Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Challenge - Stamping

Good morning ladies! Hope you had a good weekend. Here in New York the weather is so nasty, raining like crazy and the wind is unbelievable...gotta watch out you know because it can blow me It's been like this the whole weekend. Is it raining where you live? If it is...its a great excuse to do some scrapbooks, don't you think? So, to get you started here is today's challenge. Stamp...stamp....stamp....stamp anything in your LO or card. It can be the title, an image, a sentiment, whatever suits you...just make sure that something on your LO or card is a stamped. ETA: Ok, so I was supposed to upload my sample on Monday (insert ashamed emoticon here). Gosh, it completely slipped my mind...and not turning my computer on for two days didn't help either. I apologize for the delay, but here it is. My stamped image is the lovebirds. So are you ready for scrapbooking and stamping???? Show me what you create and remember that you have until Saturday evening to upload your creation...and that you need to complete the three challenges in order to be eligible for a yummy cookie jar treat.
Have fun and until next time, Bessie


Linda said...

Thank you for the challenge!!
Here’s my card.

Einat's Art World said...

Lovly challenge
here is my card

Rebecca K. said...

good challenge. this was hard for me because i prefer to buy lots and lots of stamps but never use them :-) its the coordination thing, i've convinced myself! anyway, here's mine. the stamp is the journaling spot

Hazel said...

My card is here with quite a lot of stamping x

Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

Here is my card with stamped flowers. I collect stamps and rarely use them too so I was glad I had the excuse I needed to get them out! Here is Mine!