Thursday, April 7, 2011

Around Here. . .

Around here I’m celebrating that taxes are done on this end and they are out of my hands.

Around here I’m wanting to do some cleaning/organizing in my studio space.  I have the urge to clean (yes, I almost rhymed and said purge) and while I'll clean it's not usually because I want to.

Around here I’m adding Easter decorations around the house, instead of realizing it's two days away and there's nothing out.

Around here I’m wishing the 2 y.o. would just HUSH!  The whining is really bugging the crap out of me.

Around here I’m so feeling less harried and more calm than usual.  I must be missing something.

Around here the piles of clothes are once again washed and done by mid-week!  WooHoo.  Now if I could only do something with the piles that are to be the May kits.

Around here I finished nothing.  Everything seems to be a work in progress.

Around here I walked to the park yesterday after not walking for a couple weeks.  Felt good and I beat the wind!  Almost.

Around here I loved listening to the silence in the mornings because the 2 y.o. has been sleeping in a little.

"Around here" prompts provided by Ali Edwards.

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