Saturday, February 20, 2010

Don't Stash It Challenge - Treasure Hunt #1

We played this game during our first blog crop and it was a fun and very easy. If you have a digital camera and a place to upload photos, you're golden. If you don't currently use online photo sharing or have a blog, or (any place like that) will work; they're easy to set up and free. So come join in - you could win a Limited Edition Birthday Kit. Can you hear the lilt in my voice, tempting you to play? (hear the sing-songy) Come on. :)
Here's how it works. I'll post a "treasure" for you to find. You snap a picture of said treasure and then upload the photo and link it to the appropriate post. That's it. Posts will pop up about an hour apart; there will be eight total. You'll have ONE HOUR AFTER THE FINAL POST to get all your photos up and linked to be eligible. I'll try to have my own photos to go along with each post as well.
So, here we go:
I use the term "treasure" loosely for this one. The first time we played some of the photos we got were too funny. So it had to be used again.
Now, technically this isn't ugly to the casual observer, mess yes, but nothing like the very scary monkey lamp with the leopard print shade (that belonged to another member, not me!!) that was the Ugly Image from the first time. To me, this is hideous. This is the paper work that needs doing so that we can file our taxes. There's an additional pile, 4" high, that goes along with it on the floor under my desk.

Let's see the ugly!



Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

So much fun! Now to find something ugly....

Amy C said...

This can get to be pretty ugly......mainly because we can't keep the baby out of it. Didn't I just organize that thing yesterday??

just jennifer said...

all mine are here :

Think I should throw some fo those roses out????

Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

A big ugly pile of Laundry!

Natalie said...

my messy desk:

Maggie said...

The pile of laundry in my trashed garage