Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Ah, a new year, new chances, new choices, new opportunities. 

Isn't it funny how the simple turning of a calendar page makes you feel like it's a whole new start, instead of just another day.  I start looking forward to the new year, wondering what joys and sadness may be within it.  I start planning things I'd like to change or do different.  I'm not a fan of the word "resolution" so I don't use it; though I do like "goals" and "changes."

So as I set up my 2011 calendar and add important dates to it, and I wonder what the coming year will look like - I'm going to stay in denial about having a High Schooler in the house later this year for as long as I can - I plan things I'd like to accomplish during the year.

I've heard if you actual put them out there, tell someone, scrapbook about them, list them and put them where  you see them often, that you're more likely to accomplish them.  So below are my 2011 Goals:
  • I started last year, but will get back on track to eat a little better (I forgot to leave cookie crumbs back to the track since veering off to view and eat the sights along Christmas Delights Lane).  Not that my eating was horrid or anything, but because of changes and what are presented as "helpful questionnaires" in our new insurance, I thought it couldn't hurt to try to improve.  At least my answers later this year will be . . . ah, more healthful.  This includes getting back to setting up weekly dinner menus to make cooking and eating at home easier to do.
  • If my husband ever read this, he'd drag my butt out with him and tell me he's just trying to help.  Walking.  I hate exercise.  Seriously, I can't stand it.  I've tried the gym, the pilates classes, the weights and machines and whatnot, and it is NOT my thing.  There is nothing enjoyable about it for me.  The only halfway decent thing was that I could read while on the stationary bikes - but seriously you can only pedal for so long before your legs tell you to stop or they will stop for you.  I'm no Lance Armstrong.  But walking, walking is something I might be able to do.  So, I'll give it a try.
  • Organizing.  I have pockets of disorganization in my home, some more cavernous than others.  My plan  . . . sort it, purge it, and move on.  My hope is to tackle those areas early in the year and be done with them.  This also includes getting back into my regular cleaning route, which appears to take an extended vacation from just before Halloween until after the New Year.
  • Make "Me" time.  I hope and try for it every year, but as the kids get older, there's more on the schedule, more on our plates and life just picks up speed.  But I also know this is a necessary, needs-to-be-guilt-free, thing I need for me to recoup.  So, whether I read (it's been so long, I hope I remember how), pick up my embroidery (after reading an article, a fire was rekindled to do so again) or scrapbook, I need to make it a point.  I've heard people actually pencil it on their calendars, I may need to do that so I'm sure it's planned for.  And I'll use a sharpie marker to make sure it sticks.
  • Finally, get my scrapbook space into a place I WANT to go.  I was going to make this part of my whole-house thing, but decided it needed to be a separate item.  Watch the blog as I take the "walk of shame" and get my creative space in order.
What are your goals for the year?

Now, starting this Friday, there'll be a Blog Hop to announce the 2011 Sous Chefs.  You'll wander to their blogs, collect a little information and much inspiration and maybe a fun challenge or two over the weekend to get a good solid jump on your crafting goals.

I'm off to return some Christmas items and make good on getting back into my cleaning routine.

Happy Monday-


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