Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's a Schmorgesborg

What started with an impromptu trip up to Wyoming for a quick family getaway (aka car search) led to a frantic last couple of days of shortcut bookkeeping. The trip was a nice, fairly long trip, but comfy with all of us trapped in the car. Stories from the road: Dr. Pepper cup left on the roof, only to be seen flying off behind the car as we re-enter the highway. The son whose cup it was didn't find it nearly as funny as the rest of us. A very nice hotel room in a very small town. Swimming. Paperwork by the glow of a laptop screen. Unfortunately, the car we drove up there to see was a waste of time, but it too had its high point, a good look conversation with DH about what we want and what we thought we wanted in a vehicle. So this little trip and a lack of bookkeeping snowballed into chaos and is why today's post is quite late, but it's here! Let's start with the sketch for Sketch Wednesday. Thanks to Bessie, who is becoming quite the sketch artist:

Remember, this challenge along with Monday's and Friday's are due by Saturday evening to be eligible for the Cookie Jar Treat.

Winners from last week -- yes, winners -- remember I was giving away two goodies and double entries went to those who hadn't shared their work before. Thanks for the great layouts, and cards :) It's always fun to look at the many ways people interpret the challenges. has selected:

  • Nitasha - I still owe you your grand prize from 25 Days, so I'll include this one too. Sorry for the delay on that one.
  • Kristin - see it pays to play :) I'll get yours out to you when I ship Nitasha's.

Next I need to do a little bragging. My younger sister purchased one of the Christmas kits from October Afternoon. Below are the layouts she created with that special edition kit.

I loved this kit and will have to do another one this year, so even though we're just getting over the whole holiday-thing, be planning your budget so that you can pick one up!

Hmm, is that it? I think it is. At least for today. I'm off to grab a well-deserved bowl of ice cream and start making plans for March kits. First though, I'll need to peruse new goodies and see if their time lines fit with mine. :)



Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

Yeah thank you so much! And thank you for showing those beautiful Christmas LOs - I received that kit for Christmas (thanks Dad!) and needed the inspiration!

Nitasha said...

Thank you so much! And, no rush, it's clear that you have been very busy. I'm just grateful that you make time for us here every week to play along with the challenges. Have a great rest of the week! You just made mine a little brighter.
And your little sister rocked these OA double layouts! WoW!

Rebecca K. said...

awesome sketch!! here's my layout! love your little sister's layouts!!!