Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh My Heck. . .I'm on a roll

It's true.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my kids were off all week, I managed to get several projects started.  The down side is that none are complete.  But I'll take the start on them. 

Got the tree up on Sunday. . .fluffed it out; no ornaments (which is just as well, there's quite the chunk of lights that are out.  Pulled together the fall decorations and got them put away (except the wreath on the front door I just noticed.)  Re-started the reorganizing of my studio/office; still piles that need dealing with, but less than before.  Tackled the cupboard of stamping stuff down here that annoyed me over the summer.  Put away more of my personal kits and papers; but somewhere along the way the top of the cubes are piled with piles.  Continued my back-logged paper work spree for AS - that is one of the piles on my almost clear desk and it still seems like a ton to do.  My laundry was not only started, but finished by Sunday evening.  Shoot we even made an impressive dent in the leftovers in the 'fridge!

All this brings me to a pile or two on (or near) my desk.  I sorted through several sets of magazines - Scrapbook Trends and Paper Crafts.  I've used or otherwise noted what I found inspiration in for both these magazines, but the getting rid of is always the hard part; especially the Scrapbook Trends.  So, if any of you would like to claim dibs on them, I'd love to send them off to another home.  All I ask is that you pay flat rate shipping ($10.44).  I can send you PayPal invoice to pay through, even just paying shipping makes the per cover price far below the $14.99 newsstand price.  I can't remember how many ST magazines I can get in a box, but I have enough I could split them between a couple would-be takers.  The same can be said for the Paper Crafts.  Both sets of magazines are intact and in good shape.

Leave me a comment, with your email address, or contact me directly if you'd like them (

Happy Wednesday.

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Scrappin Mommy said...

Hey Lori i would be interested in some of your magazines...let me know if you have any available still. thanks (i can pay you immediatley as well) thanks