Monday, November 21, 2011

Sort of Productive

I had a pretty good weekend, productivity-wise:
  • I had a ginormous pile of product that needed loading to the website and now, well. . .go shop, lots of new things up there!  ;]  I can see my floor next to my desk.  I have to say, it's kinda freakin' me out.
  • Cleaning up the floor led to the store room, which was in pretty good shape.  But putting things away led to straightening up a little more, which led to condensing, which led to the uncovering of some delish goodies - giveaway time will be good times!
  • My personal kit stash was running out of its containers and getting stirred up with other things.  I had some vendor samples mixed in, which only made things worse.  Now it has now been sorted through.  The stash there is now just mine.  Not yet purged so much, but there are piles of "vendor," "keep," "thinking over" and "giveaway."  The three containers that couldn't hold the kits are down to two and an empty cube drawer is now being utilized, though it still has room.  I just need to figure out what to add to it.  It currently holds manufacturer craft kits.  The anal side of me doesn't want to mix things up.  The no-wasted-space girl in me, says "use it!"
  • I managed to keep the house looking okay while I devoted the time in my studio/office.
  • I didn't get to putting together my Christmas kit that I am pretty sure I'm going to use for my December Daily this year.  It didn't stop me from brainstorming on it though and I realized there's another way I could have gone.  Simply cut 12x12 cardstock down to 6x6, add Christmas papers and embellies and punch a whole for either a paper ring or ribbon to bind the album together.  I've got a couple mini albums on paper rings and they work just fine.  This idea, combined with my productivity led to another - see the post later for the fruition of that idea!
And then I hit the wall.  I'm not sure if I got overwhelmed with what I'd done, what still had to be done, or if I got excited I was getting things accomplished and then didn't know where to go next.  Going through my stash got all my creative juices going and I want to craft, but then I got too many ideas.  I lost my focus and had a hard time finding my previous groove.  I hate that.

So, I did what any good scrapper does, I grabbed a handful of candy, turned on Pandora, entered my "anything that sounds like Poison" request and grabbed a stack of invoices to deal with.  It's kinda organizing - there are piles of paper work that rival the piles of product I dealt with.   I little work before play.

Moving onward today into chores and then more work in my office.  I'm determined to move at least one stack of stuff on my desk today.

Happy Monday,


Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

Congratulations on productivity - sort of or any kind. I hope to be inspired by your productivity.

Deanna said...

WOW! You got ALOT done for a Monday, Lori! Congrats! Perfect little reward with the candy! LOL (considering I just ate a cupcake!) ack!