Wednesday, April 27, 2011

After Easter Crash

I'm not sure why, but the after-Easter crash seems worse than Christmas. Maybe it's the whole eating Peeps for breakfast thing.

I think I'm also entering the danger zone for that sloth-mode that seems to have settled over me.  I sat down last night to work on the computer - I had a list of things to do.  So I'm working away, thinking "What's next, what's next," sort of plugging away and dealing with emails and getting June kits worked out.  I head to bed just after midnight thinking "WooHoo, got a lot done."  Only to stagger up this morning and while fumbling for the "On" button for the coffee machine I realize the thing I should have been doing last night was uploading Sneak Peeks of the May kits!  Totally a head slap moment.  I've sat down to do something quick and look up to find an hour has passed.  Sorta kinda like now - should be cleaning a bathroom, but I'd rather chat with you. :D

So how to shake this?  I'm still working on that. . .any suggestions?

We enjoyed the Easter Break, with a little down time, coloring eggs, church, Easter morning festivities with the kids before heading out to enjoy brunch and dinner later with family. 

It's funny, when I looked through the lens to snap these shots, I was struck by the apparent "gray phase" my kids were in.  The only bright colors were the eggs and dyes.  I'm gonna say it's because we did the dyeing between soccer games, so the boys were in various stages of uniform-dress, and NOT that my kids are moving into the gray/black stage.

Now the necessary inspiration for scrapbooking these photos comes from Kailyn's last layout for this month.  This layout is from the We R Memory Keeper's portion of the Smaller April kit.  I want to thank Kailyn for her fantastic work this month - beautiful layouts and lots of fabulous ideas!  You can keep up with Kailyn on her blog HERE.

So, I'm off to force myself to clean that bathroom, after of course, uploading May's Sneak Peeks.  You can catch a little look here though (I did get this done ;D)

Happy, productive Wednesday ya'll!


jengd said...

I LOVE your first photo- those colors are so vibrant! Funny about the white and grey, esp when they were going to be dealing with egg dyes. :) Someone did a nice job doing the rainbow egg.

Emily Leiphart said...

The eggs turned out beautifully! Great photos of your kids. I think that they happened to be wearing grey/white/black let the eggs shine in the photos. Great layout!! And of course I'd rather be blogging or blog-surfing than cleaning. ;)