Wednesday, December 16, 2009

25 Days of Sketches - Day 16

Okay, panic mode is beginning to set in. Last month I started out great with the whole shopping early thing and here I am, less than 10 days and partially finished. So, I'm either gonna have to pay "out the wazoo" for shipping or I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and start hitting the stores. I detest both, equally. My 9 y.o. son's Christmas concert last night and it was very cute. He was a traveler in it, sang all the songs and did his part. Matthew (the 1 y.o.) even liked it and watched quite a bit. I was surprised since he's all about moving around. Found his big brother a couple of times and tried to have a conversation with him while big brother was on stage and little brother was in the bleachers. Hope the people recording it behind us don't mind the added commentary on their video. Today, besides the usual chores; laundry, making beds, dishes and whatnot, the 1 y.o. has a 15 month check up, with shots (always a fun time), I've got to find shoes for my daughter's dance on Thursday (yes, that would be tomorrow), do something about dinner - we have a 7:00 pm basketball game on the other side of town (which we need to be leaving the house by 6:00 pm for), and I need to try and order some gifts. Maybe I'll just hit Amazon and see what I can grab up from there. Plus, I need to get February kits ordered. Yikes. Okay, so I have enough to keep me busy today -- do you? Or do you need today's sketch? Today's sketch comes from Nuts About Sketches. It's Shawn's most recent sketch and it's totally cute. If you need inspiration, she has a great design team and they did some really cute examples with this one.

I'm off to clean the kitchen, change the standing milk order, rotate the laundry and see what I can find on Amazon while the baby is sleeping. Maybe even have time to suck down some coffee.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy a stress-free day with a little cropping thrown in.



Angie said...

Good luck with your christmas shopping, I did most of mine at and took advantage of the free shipping on most everything. Looking forward to getting my first Apron Strings kit!!


LindaR said...

For today's sketch, I used papers from the Sept '09 kit.

Rebecca K. said...

here's mine! it used an AS kit

Nitasha said...

Here's mine...I used ASD kit July 2009