoffs and then the same son has a basketball game. My daughter is walking to see a movie after school today with some classmates. My youngest sister has her Christmas party tomorrow and I need to go get a costume -- interesting theme -- which I'll talk about afterwards. Wow, two costume parties in one year and neither one was for Halloween! Should be a totally fun and hysterical party though. So, I can't believe the number of layouts you all are cranking out -- keep it up! They're beautiful too. Remember at least three sketches worth of layouts are due by Saturday night to be eligible for this week's Treat. Do all 25 and be eligible for the Christmas Treat. I'm usually not a big 1-photo-layout kinda gal, but when I saw this one, I really liked it. I think because it has the ability to be altered, LOL; I could sub out the one big photo with two ( or more) smaller photos or move the journaling and put another photo there. This cute little sketch comes from 52 Sketches 52 Weeks. I've got an extra entry in the drawing for anyone who hasn't yet posted a layout during the 25 Days of Sketches. We want to see your work!

Hopefully your weekend plans have some downtime so you can enjoy a peaceful look at the tree, actually enjoy the task of wrapping a gift or two or simply sitting and listening to the sounds of the season. Have a great weekend! Photobucket


LindaR said...

Today's LO was done with my Sept '08 kit.
Another Disney page. And no ears again!

Nitasha said...

Here's mine! I used Apron Strings July '09 bigger than a bread box kit! It really is big...I think I could scrap 25 layouts with this one kit, but for the sake of variety (and completing my december journal) I won't! LOL!

leighann said...

For sketch 11, I used the Dec. '08 bigger Apron Strings Designs kit.

Carla said...

Here is the link to my layout:

I combined the 3 layouts I did into one post on my blog.

Rebecca K. said...

love this sketch!!!