Friday, March 12, 2010

5 on Friday - the Return

We're back to 5 on Friday, for a little bit anyway ;) The sun is out today, the skies are clear and it's almost 60! I'm feeling the need for something spring-y, so here are today's ingredients.
  • 1 sheet cardstock
  • 1 sheet patterned paper with floral designs
  • 1 set floral embellishments - chipboard, paper, fabric, acrylic
  • 1 length ribbon
  • 1 set of buttons

Just to remind you, ONLY the above items can be used on this layout. To qualify for this week's drawing you must complete all three challenges from this week and have them linked up under the appropriate posts by SATURDAY evening.

Hope your weekend is a good one. We have basketball - last game I think (dancing just a little), soccer and volleyball. Sunday looks free and clear though and then. . . SPRING BREAK!! WooHoo. Hope my kids realize that means mommy's not going anywhere mommy doesn't have to go.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever it brings.



Rebecca K. said...

done!! :-)making the assumption that title and journaling are also cool. lmn if not.

Deanna said...

This was fun! I also used some alphas for my title and hope that's o.k. :)

"On Our Way!"

Melissa said...

First post on a blog and my first challenge (well, this week's 3 were my collective first anyway). I wasn't sure about a title and journaling, so I left them off. I used floss on the bottons as my "ribbon".
Someone please let me know if I'm doing this post thing right :)