Thursday, December 30, 2010

The End

The End of Brown Christmas . . . it's snowing!  'Course it's also 20 degrees, but I'm not going anywhere.  Plus, did I mention it's SNOWING!!!  Soft, fat, floaty, pristine white flakes.  Ahhhh. . . .

The End of the Christmas Season - well almost.  We celebrate until the Epiphany on the 6th. 

Definitely The End of 2010, which went way to stinkin' fast.  But we'll end it nicely, in our traditional Surf 'n Turf fashion.

Following you'll see snippets of "The End" of this holiday season for us. . .

The End of Dear Husband's desire to be reunited with the "one that got away."  His college love.  His Challenger.  I rented him one for Christmas and he, and his brothers while they were here, loved every high flying mile of it.  (Yes, that is what it looked like here in Colorado - Sunny and Brown - on Christmas Eve . . . What up?)

The End of waiting.  "It's Christmas boys!" (Mine are in the hats)  "Hey, I said it's Christmas Eve!"  Hello?  Okay maybe when we're done singing and you can actually touch the presents under the tree.

The End of my waistline as I currently know it. Cookie Bake and Exchange 2010. (and this is all I could fit in the frame, it's certainly not all there was.)

 The End of those seen here who are responsible for the devilish delights seen the previous photo. 

The End of asking for a train under the tree.

The End of clean- what was the mother of this child thinking anyway?

The End of "NO! DON'T TOUCH THAT!"

The End of "My Life as a Social Outcast Because I Don't Have a Phone." 

The End of present opening - time for a nap.  Or coffee.  Take your pick.

psst. . did I mention it's snowing?!


Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

Love this post! Thank you for sharing with us!


Briel said...

Thank Lori! I loved sharing in some of your end of the year moments. Makes me pause and think about my year.

Happy New Year!

Vicki Johnson said...

What a sweet post!
I loved your resolutions too. You are really motivating me. I could use your goals too! Your honesty is so refreshing.