Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here's What the Fuss Was About

Those of you who were playing along with the Don't Stash it Challenge knew, basically, what the weekly prizes were via pictures or a cruise on Apron Strings through the TV Dinners. I had wanted to have a few teasers of the Grand Prize, but didn't get them posted. Then when Maggie won, she apparently was the child who tried to sneak peeks at her presents, wanted some sneaks of her Big Grand Prize (I was the idiot who told her I took pictures). Unfortunately, it arrived too fast to get them posted (just when you think you've got the Postal Service figured out, they deliver something before you expect it.) So instead, since Maggie is currently enjoying her giant treat, I can show you, just so you'll know what a Grand Prize looks like - do you see the carrot dangling, or is it just me? :) A quick aside on her prize, I had other, equally wonderful items picked out, but when I saw it was Maggie who won, I changed up part of it to suit her and her boys.

Will there be a chance at a Super Humongous Prize like this again? Yep. You'll just have to follow along to see when :)

See ya! :D Photobucket


Maggie said...

I needed it that day, so it worked out that it came early. And yes, i was good at making it look like the presents were never unwrapped, and no it did not ruin the joy of opening it for me.

Rebecca K. said...

oh yummo!!! Awesome win Maggie!! And Lori- you are such a tease! i saw that comment on my blog ;-)