Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to Apron Strings!!

Yep, it's Apron Strings' birthday today!! Five years ago today the first kits went live (see below) -- autoship would follow two months later. Oh the changes in just the last five years - not only in what I've learned, the way that Apron Strings has grown and all the fantastic members I've met both face-to-face and online, but changes in the scrapbook industry as well (two of the companies in those first Apron Strings kits are gone now.) :( However, I'm proud that not only is Apron Strings still around and going strong, where others have closed, but in the wonderful club it has grown into.

Okay, while it's fun, and often funny, to look back that's enough sentiment because there's more fun to be had in the celebration that will continue all month long, here on the blog. And while I love me some presents (just ask my husband, LOL), presents are going out to you all who play along. "How can I get some presents?" you may be asking. Here are the ways you can enjoy Apron Strings' birthday month!

  1. Participate in the challenges each week -- one winner will be chose from those who complete each challenge during the week.
  2. At least one (I'm not decided yet) overall winner will be chosen from those who complete all the challenges during the month.
  3. One random winner will be chosen from those who do at least one challenge from each week - you only need to complete one challenge from the week to be eligible for this random drawing.
  4. If you're a "follower" of the blog, you could be chosen as a winner. If you haven't registered as a follower, now's the time, it could pay off in a Birthday Cookie Treat. (Spread the love and tell a friend who may not be following.)

Luckily, it's a short month, because we are gonna be cruising through challenges and maybe a game tossed in there for some fun, we'll see. But rev up those scissors and get ready to get this party started!

Check the next post for the first challenge of "Don't Stash It."



Nitasha said...

Happy 5th Birthday!!!! Cheers to many more!!!

Amy C said...

What an awesome way to celebrate Apron String's 5 year birthday!! I am going to have to post about it on my blog in the next couple of days. =)

Mary Beth said...

And I remember scrapping with those papers. Didn't belong "officially" until that summer but did buy the papers. My scrapbooking and our family have grown-up with your company.

Deanna said...

Happy Birthday! I've gotten the Apron Strings Kits now and then over the years when you've had them on special. LOVE them! :)